IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Mar, 05 2004

1. Octasic Introduces Lower Density Echo Cancellation Solutions
Octasic has introduced two new echo cancellation processors to its OCT6100 family, including devices with 32 and 64 channels. The base devices feature standard echo cancellation and VQE features such as noise matching, manual gain control, adaptive level control, acoustic echo control, and G.168 tone detection.

Other products in the OCT6100 family feature adaptive noise reduction, advanced tone detection, tone generation, conferencing, announcement playback, ADPCM compression, and In- Path TFO.

The 64-channel processor is available for $1.20 per channel in quantities of 5,000. The technology is delivered in 16mm x 16mm BGA packaging. An evaluation platform is also available.

In addition to 32 and 64 channel densities, Octasic offers echo cancellation processors with channel densities of 128, 256, 512, and 672, with 64 or 128 ms tail echo cancellation available for all.


3. Artisoft Enhances IP-PBX
Artisoft has released version 6.0 of TeleVantage, an open systems IP PBX. The new release is more scaleable. For small business configurations via Intel Dialogic hardware that handles 4 trunks, 8 stations, and 4 VoIP calls. For large enterprises, Artisoft’s system supports up to 288 incoming trunks and 720 phones per server.

The new release features ViewPoint, an updated graphical interface that allows users to visually manage their calls and messages from any PC or phone.

The system includes new call center capabilities that allow users to better manage queue and agent performance. For instance, new rules can be assigned to determine when calls will be sent to overflow agents. Customer service enhancements include a new suite of real time statistics and reporting.

Other enhancements to the IP PBX include support for simultaneous ring, support for customization of Viewpoint through use of the software development kit, as well as the introduction of a new archived recording browser. The browser is an application that allows users to browse, annotate, and manage thousands of archived recordings including associated call log details.

TeleVantage can operate as an adjunct system to a legacy PBX, providing unified messaging, conference bridge facilities, call center management, CRM integration, call recording, and point and click call control.


5. Kagoor Enhances Session Controllers with MIDCOM Ready Technology
Kagoor Networks has enhanced its Voiceflow session border controllers by adding support for the developing MIDCOM protocol. As currently promulgated by the IETF, the controllers comply with the protocol, which signal processing from media processing. The technology allows carriers to minimize latency and avoid hotspots while managing sensitive call control elements.

In addition to MIDCOM, Voiceflow employs B2BUA and a proxy. B2BUA provides protocol translation and carrier to carrier peering translations. A proxy is used to provide transparency, scaleability, interoperability and minimal latency for certain applications.

Voiceflow delivers multiple VoIP applications including NAT traversal, VPN aggregation, network protection, carrier peering and enterprise border control. The technology supports SIP, H.323, and MGCP.

Kagoor Networks

7. ITXC Shareholders File Suit to Stop Merger with Teleglobe
A unnamed group has filed a class action lawsuit in New Jersey Superior Court against ITXC and its directors, in an attempt to stop a shareholders’ meeting that would approve the planned merger with Teleglobe International Holdings. The plantiffs want the meeting to be delayed until alleged deficiencies in the proxy statement have been cured. ITXC has not mailed a proxy statement to shareholders, claiming the S-4 is currently in review with the SEC.

ITXC plans to defend the lawsuit.


9. Zhone Introduces VoIP IAD
Zhone Technologies has introduced Z-Edge 6200, an IAD for delivering voice and data over IP networks. The device, which supports SIP and MGCP, provides QoS, compression and advanced voice functions. The 6200 includes multiple interfaces, allowing it to be directly connected to existing phones, and PBX and Key systems. The product can be remotely managed by SNMP.

Zhone Technologies

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