IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Jun, 28 2001

Undisclosed CATV Operator Deploys CableCom’s CATV/VoIP System
CableCom Solutions, previously known as the Voice Systems Division of Com21, has announced that its VoIP cable telephone system, DOXphone, has been deployed in a trial configuration by an undisclosed Madrid based telephony and CATV operator, which was recently appointed by AUNA (the association of cable TV operators in Spain) to test VoIP technology. CableCom teamed with DataSystem, a systems integrator, to set the system up last week, and immediately began connecting both domestic and international telephone calls (including cellular) via an existing V5.2 local switch.

The DOXphone system, which is a next gen solution for HFC based IP telephony and data access networks, is designed to enable users to simultaneously access the Internet and telephone connectivity via the same cable connection. It incorporates CableCom’s DOCSIS/EuroDOCSIS compliant network management system, DOXcentral, to enable users to manage network infrastructure, services and subscribers. The system also offers auto-provisioning and maintenance management capabilities.

The Madrid based operator intends to continue testing the Cable VoIP system, with plans to launch commercial services within the next year.

CableCom Solutions

Miercom to Host SIP Interoperability Event
Miercom has reported that is hosting a weeklong VoIP product interoperability event beginning on July 9 at its lab facilities in Princeton Junction, NJ. The event will focus on assessing the interoperability of various vendors’ SIP based VoIP products, specifically testing the capabilities of products such as user agents (software and applications), SIP phones, proxy agents, SIP-based gateways, and other SIP-based gear/software. The company intends to develop an array of testing scenarios including: basic, advanced and protocol conformance for user agents, proxy servers and PSTN gateways, with each class of product being tested for interoperability with other products in its class. In addition, the company is also teaming with NetworkWorld magazine to publish the results of the testing.


Infozech Introduces Inter-Carrier Billing Solution
Infozech Software has reported the introduction of its next generation customer care and billing solution, Carrier Access Settlement (iCAS). The product is designed for carriers, particularly for the inter-carrier billing and settlement market, offering charging, billing, settlement and re-conciliation capabilities. It also offers various modules for: call matching and settlements; rate plan, reports and audits; partner management and billing; and gateway definition.

Infozech Software

Performance Introduces SS7 Traffic Concentrator
Performance Technologies has announced the introduction of the SEGway Link Concentrator, its networking device for consolidating and routing SS7 messages over IP networks. The product acts as a signal transfer point in the PSTN, concentrating and routing messages between nodes using SS7 or IP signaling protocols. It is based on the IETF’s SCTP specification to ensure that SS7 messages are transported and routed as efficiently and reliably over IP networks as over traditional public switched telephone networks.

The product is expected to be available this August.

Performance Technologies

congruency Secures $10.65 Million in Financing
congruency reported that it has secured $10.65 million in financing from Elwin Capital Partners, the Challenge Fund, Vertex Management Israel, Giza Venture Capital and various private investors. The vendor intends to use the funding to accelerate its sales, marketing and distribution initiatives.


Phillips Business Information Changed Name to PBI Media
Phillips Business Information, a firm focused on trade magazine publishing, business information services, as well as conferences and trade shows, has reported that it has officially changed its name to PBI Media Ltd.

PBI Media Ltd.

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