IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Mar, 05 2001

Anyuser to Launch $5.50 Per Month Flat Rate VoIP Service
Anyuser has reported that it has developed a patent pending Internet phone numbering system that will enable users to use an existing phone number to place and receive VoIP calls. The company intends to allow users to register the phone numbers at its site, and offer a service that will enable users of its IP phone device to place calls to other IP phone users or to a traditional phone. It plans to charge $200 per unit for the IP phone, or lease it out for two years at $15 per month ($360 total), and charge a flat rate of $5.50 per month for all calls placed between IP phones. The monthly fee will also include one hour of IP phone to PSTN calling time (for calling traditional phones), with additional time to U.S. based phones billed at 3.9 cents, and to international phones priced at 7 cents.

The company expects the service to be available in May. The company is offering a no risk one-month trial of the service/system to the first ten thousand users.


Agilent Introduces VoIP and VPN Conformance Testing Suites
Agilent Technologies has announced the introduction of a VoIP test suite and an IP-VPN test suite, its products that enable users to test the interoperability of equipment deployed in IP based networks. The VoIP application is focused on testing SIP technologies, and includes more than 200 automated test scenarios for testing different aspects of SIP, and all components of an SIP system including SIP telephones and proxy servers, from both the network and the user side. The IP-VPN system provides can test protocols used to establish on-demand VPN connections across the Internet. It is designed to provide the automated stimulus-response testing of all aspects of the Layer 2 tunneling protocol (L2TP) including control connection establishment, session establishment and data transport. Both products use a pass/fail paradigm to report overall results, and provide engineers with analysis and debugging tools to identify failure, causes or conflicts with various specifications.

Both systems are currently available. Each is priced at $11,310.

Agilent Technologies

Supportgate.com to Deploy Lipstream’s VoIP Technology/Services
Supportgate.com, an Internet service community provider, has announced it is deploying Lipstream Network’s web-based VoIP technology, Live Voice, to develop real time voice interaction capabilities for its online communities. Lipstream’s technology/service is based on software technology (an SDK or browser plug-in) that routes traffic over its H.323 compliant network, which consists of a system of servers hosted throughout Qwest’s network and connected to several tier-one backbone providers. The company monitors and manages the service/network on a 24 x 7 basis.


Netergy Announced Commercial Release of Hosted-iPBX Solution
Netergy Networks has reported that it is planning to officially launch the commercial version of its Hosted-iPBX system under the brand Centile Business Communication Services at the Spring VON show later this month. The system consists of a software-based PBX system designed to support a variety of iPBX hosted voice services and related applications.

Netergy Networks

ChinaSat Deploys SE Telecom’s IP Gateways
SE Telecom announced that it has installed its iP3 Gateways at China Telecommunications Broadcast Satellite’s (ChinaSat) facility in Beijing. ChinaSat intends to use the product to develop support for a variety of IP based services such as VoIP, video, email and file transfer.

China Telecommunications Broadcast Satellite

SSE Telecom

XACCT Secures US$26 Million In Financing
XACCT Technologies it has secured US$26 million in financing from Sun Microsystems, Technology Crossover Ventures (TCV), Ampal-American Israel Corporation and Trident. The company intends to use the funding to expand its marketing and sales activities for its next gen IP based provisioning and billing technologies.

XACCT Technologies

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