IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Jun, 30 2002

1. ANDA to Use Octasic’s Co-Processors in Gateway
ANDA Networks will integrate Octasic’s cOCT8304 packetization engine and OCT7102 ADPCM compression device into its Universal Access Platform UAP 2000, an access/gateway solution for integrated multi-service access and voice gateway applications.

The packetization engine, designed to work with standard DSPs and software, supports 1024 channels, and provides interface options for VoIP and VoAAl2. The compression device can compress and and decompress up to 255 full duplex audio connections in a single device, requiring no external components for full operation. This capability can be used to offload DSPs in voice gateways or can be combined with other Octasic products for a complete voice gateway solution.

ANDA’s access/gateway solution combines T1, xDSL, and POTS interfaces with DS3, OC-3, and OC-12 interfaces over TDM or ATM backbones, within a single, managed platform. Network applications offered include GR-303 voice concentrator, VoDSL gateway, DLC systems, ATM concentrator, and Loop Unbundling.


ANDA Networks

3. Commetrex Introduces IP Endpoint Reference Design
Commetrex has introduced OpenEnd, software designed for the development of V/FoIP IADs and PSTN-IP gateways that require POTS supports. The technology package includes OpenMedia multi-channel, integrated media software environment; FXS/FXO POTS line control software; call stream classifier; DTMF, call-progress analysis; call number delivery; G.711, G.726 vocoders; G.723.1 and G.729a/b; fax modems (V.21, V.27ter, V.29, and V.17); T.38 fax relay; and VoIP buffer management. Customers can license part or all of the system elements. The technology can be licensed in either source or object code.

OpenEnd can be evaulated by Commetrex’s MSP-H8 analog interface PCI card, which offers both FXS and FXO line interfaces.

OpenEnd will be available in August.


5. Pixion Introduces Hosted Web Conferencing Service
Pixion has introduced PictureTalk, a hosted web conferencing service that features real time document, presentation and file attachment sharing; application and desktop sharing; centralized calendaring; follow-me browsing; polling and quizzing; chat and VoIP record and playback; meeting lockout; and customized reporting. A monitoring component allows users to track usage, costs, and the number of seats being used. Native clients are provided for Windows, Solaris, Mac, including Windows XP and Mac OS X.

PictureTalk uses InterCall’s integrated web-based audioconferencing. The conferencing service is hosted at Digex SmartCenters and runs over WorldCom’s IP network.

Hosted services start at $120 per connection per month.


7. Trinity to Use Telchemy’s VoIP Quality Monitoring
Trinity will integrate Telchemy’s VQmon modeling subagent into VeriCall, its VoIP software framework. Telchemy’s technology models the way that network impairments vary in time and during the course of a VoIP call. The distribution of time varying impairments such as burst packet loss, are collected by the VQmon subagent and supplied to Telchemy’s embedded software to provide scores of call quality as seen by the network and perceived by the end user. The technology also provides statistics for assistance in problem analysis and isolation.



9. PT Unveils PICMG 2.16 Signaling Gateway Blade
Performance Technologies has introduced IPnexus, a PICMG 2.16 SS7/IP signaling gateway blade. The gateway blade goes for $19,500 for 8 SS7 links. General availability is scheduled for Q’3.

Performance Technologies

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