IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Mar, 04 1999

ITXC, Lucent and VocalTec Publish VoIP Interoperability profile

ITXC, Lucent and VocalTec have teamed to market iNow! (interoperability
now), an Internet telephony interoperability effort. The profile, based on
H.323 protocols and the H.225.0 Annex G, details how to achieve
interoperability between gateways and gatekeepers from different vendors.
The companies have launched a testing lab. In addition, the companies
have submitted the profile to the IMTC for inclusion in its global VoIP
interoperability events. A copy of the profile can be downloaded from the
group’s web site.

Alcatel, Analogic, Ascend, AudioCodes, Cisco, Clarent, Dialogic, Ericsson,
Linkon, Natural MicroSystems, NetSpeak, and OzEmail Interline have
committed to implementing the iNow! Profile in their respective VoIP









Vodavi Introduces VoIP Capabilities for its STARPLUS Telephony Systems

Vodavi Technology has announced the introduction of an Internet telephony
gateway application, dubbed Discovery IP, for its STARPLUS Triad and
Infinite digital key telephone systems. The application is a plug-and-play
programmable platform that consists of a telephone line interface board, a
voice compression card and a LAN interface. It is available in 2, 4 or 8
port configurations and supports H.323 protocols including G.723.1, G.711
and G.729a. The unit also supports T.38 Internet facsimile capabilities. It
has interfaces for existing phones, key systems, PBX extensions or PBX
trunks with FXO and FXS connections. The product enables remote
configuration and management of systems via an SNMP agent or HP
OpenView-based network management system. In addition, the gateway features
modules to support billing/authentication and gatekeeper functions, which
link multiple systems together.

The gateway is expected to be commercially available this June. Pricing is
estimated from $5,000 to $12,000, depending on configuration.

Vodavi Technology


Siemens to Ship PCs in Europe With MediaRing VoIP Software Installed

Siemens has announced that it plans to factory install MediaRing’s Internet
telephony software, MediaRing Talk, in PCs that it distributes in France,
Germany and the UK.

MediaRing Talk runs in the background of a user’s PC. It monitors the
telephone line, enabling online or offline PC users to receive an Internet
call. When a call is received, the recipient’s MediaRing software notifies
the user of the call and automatically logs the PC onto the Internet. The
software in both machines will then use MediaRing’s directory server to
locate IP addresses, and establish a voice connection. When the call is
completed, the software will automatically disconnect each PC from the
Internet. The company charges users $4.95 per month to use its VoIP
services for unlimited calling.

MediaRing Talk requires at least a 133MHz Pentium with 16MB RAM, 7MB free
disk space, a 14.4 Kbps modem, and a sound card. The application is offered
for Windows 95 or 98 platforms. A beta release is currently available for
download, at no charge, via the company’s web site.





AudioCodes Introduces 120 Port cPCI Based VoIP Board

AudioCodes has announced the introduction of its TrunkPack -VoIP/400-cPCI
(TP/400) board. The cPCI based product provides port capacities of up to
120 per board. Multiple boards can be placed in a single chassis, providing
port capacities of up to T3 levels. The product ships with a quad-trunk
PSTN interface, VoIP compression DSP’s, a packet streaming processor,
optional dual 100Base-T Ethernet interfaces and an optional independent
call control processor.



USA Talks Places Additional Order for Franklin’s VoIP Equipment

Franklin Telecom announced that USATalks.com has placed an additional $3.75
million order for the turnkey installation and maintenance of Franklin’s
Tempest DVG Systems. Last month, the companies completed the installation
of Tempest IP telephony equipment throughout USA Talks California network.
USA Talks offers unlimited calling for flat rates, charging $20 a month to
residential users and $60 a month to business customers.

The Tempest system utilizes the company’s ICT-1 MVIP card and ICDSP-8
card(s) to provide up to 60 H.323 or MGCP compliant channels per unit via
T-1 or FXO/FXS interfaces. It includes Franklin’s proprietary
authentication and billing server to provide a centralized, managed
invoicing facility that will track and manage a database of subscribers.
The server will support credit, debit, pre-paid and other account types.
When a call is placed, the B&A server will authenticate the user code and
verify that the account has sufficient credit, and route it on to a
terminating gateway. When the call is completed, the terminating gateway
will send CDR information back to the B&A server to enable the necessary
changes to be made to the account balance. In addition, network
administrators and subscribers will be able to view account information

Franklin Telecom


USA Talks.com


TVB International to Distribute Net2Phone’s V/FoIP Products & Services

Net2Phone has announced an agreement with TVB International, a
telemarketing firm, in which TVB will install Net2Phone’s IP telephony
gateways in developing countries. TVB International will initially deploy
the gateways in Brazil and Russia. The provider will offer direct dialing,
calling card, and real-time fax services to business and residential users.
Calls will be routed over dedicated IP lines to the Net2Phone network
enabling users to place calls to any telephone or fax machine in the world.

TVB expects to install additional gateways in new countries every few months.



Voice Magic Expands Inter-Tel Based VoIP Services in South Carolina

VoiceMagic has announced that it has expanded its Inter-Tel.net based IP
telephony service to include six markets in South Carolina: Anderson,
Charleston, Columbia, Greenville, Greenwood and Spartansburg. The provider
charges no monthly fees, with the service priced at 9.5 CPM for calls
placed from 8PM to 8AM, and 18.9 CPM for call placed from 8AM to 8PM. The
service will feature 1-800 access to enable calls to be placed from any
phone in the U.S. In addition, Voice Magic has interlinked its IP telephony
network with Inter-Tel.net’s IP telephony network to provide global

The service is based on Inter-Tel’s Vocal’Net IP telephony gateways. The
gateway will support standard telecom systems with T1, E1, ISDN, and analog
single line interfaces. It is scaleable up to 128 ports per solution. The
unit’s software supports real-time FoIP and enhanced VoIP capabilities. The
company used Natural MicroSystems’ Fusion II hardware to develop client
side support for GSM and H.323 protocols including G.723.1, G.711. The
software also incorporates a suite of gatekeeper applications to enable the
management of multiple networks of Vocal’Net IP telephony gateways.







Level 3 Activates Telco Services in Atlanta

Level 3 has announced that it will provide telecommunications services in
the Atlanta metropolitan area as it builds its IP based network across the
U.S. and abroad. The provider will use leased network capacity to route
traffic until its IP network is completed.

Level 3 expects to provide both local and long distance services in dozens
of markets, connecting users throughout the US, Europe and Asia. The
company plans to offer service in at least 50 US markets by year’s end.
Over the last few months, the provider has launched similar services in
Houston, Philadelphia and London.

Level 3


Rare Medium Acquires iFace.com

Rare Medium Group (company slogan is possibly, a company where nothing is
done well) announced that it has acquired iFACE.com, a privately owned
V/FoIP software developing company. Financial terms were not disclosed. The
new venture will focus on developing software designed to extend
interoperable communications to phones, web sites and call centers. The
software will be based on iFace’s proprietary multimedia communications
software which includes telco switching, metering and billing capabilities.

Rare Medium Group




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