IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Jun, 28 2004

1. VocalTec to Resell Acme Packet’s Session Border Controllers
VocalTec will market and distribute Acme Packet’s Net Net family of session border controllers, including the technology in its Essentra softswitch solution, which is targeted at providers of wholesale international long distance, Call 4 and broadband access.


Acme Packet

3. Kagoor Enhances Media Routing of Session Border Controller
Kagoor Networks has introduced XpressPath, a new functionality for its VoiceFlow session border controllers that enables direct media flow between endpoints residing in a customer LAN behind a local data firewall/NAT device and gateways. The process eliminates unnecessary routing of media through session border controllers. Xpresspath operates with SIP, MGCP, and H.323 NAT traversal applications.

The new technology is available with the 1000 and 3000 models of Kagoor’s VoiceFlow session border controllers.

Kagoor Networks

5. C & W to Use Net2Phone to Offer VoCable in the Cayman Islands
Cable and Wireless Cayman has signed a 3-year agreement with Net2Phone that calls for Net2Phone to provided a managed VoIP service over its cable system in the Cayman Islands. Under the agreement, Net2Phone will provide back office billing, account generation, rating, and routing and provisioning. C & W will be responsible for sales, marketing, first tier customer care and distribution.

Cable and Wireless Cayman


7. NetTest Introduces VoIP Troubleshooting & Monitoring Solution
NetTest has introduced MasterQuest VoIP, a troubleshooting and monitoring solution for VoIP networks. Troubleshooting tools include tracing of SIP/ISUP calls and RTP/SIP sessions across SS7 and VoIP domains; protocol analysis of H.248/MEGACO; and network surveillance. The monitoring tools of NetTest’s service assurance system include KPIs for QoS and for the call performance of the network (ie answer to seizure ratio, and call duration) as well as data reporting for all calls including statistics for loss, jitter, and latency. MasterQuest can handle more than 200 million data records per day.

NetTest’s technology also features alarm management.


9. HBF Introduces e911 Solution with Call Back & Location Info
HBF Group has introduced i-911, an e911 solution for VoIP service providers that provides the emergency answering service with accurate, real-time call back and location information from the caller. The solution achieves this capability via the VoIP provider’s data infrastructure and NENA’s XML standards.

HBF claims most e911 solutions on the market for VoIP service providers do not give emergency answering services this vital data.

HBF Group

11. Veraz Adds Service Delivery Assurance to Softswitch Solution
Veraz Networks has added the Service Delivery Assurance Director to its distributed softswitch solution, allowing service providers to better maintain custom SLA agreements. The technology sets rules and policies, automates measurement and automates corrective measures.

The service assurance solution provides a real-time view of the network and service usage. Service policies react to changes based on the measurement algorithms constructed from nearly 100 policy parameters (such as latency, packet loss, jitter, average length of call, answer ratios, and application specific and usage content data) and makes automatic corrective actions within seconds.

As part of the functionality of Veraz’s new technology, the Service Delivery Assurance Director collects data, analyzes and makes correlations and then makes corrections network-wide.

Veraz Networks

13. Peer 1 Launches Free Peering Service Via 3 Data Centers in Canada
Peer 1 Networks has launched a free peering service for exchanging traffic via its data centers located in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. Customers, non-customers, and Internet carriers are welcomed to connect to the switch fabric.

Peer 1 provides Internet bandwidth and server co-lo facilities based on Cisco’s equipment.

Peer 1 Networks

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