IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Mar, 09 1999

Oman Telco Joins Delta Three Global Network of Providers

Delta Three has announced that General Telecommunications Organization

(GTO), the exclusive provider of telecommunications in the Sultanate of

Oman, will install Ericsson’s IP telephony equipment to connect its network

with the Delta Three’s Global Internet Telephony network. GTO will provide

Internet telephony services including calling cards, direct dial long

distance, and PC to phone. The services are expected to be available next


GTO Oman is the fifth major telco to join the Delta Three Network

Partnership Program. Other members include Telenor Nextel (Norway), Iceland

Telecom, ONSE (South Korea) and KPN (The Netherlands).

In January, GTO supposedly made a deal with Net2Phone, in which it would

install Net2Phone Direct gateways to offer PC to phone and phone to phone

VoIP services. GTO is currently distributing Net2Phone’s IP telephony

products and services from its web site.

General Telecommunications Organization


Delta Three




One Stop to Distribute CMR’s Internet Fax Solutions

One Stop Communications has announced that it is teaming with CMR

Communications to offer a range of real-time fax over Internet facsimile

products and services. From its web site, One Stop will distribute CMR’s

fax products including: Fax while you surf, a software and gateway service

enabling users to send faxes from their PC while surfing the net; Real time

fax, which enables users to send faxes from fax to fax; and E-mail fax

which allows users to send faxes directly to e-mail. In addition, One Stop

plans to begin offering Internet fax and telephony services by deploying

CMR’s Internet fax gateways on a global basis.

One Stop Communications


CMR Communications


USA Global Link Receives Hong Kong Telecom License

USA Global Link has announced today that it has received a Public

Non-Exclusive Telecommunications Service (PNETS) license and a carrier

select code from the Hong Kong Office of the Telecommunications Authority.

The new PNETS license enables the provider to provision international

direct dialing services for voice, fax, and data using international simple

resale, Internet telephony or other techniques.

USA Global Link


i-data Networks to Develop Security Application for VoIP

i-data Networks, a provider of Internet connectivity products, has

announced that it is developing a secure QoS technology for VoIP

applications. The technology is being designed to produce the same QoS and

security on VoIP networks that is associated with traditional telephony

networks. It is based on the company’s hardware-based TripleDES

cryptography solution.

The company expects to offer the system to small/medium-sized businesses by

the end of this year.

i-data Networks


RadiSys Introduces Single Board Voice Gateway System

RadiSys has announced the introduction of the SPIRIT-6040E, its single

board voice gateway (SBVG) subsystem. The product is designed specifically

for telecom and datacom OEM applications. It is a scalable, intelligent

I/O, single slot, cPCI based solution. SPIRIT, which utilizes Texas

Intrument’s ‘C6201 DSP chips, can support up to 80 channels. The board

consists of VxWorks real-time operating system (RTOS) running on a Intel

i960 processor that serves as the intelligent I/O controller. The RTOS

features a TCP/IP stack for access to Ethernet networks that implement

RTP/RTCP, ATM, ISDN and H.323 applications. It provides support for H.323

and other protocols including G.729, G.729A, G.726, G.723.1, G.165 Echo

Canceller, DTMF, AGC/VOX, CPM, and V.17 Fax. The unit offers a dual

Ethernet interface to enable voice traffic to be routed on one line while

the other is used to manage QoS parameters or to link with other gateways

on the system. The product also offers dual or quad E1/T1 interfaces for


Engineering prototypes of the product are expected to be available in June.

The company plans to begin commercial shipments by Q’3 ’99. Pricing is

based on quantity, beginning at $4,920. For information, call 503-615-1100.



Genoa to Use Dialogic’s Hardware for Fax Testing Application

Genoa Technology, a provider of fax-test applications, has announced that

it will use Dialogic’s DM3 fax series hardware to develop a multi-line

voice and fax testing product. The test utility is a voice and fax call

simulator that can be used by call centers and networks to determine if a

systems can handle real-world communication loads. It also tests fax

machines connected to the network to ensure that the T.30 fax protocol is

executed properly.

