IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Mar, 16 1999

Netscape & GeoCities to Distribute Net2Phone’s VoIP Products

Net2Phone has announced that both Netscape and GeoCities will distribute
its software and services. According to terms of the multi-year
distribution agreement with Netscape, Net2Phone’s PC to phone software and
services will be exclusively bundled with the Netscape Communicator
Internet browser. Netscape will also redesign the browser’s toolbar to
include a Net2Phone activation button. In addition, Netscape will offer the
PC to phone software and service through its Netcenter web portal. In
return, Net2Phone will utilize Netscape’s software for future Net2Phone
e-commerce activities.

According to the terms of the GeoCities deal, GeoCities will enable the
3.5 million members of its virtual community to offer Net2Phone’s PC to
phone calling services from community web sites. Members offering the
services will earn residual commissions from calls made.







Groupe Videotron to Use Samsung’s Cable Modems For VoIP

Samsung Telecommunications America has announced that it will provide Le
Groupe Videotron Itee, a Canadian cable operator, with a line of its
InfoRanger cable modems designed to support Internet telephony services.
The DOCSIS 1.1 based modems will provide simultaneous support for
telephony, high-speed Internet access, and video and fax. The cable modems
will operate over an IP network being developed for Videotron by Cisco and

Videotron plans to introduce VoIP field trials in the second half of this
year in Quebec. Commercial availability is scheduled for Q’1 of next year.
Videotron’s cable systems pass 2.3 million homes.

Le Groupe Videotron




RADVision Unveils New Gateway and Gatekeeper Apps

RADVision has announced the introduction of a new Windows NT based
gatekeeper, the NGK-100 and a new PRI based gateway, the L2W-323P.

The NGK-100 gatekeeper is a H.323 Version 2-compliant software product that
is designed for IP-based multimedia networks. The Windows NT based unit
supports up to 60 calls and 300 registrations. It enables network managers
to define, control, optimize and manage multimedia conferencing and VoIP
calls by controlling network bandwidth and policies to ensure optimal
implementation of real-time audio, visual and data conferencing
applications. The gatekeeper also includes built-in multimedia IVR
capabilities, which when working in conjunction with the company’s gateways
enables users to see a still video picture along with the voice response

The H.323 compliant gateway provides PRI T1/E1 interfaces to ISDN networks.
It provides support for up to eight ISDN 2B calls, four 384kbps bonded,
concurrent video calls, or 16 voice only calls. The product also supports
both central office switch and PBX protocols, to connect H.323 endpoints to
POTS/ISDN telephones as well as to H.320 clients. Its PRI network interface
can connect multiple endpoints via a single interface.

In a separate announcement, RADVision has launched an interoperability
program to ensure that multimedia conferencing and IP telephony products
built around its H.323 building blocks will provide high levels of
interoperability in multi-vendor environments. The program is intended to
complement other interoperability initiatives, such as the activities of
the ITU or IMTC, which assert H.323 as the de facto standard for multimedia
communications over IP networks.



WebTelecom Introduces Web-Based Communications System

WebTelecom has announced the introduction of its web based communications
system, the Internet/Intranet Phone Box (IPBX). It enables users with any
H.323 compliant Internet phone to click a call icon on a web site to
initiate voice or text communications with company reps. The product can
also be implemented in a private LAN or WAN to facilitate inter-company

The application is currently in the last stages of beta testing. The
company will charge monthly service fees for use of the system, with
pricing based on configuration.



The Internet/Intranet Phone Box


IP Telephonics Introduces VoIP Audio Development Toolkit

IP Telephonics has announced the release of its IP telephony audio
application development library, the Real-Time Voice (R-TV) Toolkit. The
toolkit combines developmental functions into four interoperable components
including: audio acquisition, storage and manipulation for all bit depths
and sampling rates; audio compression, decompression and conversion using
the Microsoft Windows audio compression manager (ACM); client based network
transport (TCP, UDP, etc.); and server based network transport (TCP, UDP,
etc.). It is available as a Microsoft Windows 32-bit compatible library
with ActiveX controls. R-TV licenses are currently available, with or
without complete source code and enhanced example application suites.
Pricing is dependent on licensing configuration.

IP Telephonics


ITXC Receives $15 Million in Second Round Financing

ITXC announced that it has received $15 million in second round capital
financing from Chase Capital Partners, Flatiron Partners, Intel, Polaris,
Spectrum Equity Investors, and VocalTec. The funds will be used to expand
the company’s termination footprint by building additional hubs in Los
Angeles (Spring 1999) and other select locations throughout the U.S.,
Europe and Asia. The company will also use the capital to further develop
its QoS tools and to increase its marketing activities.

ITXC provides wholesale Internet telephony carrier services. It currently
operates a global Internet telephony network with 132 POPs in 28 countries
and 54 cities.



I-Link Launches VoIP Service in Chicago

I-Link has announced that it has launched its IP telephony service, V-Link,
in the greater Chicago metro area. Customers within the 312, 708, 630 and
847 area codes can now locally access the provider’s IP service network to
place U.S. domestic long distance calls at 4.9 CPM. Chicago will serve as a
primary network and service center for I-Link’s nationwide IP Services
backbone. From the Chicago hub, I-Link plans to expand the services
throughout the upper Midwest, including the markets of Minneapolis/St.
Paul, Detroit, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, and Milwaukee. It will
active services in metro New York City, Newark, Orlando, Tampa and
Pittsburgh within the next two weeks.

In addition to Chicago, I-Link has established the V-Link service in more
than 200 communities in the greater Los Angeles/Orange County, Dallas/Ft.
Worth, Houston, Seattle/Tacoma, Phoenix and Salt Lake City metro areas.

V-Link features unified voice, fax, email, conference calling and
one-number call routing. The services are routed over a private IP network.



Interoute to use Ericsson’s VoIP Equipment for Service in Spain

Ericsson UK has announced that it will design, install and support a
nationwide IP telephony system for Interoute Telecommunicaciones SA, the
Spanish subsidiary of the London-based pan-European telecommunications
group. The deal has an estimated value of US$11 million (SEK 90 million).
According to the terms of the agreement, Ericsson will initially install a
core network of POPs covering six main provincial centers in Madrid
(central hub), Barcelona, Valencia, Bilbao, Seville and La Coruna. After
the initial installation is complete, and to achieve the extent of national
coverage required by Spanish PTT regulations, the network will be extended
to include connectivity in an additional 45 towns.

Ericsson’s IP telephony system is scaleable to 780 ports and provides SS7
interconnection to the PSTN. The system consists of five basic components
including the Voice Gateway, the Gatekeeper, the Access Broker, the
Accounting Server, and the PC Client. It supports a variety of applications
including phone to phone, PC to phone, phone to PC, pre-paid calling card
and fax communications. The solution also features real-time billing, LCR,
dynamic route allocation, multiple IP network support, and the ability to
handle validated and unvalidated traffic.



MediaPost Integrates FaxSav Internet Fax Services Into Online Community

MediaPost Communication has announced that it will integrate FaxSav’s
Internet fax technology into its online virtual communications center to
enable users to access the FaxSav global Internet fax network. MediaPost’s
communications center offers links of 31,000 media sites.



MediaPost Communication


VIP Calling Deploys Cisco’s VoIP Equipment in New York POP

VIP Calling has announced that it is deploying Cisco gateways and switches
in its New York City facility. VIP Calling currently operates a global
Internet telephony wholesale service with a NOC in Burlington,
Massachusetts, and regional operation centers in Los Angeles, Hong Kong,
New York, London, and POPs throughout Asia, Europe, Korea, the Middle East
and South America.

VIP Calling




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