IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Mar, 05 2003

1. Sonus Unveils Enhanced Platform and VoWireless Solution
Sonus Networks has introduced an enhanced version of its Open Services Architecture (OSA) platform as well as a packet- based wireless telephony solution.

Release 5.0 of OSA supports voice VPN service and new ISUP signaling variants. New variants include Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, India and Spain. With the new additions, Sonus’ softswitch now supports more than 30 SS7 variants and international versions of ISDN PRI and CAS. 5.0 also features new traffic controls including Code/Call Gapping, which prevents calls to destinations that may be experiencing unusually high levels of traffic.

Sonus has also introduced Smarrt Wireless, a family of packet based wireless switching solutions that consists of the GSX9000 Open Services Switch, the Insignius softswitch and the Insight management system. The products can be deployed in 2G and 2.5G networks.

Smarrt Wireless supports several core carrier applications such as a gateway mobile switching center (GMSC), a next-gen mobile switching center, wireless transit/tandem switching, and wireless long distance. The GMSC functionality includes support for multiple protocols such as IS-41 and GSM-MAP. The GSMC interacts with the Home Location Register to direct incoming calls to the MSC currently serving the mobile subscriber.

The new OSA release and the Smarrt Wireless product line are currently available.

Sonus Networks

3. TelcoBlue Expands Service to Uk, France, and Germany
TelcoBlue has expanded its service to include termination in the UK, France and Germany. The provider offers PC-to-phone and broadband dialtone service. Dialtone users connect via a Cisco ATA connected to either a DSL or cable modem.


5. EarthLink to Resell Vonage’s VoIP Service
Earthlink will resell Vonage’s VoIP service under its own name. The phone to phone service will offer users unlimited domestic long distance calling for a flat $39.99 a month.

Earthlink provides Internet access to approximately 5 million subscribers, including 780,000 broadband users.

Vonage recently announced that its SIP network has completed more than 10 million calls in that last 2 months. The provider, which has nearly 15,000 customers, completes nearly one million calls per week.



7. SuPartner Deploys Interactive Intelligence’s IP PBX
SuPartner, a Chile based outsourced service bureau, has deployed Interactive Intelligence’s SIP based IP PBX. The system, run on Windows 2000, features multimedia routing and queuing, IVR, screen pop, fax on demand, text chat, email routing, real time monitoring, and reporting.

SuPartner agents have a software client on their PCs to perform call handling tasks such as transfer, hold, conference, and record.

SuPartner clients with webcams can view agent activity and to listen to agent conversations for quality assurance. They can also access reports based on longest call waiting, longest available agent, and longest talk time.

E-Contact is the systems integrator for the project.


Interactive Intelligence

9. Intelig Interconnects with ITXC
Intelig, Brazil’s second largest international long distance carrier has interconnected with ITXC’s global network.



11. Telrad Connegy to Use Surf’s DSP Board for its IP PBX
Telrad Connegy will use Surf’s SB-600M DSP board and SMP software as part of its Unite and Kochav IP PBX systems. Telrad’s technology will be employed to interface between traditional PBX systems and IP networks.

Telrad Connegy

Surf Communication Solutions

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