IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Mar, 19 2002

1. Cisco Introduces SIP VoIP Products
Cisco Systems has introduced a SIP proxy server and SIP support for its AS500 Universal Gateways, 2600 and 3600 Series routers, voice capable 1700 Series routers, IP phones, ATA 186 analog telephone adapter, BTS 10200 softswitch, PGW 2200, and PIX firewall. Cisco’s VoIP products also support H.323 and MGCP.

Cisco’s SIP products are currently deployed by Deltathree, TalkingNets, and Vonage.

Cisco’s SIP products

Cisco Systems

3. IDT & VoicePump Introduce VoDSL CPE Platform
IDT and VoicePump have teamed to introduce a voice enabled ADSL reference platform for designing CPE. The technology will consist of IDT’s 79RP355 gateway reference design and VoicePump’s VP140 evaluation board. The platform supports a two chip solution that utilizes IDT’s communications processor and VoicePump’s codecs.

The reference platform is currently sampling. Full production quantities are scheduled for availability in June. The platform will go for $5,000.



5. Clarent Introduces SIP Enterprise Gateway
Clarent has said that its NetPerformer EG enterprise gateway now supports SIP communications between its NetPerformer product line and softswitch. The technology features support for 2 to 240 voice channels per unit, and converged voice and data over leased or switched lines, Frame Relay, ATM, PP links, ISDN PRI and BRI, satellite and IP/Ethernet circuits.


7. Telica Enhances Softswitch
Telica has enhanced its Plexus 9000 VoIP solution (media gateway, softswitch, & signaling gateway) with increased voice port support per chassis and additional interfaces and services. Signaling protocols for side line access now include SIP, BLES, ISDN, CAS, and GR-303. The routing has been improved to include time-of-day and NXX. Required Class services are now supported as well as regulatory services including LNP, CALEA, busy line verification, operator barge-in, and MF E911. Plexus now features AIN 0.1/0.2 message sets for support of advanced SCP services.

The physical interfaces for Plexus 9000 now include DS-1, E-1, DS-3, STS-1, OC-3, STM-1, OC-12, STM-4, and 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet. Through the use of new modules, Telica’s technology now has the capability to support 24, 192 VoIP calls and 137,088 TDM ports per chassis.

Plexus provides Class 4 and 5 switching for the PSTN, and ATM and IP networks. The elements may be deployed in either a distributed, centralized or integrated configuration.


9. AsiaInfo to Resell Sonus’ Products in China
AsiaInfo will distribute Sonus Networks’ GSX9000 Open Services Switch, Insignius Softswitch, and Insight Management System in China per a non-exclusive agreement.

AsiaInfo, based in Delaware, is a VAR and systems integrator. The company has been commissioned to build all of the national IP backbones in China including chinaNet for China Telecom, CNCNet for China Netcom, CMCNet for China Mobile, UniNet for China Unicom, and RailNet for China Railcom.

Last week, the Light Reading, an electronic publication tracking optical networking, reported that Cisco was in negotiations to acquire Sonus. The publisher cited sources close to investment banking interests. Cisco and Sonus refused to comment on the rumor. Regardless, the report boosted Sonus’ stock by 21%.


Sonus Networks

Light Reading

11. Arris Introduces Outdoor Embedded MTA
Arris has introduced Touchstone Telephony Port, an outdoor embedded MTA with an integrated DOCSIS 1.1 cable modem that supports up to four VoIP lines and two data lines. The technology features a 10/100 BaseT auto-sensing Ethernet port, HomePNA 2.0, and battery backup capabilities with remote monitoring of power status.


13. Wombo to Deploy Congruency at Trade Events
Wombo, a provider of IT services for trade event producers, has selected Congruency as its primary VoIP telecommunications provider. The company has already deployed Congruency’s CNS 3200 enhanced hosted communications platform and i.Picasso 6000 IP phones within its own operations.



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