Genoa Technology




MIND CTI Introduces New Version of VoIP Billing System

MIND CTI has announced the release of a new version 3.1 of its real-time,

IP telephony Billing system, MIND-iPhonEX. The system is a Windows NT

based real-time billing and call management product designed to provide

billing and call traffic analysis for real-time V/FoIP services. It

provides fraud detection, traffic analysis and call management reports to

ensure that all resources are optimally used. The product is capable of

billing tens of millions of simultaneous calls per month. It features

real-time service cut-off when the call limit is reached, calling card

management, individualized customer rate tables and flexible fax charge

options by page, duration or priority (real-time vs. store & forward). The

system can also calculate reseller commissions and handle inter-billing and

arbitration between connected service providers. Its Web Client module

enables CSRs to provision, update and view customer information via any web

browser. The module also allows customers to view account information

online, including invoices, calls and payments made and real-time balances.



MiBridge & DSPR Team to Offer VoIP OEM Application

MiBridge has announced that it is teaming with DSP Research to offer OEM

developers a solution to build carrier-class IP telephony gateway

applications. The solution is based on MiBridge’s ComToPCM H.323 SDK and

DSP Research’s Viper family of high-density DSP resource boards.

The ComToPCM323 SDK offers an H.323 protocol stack that runs on the Viper

DSP boards with an independent API to Pentium-based host processor. The

ComToPCM SDK enables the development of V/FoIP gateway applications by

offering a full suite of API functions for voice compression, PSTN to IP

protocol mapping, real-time fax demod/remod, and an H.323 protocol stack.

The SDK enables echo-cancellation and DTMF tone detection/regeneration plus

full duplex speech compression/decompression. It also supports real-time

audio and H.225/245 control functions.

The boards combine an MVIP bus with the power of 12 Texas Instruments

TMS320C54x DSPs to provide OEMs with a DSP application board that can

support up to 60 H.323 speech coders with line echo cancellers or fax

relay. At up to 100 MIPS of performance, the ‘C54x DSP allows for multiple

channel or port assignments per DSP. The boards are available with host

APIs for MVIP bus switch control and DSP-host communications, and a

QuickSTART DSP operating environment. In addition, the product ships with

development tools including the Texas Instruments C compiler with assembler

and linker, a DSP program loader, and a Code Composer Debugger.

Single board pricing for the Viper boards begins at US $6,495. For more

information on the products visit each company’s web site.



DSP Research


Viper Board Information


VocalTec Introduces Internet Call Waiting Technology

VocalTec announced that it is planning to add call waiting capabilities to

the Lite version of its Internet phone software. The technology will be

sold to providers as part of the VocalTec Ensemble Architecture solution,

which includes H.323 compliant gatekeepers, gateways, network management

resources and communications software. It is capable of supporting

thousands of interacting multi-vendor gateways, gatekeepers and servers.

The technology is currently in field trials. It is expected to be

commercially available in Q’2 ’99. It is priced at $250 per port. A

customizable SDK is available for $25,000.



Telia Light


RING! to Introduce VoIP Gateway Product

RING! has announced the introduction of IVIP, its configurable IP telephony

gateway, engineered to enable OEMs to build customizable V/FoIP solutions.

The Windows NT based software product supports IP voice boards from

Dialogic and Natural MicroSystems. It consists of gateway and gatekeeper

applications that are designed to be implemented in a VPN or corporate LAN.

The application is based on Ring’s IP engine product, the iMPACT, which

provides a design, development, test, and maintenance environment that OEMs

can use to customize applications.

The IVIP will is expected to be available in mid-April. Its estimated

pricing will be from $350 to $950 per port, depending on configuration.



Trillium introduces H.323 Software Products

Trillium Digital Systems, a provider of software communications solutions,

has announced the introduction of its H.323 software gateway and gatekeeper

products. The products incorporate H.225 Call Signaling, H.225.0 RAS, H.245

Control Signaling and an H.323 Call Manager. The company is currently

planning to further develop the product to support RTP and RTCP protocols.

Trillium will offer separate licensing options for gateway, gatekeeper

(with call routing) and gatekeeper (without call routing) implementations.

Trillium Digital Systems


KeyLink to Distribute VideoServer’s VoIP Conferencing Apps

VideoServer has announced that KeyLink Systems will distribute its line of

VideoServer multimedia networked conferencing products. The VideoServer

product line includes the Encounter NetServer (an H.323 Multimedia

Conference Server), the Encounter Gatekeeper (a policy manager for

networked conferencing), the Encounter NetGate (a gateway connecting ISDN

and IP conferencing endpoints), and the Encounter NetServer ADX 1000 (an

integrated audio and data conferencing server supporting both PSTN and VoIP

users). VideoServer also offers a series of multimedia conference servers,

and an entry-level line of multimedia conference servers for circuit

switched networks.



KeyLink Systems


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