IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Jun, 27 2003

1. GoBeam Offers Flat Rate Managed IP Service for SMEs
GoBeam has launched Unlimited Advantage, a managed voice and data service for small to mid sized businesses that provides a flat monthly rate for local, domestic, and interoffice calling and conferencing. Business customers must deploy GoBeam’s vPBX, its IP PBX. Unlimited Advantage rates start at $36.95 a month per station.

The vPBX provides the functionality of a traditional PBX and includes support for Find Me, Click to Call, Visual Voice, Fax Mail, integrated voice and web conferencing, instant messaging, directory services such as reverse directory, call logs, and Soft Consoles.

GoBeam’s solution supports number portability.


3. Jasomi Names New Session Controller Customers
Jasomi Networks has named new customers of its VoIP network boundary traversal and session controller solutions, all in its PeerPoint product line. The new customers include Primus, Worldwide Telco, Addaline.com, Austrian nic.at GmbH, LibreTel, and TelePlus Consulting.

In other company news, Jasomi has released a new version of its far end NAT traversal. The technology enables calls to cross firewalls without carrying the call’s media.

Jasomi Networks

5. Megatron Deploys Mera’s Softswitch
Megatron Communications, a Canada based VoIP and sattelite ILD provider, has deployed Mera Networks’ VoIP Transit Softswitch. The softswitch features dynamic routing and gateway load balancing; interoperability with multi-vendor gear such as equipment from Cisco and VocalTec; one point authorization and accounting based on the RADIUS standard, concealment of the network structure, and setup and admin for VPNs with individual dialing plans.

The softswitch was developed from xPEERience Gatekeeper/Proxy (xPGK), technology commonly used in Russia.


Mera Networks

7. Winbond Introduces Dual Channel Voice CODEC Chips
Winbound America has introduced W682310 and W682510, dual channel voice CODEC chips for the development of technology in multiple sectors including VoIP. The chips offer A/D and D/A conversion, and G.711 and G.712.

The 310 chip is pin compatible with the OKI MSM7704-01 and the 510 is pin compatible with the OKI MSM7533V. Powering options for the 310 range from 2.7-3 8V, while the options for the 510 range from 4.5-5.5 5V. The 310 has typical power dissipation of 22mW, while the 510 is 35mW. The standby is 2.1mW for both and the power down mode is 3Uw for the 310 and 5uW for the 510.

The 310 can be packaged in either SOP24 or SSOP20 and the 510 can be packaged in SPO24, SSOP20 or PDIP20.

The chips are currently sampling. Volume production is expected in Q3 of this year. Pricing for the chips is expected to be $1.90 in 25k quantities.


9. Vytek Introduces Time & Attendance App for AVVID
Vytek has introduced ExtendTime, an application developed excluslively for Cisco’s AVVID that will allow time and attendance data to be accessed and managed from an IP phone. Vytek’s technology is powered by Time America’s NeTtime time and labor management solution.

Vytek Solutions


11. Sumitomo Now Shipping SIP Enabled ADSL Modems
Sumitomo Electric Networks has started shipping SIP enabled ADSL modems that employ Continuous Computing’s Trillium SIP stack. The modems support IP voice and video. The modems, which have already been deployed in trials, will be used in a tier 1 Japanese carrier’s broadband network.

The SIP stack can be used in IP phones, broadband modems, SIP servers, softswitches, and 3G wireless networks.

Sumitomo Electric Networks

Continuous Computing

13. UTStarcom Completes Acquisition of CommWorks’ Portfolio
UTStarcom has completed the acquisition of 3Com’s CommWorks portfolio of carrier focused voice and data products, customer support, and professional services. UTStarcom acquired or licensed all of CommWorks’ intellectual property including numerous patents related to IP telephony and wireless communications. The deal was valued at $100 million.

UTStarcom’s primary markets are currently in China and Japan. The company is quickly expanding into India and South America.




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