IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Mar, 08 2005

1. XO Communications Launches IP PBX Solution & Termination Services
XO Communications has launched both a new IP PBX solution and a termination service for calls destined for the U.S. XOptions Flex is an IP PBX that features dedicated Internet access up to 3 Mbps, dynamic bandwidth allocation, unlimited local and domestic long distance calling, and support for calling features such as call forwarding, 3-way calling and hunt groups. The system is offered at a flat monthly fee.

XOptions is delivered using Sonus’ softswitch technology, BroadSoft’s applications platform, and XO’s own OC-192 IP network.

XO has also launched VoIP termination services for calls destined for the U.S. The service, based on SIP, is supported by a session border controller for network and application layer security.

XO has Sonus softswitches deployed in 44 U.S. markets. The company currently carries more than 600 million minutes of long distance traffic over its network each month.

XO Communications

3. Empresa to Offer VoIP Using Net2Phone’s VoIP Solution
Empresa Telecomunicaciones de Bogota, the largest telecom provider in Colombia, has signed a 5-year agreement to use Net2Phone’s managed VoIP solution to offer voice services to consumers and businesses throughout Colombia. Empresa will be responsible for sales, marketing, tier 1 support and distribution, while Net2Phone will handle back office billing, account generation, rating, routing and provisioning.

Empresa has 2 million customers.


Empresa Telecomunicaciones de Bogota

5. GVT Offering Consumer & Business VoIP in Brazil
Global Village Telecom, a CLEC, is offering consumer and business VoIP services in Brazil. The service features voicemail, call waiting, and call forwarding. The provider offers both a consumer/SOHO/SMB ATA and an enterprise ATA for support for phone to phone service.


7. AT&T and Vonage Settle Suit Over CallVantage and Vonage Brand
AT&T has issued a statement indicating that it settled a lawsuit out of court with Vonage several months ago in regards to the similarity of the CallVantage brand and the Vonage brand and to allegations that web squatting tactics were being used by AT&T to lure consumers to its web site who may have misspelled Vonage. The settlement included an agreement that CallVantage would remain a registered trademark and that Vonage, not AT&T, would transfer a set of domain names to AT&T that were improperly registered.

AT&T added that Vonage was in breach of the terms of the settlement when it disclosed a partial version of the terms to the media, which led to a rumor that Vonage had prevailed in its original lawsuit.



9. Ecuity to Launch Trial of VoIP over Dialup Service
Ecuity will launch a trial of a new VoIP over dialup service in the U.S. that employs AzaTel’s SIP terminal adapter. The new service will support a full set of calling features such as unified messaging, voicemail, do not disturb, call waiting, caller ID, call forwarding, anonymous call rejection, multiple ring tones, conference calling, call hold, and simultaneous ring. Like most other consumer VoIP services, Ecuity will offer a plan that includes unlimited calling within the U.S.

In other news, Ecuity has said that Boingo Wireless will use its Smart Call mobile VoIP service at more than 13,000 WiFi hotspots. Users will be able to access the service through a laptop or PDA utilizing TeleSym’s SymPhone softphone client.


AzaTel Communications

Boingo Wireless

11. AudioCodes Unveils Gateways for Microsoft Speech Server 2004
AudioCodes has teamed with Vail Systems to introduce a PCI digital media gateway board (TP-260/SIP) and a stand-alone VoIP gateway (Mediant 2000) to work with Microsoft’s Speech Server 2004 (SS2004). Vail’s SIP Telephony Interface Manager has been developed to connect AudioCodes’ technology and SS2004.

The TP-260/SIP is available in densities of 1, 2, 4, and 8 E1/ T1s on a single PCI slot. In addition to including an on- board SIP stack, the device supports ISDN, CAS and E1R2 signaling.

The Mediant 2000 is available in densities of 2, 4, 8, and 16 E1/T1s. It also supports ISDN, CAS and E1R2 signaling. The product comes in a 19 inch 1U package.

The new solution for SS2004 is available exclusively from Alliance Systems.


Vail Systems

Alliance Systems

13. Skype to Market Motorola’s Products
Skype, a consumer VoIP service provider, has entered into a co- marketing deal with Motorola, that calls for Skype to promote Motorols’s Bluetooth headsets, dongles, speakerphones, and mobile devices.

Skype, promoted over Kazaa, has 25 million registered users to its service.



15. Avaya Introduces VoIP Monitoring and Management Solution
Avaya has introduced Remote Managed Services, a software driven service that monitors and troubleshoots converged IP based, enterprise networks. The proprietary technology measures capacity, performance and other key metrics to identify the source of problems such as latency and jitter and correct them before they affect network operation. The software runs off of Avaya’s Secure Intelligent Gateway.

Remote Managed Services is available in North America. Global availability is planned for later in the year.


17. AT&T Launches VoIP Service Targeting SOHOs
AT&T has launched CallVantage Plus, a VoIP service that includes two lines along with unlimited calling and faxing within North America for $49.99 per month.

Service options include:

Subscription to up to nine distinct phone numbers operating on a single primary line – Each additional line, which can be managed independently from the others, is $7.49 per month

Call Filtering, a call forwarding feature that forwards calls based on who is calling – Use of this feature is $1.99 per month

Record & Send, a feature that allows a user to record a phone message and send it to up to 20 other people

10 Party Conferencing, a conference call capability that supports up to 10 parties in a conference – If there are more than 4 parties in a conference, AT&T will charge 35 cents per minute for the call

CallVantage is currently available throughout the U.S.


19. NMRC Releases White Paper on Broadband over Powerline
The New Millennium Research Council has published Powering the Broadband Market in 2005 and Beyond, a white paper that explores the growth potential of the broadband over powerline segment.

The firm finds more than 20 utility companies were offering multimedia services of some kind in 2004, passing around 250,000 homes. The white paper profiles two deployments including Ambient’s BoP operation in New York City and Communication Technologies’ services in Manassas, Virginia.

Powering the Broadband Market in 2005 and Beyond

New Millennium Research Council

21. Hotels are Using VoIP to Get Guests To Use Phones Again
As business travelers are progressively using cell phones, laptops, and PDAs to communicate rather than use hotel phones, some upscale hotels are trying to lure guests back to their phone systems. Hotels such as the Hotel Commonwealth in Boston are providing guests with mobile phones with PDA sized screens. The phone is capable of accessing a variety of local service informations such as movie times in local theatres. The Hotel Valencia Santana Row in San Jose provides mobile phones that can access local weather forecasts and airline fares at no cost. Both mobile phone systems use VoIP.

23. Yak Communications Faces Nasdaq Delisting
Yak Communications, an ICP, has received a letter from Nasdaq indicating the company does not comply with Marketplace Rule 4310(c), which requires the company to provide Nasdaq with copies of certain reports to be filed with the SEC. On Feb 25, Nasdaq added a letter E to the company’s trading symbol to indicate the change in the company’s standing with the marketplace.

Yak delayed the filing of its Form 10-Q for the fiscal quarter ending December 31, 2004 due to a conflict with Deloitte & Touche, the company’s newly appointed auditors. The conflict is in regards to the accounting treatment of an acquisition as well as other unidentified tax matters.

Yak intends to request an appeal hearing before the Nasdaq Listing Qualifications panel to review the staff’s determination in accordance with another marketplace rule. A hearing request delays any potential delisting.

Yak Communications

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