IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Jun, 30 2005

1. Lucent Launches Hosted IP PBX with Mobile Extensions
Lucent Technologies has launched a hosted SIP-based IP PBX solution that supports PBX capabilities on mobile phones including shared phone number for desk and mobile phone, 4-digit dialing, and a single voice mailbox.

Lucent also introduced a series of other new services such as hosted messaging and hosted MiLife, a collection of outsourced applications and services such as location based services, pre and post paid charging, and ring back tone service.

The vendor has also named a new wave of customers and distributers. Choice One will use Lucent’s hosted messaging service. Dreamline, a Korean ISP, will deploy the company’s SONET systems to deliver cable television. Hydro Telecom will employ the vendor’s LamdaUnite Multi- service Switch to expand its optical network. Dacom, a Korean service provider, will use Lucent’s Accelerate VoIP products and Fonix, CMC Telecom, and Midwest Wireless will deploy Lucent’s compact switch.

Polycom has teamed with Lucent to develop and market VoIP and videoconferencing technologies. Kodiak will partner with the vendor to develop push to talk gear and Orca will work with the company to deliver IPTV solutions for service providers.

Paetec will become a new Lucent distributor and Capgemini will partner with the vendor to provide consulting and systems integration.

Lucent Technologies

3. Sigma Introduces VoCable Mgmt & Billing Solution
Sigma Software has introduced OmniCare, a software module for managing and billing domestic and international long distance voice over cable traffic. The technology is designed for North American cable operators.

Sigma Software is not associated with Sigma Systems, which offers service management operating systems for broadband providers.

Sigma Software

5. DeltaThree Expands Consumer VoIP Service in U.S.
DeltaThree is using Level 3’s services to expand its iConnectHere consumer VoIP service throughout the U.S. Now, the provider offers DID numbers to more than 2,000 rate centers in 44 states, covering 70 million U.S. households.


7. Microsoft & AT&T Establish Strategic Alliance
Microsoft has entered into a 5-year agreement with AT&T to develop messaging, collaboration, media and business applications that use Microsoft’s Connected Services Framework. The two plan to develop interoperability between AT&T’s VoIP service and the framework so that end-users can access click to dial within any Microsoft Office application.

Connected Services Framework is a software solution for developing and managing services using a SOA and web service interfaces. With the technology, service providers will be able to aggregate, provision and manage services for subscribers, regardless of the network device.

As part of the agreement, AT&T has become a founding member of the advisory board for the technology.

In a separate announcement, AT&T said that it was awarded a contract to convert Novo 1 call centers across the U.S. to VoIP. Novo 1 ranks 26th among the global top 50 teleservices agencies based on aggregate inbound and outbound telecom minutes, domestic and international.



Novo 1

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