IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Mar, 19 2002

1. ABI Releases VoDSL Market Study
Allied Business Intelligence has released Voice over DSL: Deployments, Subscribers, and Revenues, a market study that provides data on worldwide ILEC and CLEC deployments, equipment providers, service providers, and regional forecasts for VoDSL subs and IAD shipments. The firm finds that the equipment and service provider marketplace will generate $159.7 million this year, up 90% from 2001. VoDSL subscribers lines are projected to total 96,550, up from 14,000 in 2001. South Korea is projected to lead VoDSL deployments in Asia by 2003.

Allied Business Intelligence

3. Huawei to Use Mindspeed’s Process for Gateway
Huawei will integrate Mindspeed’s (Conexant) AnyPort Multi-Service Access processor into its Quidway A8010 switch, which supports VoIP, VoATM, fax and data services. Huawei’s RAS has been deployed by all of China’s major service providers, as well as providers serving Egypt, Mexico, Russia, Thailand, and Turkey.

The M80310 12-port universal access processor features 12 channels of complex voice, fax, or data modem termination. The technology supports voice coders including: G.711, G.723, G.726, G.729, G.168 EC, jitter buffer, VAD, DTMF detect, RTP, and AAL2. Data and fax modulations include: V.92, V.90, V.34, V.32bis, V.17, and V.29. Error correction/compression includes: V.44, V.42bis, V.42, and MNP 2-5. The processor is packaged as a compact 17 mm, 256 ball BGA with 1mm ball pitch.



5. Am-Beo & Kabira To Offer VoIP Price and Rating
Am-Beo has teamed with Kabira to offer a price and rating solution for ITSPs that combines Am-Beo’s Rate-Rec rules based rating and revenue chain management solution and Kabira’s xDR mediation technology. The combo will support pre and post paid business models.



7. Trio & Datatronics to Use Lucent’s Media Server
Trio Network Solutions and Datatronics will include Lucent’s EXS Converged Services Platform media server to support telephony within their own IP networking solutions. Helsinki-based Trio will use the media server to offer Mobicentrix, a mobile office network application that offers enterprise voice services in a PBX to office users with wireless handsets. Madrid-based Datatronics will use the technology to offer IP networking solutions to its carrier and developer customers.

Lucent’s media server supports SS7 and SIP.

In other Trio news, the company reports that Cygate will resell its VoIP solution in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, and Lithuania. Cygate also offers VoIP networking based on Cisco’s gear.

Lucent Technologies



9. AgilQuest Joins Cisco’s AVVID Partner Program
AgilQuest has joined Cisco’s AVVID partner program. The The Richmond-based company provides mobile officing and office hoteling software products for enterprise customers.


Cisco Systems

11. Alopa’s Sub Provisioning to Support VoCable
Alopa Networks has enhanced its cable subscriber management and provisioning software to support provisioning of VoIP over cable services. The technology, known as the Cable Telephony Provisioning Suite, is currently being used within CableLabs to test and certify MTAs.

Alopa Networks

13. NMS Introduces Echo Cancellation ASIC
NMS Communications has introduced e256, an echo cancellation ASIC. The technology supports 256 channels in a 15×15 millimeter form factor. It draws less than 0.7 watts of power (typical). The chip features hybrid echo tail length of 256 channels at 64ms & 128 channels at 128ms; acoustic echo control; bidirectional AGC; A-interface configurable; EXACT filer algorithm; natural sound, adaptive threshold, non-linear processor technology that avoids signal clipping; TFO support; ABCD signaling control; idle code detection; and tone disabling options. The ASIC is packaged in a ultra dense 196-pin Microstar ball grid array.

The e256 interfaces with TI’s C5XXX and C6XXX DSPs and uses a standard 16-bit microprocessor interface compatible with Motorola and Intel processors.

In other news, NMS has said that Avnet Applied Computing Solutions will distribute its products in Pan European markets. The agreement calls for Avnet to provide marketing, applications assistance, product fulfillment, tech support and customer integration services.

NMS Communications



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