IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Mar, 13 1998

NetSpeak to Introduce IP Enabled Call Center

NetSpeak has announced the ITEL Call Center, an IP based web enabled call
center solution. The Call Center enables consumers using the Internet to
initiate communications with a call center agent over the Internet by
clicking a button on a business’ web site. The Internet voice enabled web
site will allow the user to simultaneously talk to a customer service agent
while at the same time browsing the company’s web site. Agents can remotely
control or shadow the customer’s web browser to point out imperative
information and complete business transactions.

The ITEL Call Center features an ACD Server software module which entirely
eliminates the need for ACD hardware. The ACD software functions provide
call routing and management, screen pops, database lookup, IVR, agent
splits, supervisory control, and call tracking and reporting. The call
center solution also incorporates several other software modules that
enable it to provide capabilities including real time address resolution,
directory listing functions, storage of call detail records, and
configuration and supervisory functions from a single location.

The ITEL Call Center enables the creation of virtual call centers as well,
enabling agents to work from remote locations. Since the voice connections
are IP based, agents can set up at remote facilities using a standard
Internet connection. To operate from a remote location, agents will dial
into the ITEL Call Center to go online and receive calls as if they were in
the office.

The ITEL Call Center is enclosed in two Pentium 200 PCs pre-configured with
Microsoft’s Windows NT Server 4.0, SQL Server 6.5, Internet Information
Server 3.0, Active Server pages and Data Access components. Remote call
center agents will need at least a Pentium 75 MHz processor, 8 MB RAM, 5MB
available hard disk space, an MCI-compliant sound card that supports 8 kHz
or 11kHz sampling, a VGA card capable of displaying 256 colors, and Windows
95 or NT.



Lucent Introduces its Products in New Zealand and Japan

Lucent Technologies has formed a marketing team in Japan and signed an
agreement with Fisher & Paykel of New Zealand to promote its products to
businesses and service providers. Lucent products that the two groups will
market include the Internet Call Centre, Internet Messaging application,
DEFINITY ProLogix Solutions, and the line of Internet Telephony Servers.

The Internet Telephony Servers (ITS) come in two models. The ITS E for
enterprises and the ITS SP for service providers. Both products route real
time fax and voice traffic from traditional telecommunications networks to
intranets and the Internet. The Call Centre will enable the Internet users
to browse the web and simultaneously speak to customer service agents using
the same analogue phone line. The Internet Messaging application is run
over Lucent’s Intuity AUDIX Multimedia Messaging Server providing a way for
voice, fax and e-mail to be easily combined into a single package and
shared with anyone who has an Internet address. The DEFINITY ProLogix
Solution is an upgradeable communications system capable of supporting 500
stations and 600 ports. It can be upgraded to a DEFINITY Enterprise
Communications Server with up to 25,000 ports.

The marketing team in Japan will focus initially on the promotion of
Lucent’s line of Internet Telephony Servers while Fisher & Paykel of New
Zealand will market Lucent’s full range of Internet solutions.

Lucent Technologies


IDT Introduces Internet Facsimile Service

IDT has announced Net2Fax, a fax service that routes facsimiles over the
Internet in real time. The service does not require users to have special
hardware or software as the it is designed for use with traditional fax
machines. Users of the service will receive confirmation that a fax reached
its destination.

IDT will be offering the fax service beginning at 5 cents per minute for
domestic calls in the U.S. and as low as 9 cents per minute for
international calls. Users need to pre-pay for the service in increments
of $25. The pre-paid sums can be used for voice calls as well.

The service is initially available to consumers in the U.S. and Korea, with
service expansion plans scheduled over the next few months. To sign up for
service, call 800-225-5438 <800-CALL-IDT>.



Effects of Internet Telephony on Traditional Telephony Seminar Scheduled

Jeff Pulver, president of pulver.com, and Daniel Berninger , of VocalTec,
will host the Internet Telephony Common Ground meeting. The meeting will
focus on the effects of IP telephony on universal service as defined by the
Telecommunications Act of 1996.

The meeting will be on March 30, 1998. It will be in San Jose, California,
during the Spring ’98 Voice on the Net Show.



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