IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Mar, 20 2003

1. Nortel Extends Committment to SIP
Nortel Networks has enhanced its softswitches by adding more support for SIP. The addition of SIP enables direct packet interworking with SIP enterprise PBXx or gateways, SIP and SIP-T on the trunk side, the delivery of more multimedia features to existing phones, and better efficiency of traffic crossing enterprise and PSTN domains and carrier boundaries. The company has also added H.323 interfaces to its softswitches.

Nortel has deployed softswitches and gateways in 38 service provider networks across 22 countries.

Nortel Networks

3. China Mobile to Use Radcom’s VoIP Testing
China Mobile, China’s largest mobile phone operator, will use Radcom’s Performer MediaPro, a VoIP testing device that analyzes media and H.323/SIP/MGCP/MEGACO signaling. The technology measures voice quality and system performance in VoIP networks.


China Mobile

5. Microsoft & MIPS Form Silicon Alliance to Promote MIPS
Microsoft has teamed with MIPS Technologies to form an alliance of silicon vendors that will use Microsoft’s Windows CE and MIPS’ MIPS architecture within digital consumer devices such as residential gateways, set top boxes, and VoIP phones. The new alliance already includes ADMtek, AMD, ATI Technologies, Broadcom, Marvell, NEC, PMC-Sierra, Texas Instruments, and Toshiba.


MIPS Technologies

7. Micronas Unveils USB Keyboard Controller for VoIP
Micronas has introduced the UAC 3556B, a USB keyboard controller that uses Microsoft’s RTC to provide a dedicated audio channel, completely independent from the sound card. The controller, embedded in keyboards, will reduce interference from other audio applications since D/A conversion is performed outside of the PC. The core functional blocks of the technology include a USB interface, a digital processing unit with a D/A and A/D stereo converter, and a PS/2 bridge.


9. Global IP Sound Enhances Voice Improvement Software
Global IP Sound has released VoiceEngine 1.1, a software plug-in that simplifies the integration of speech codecs, communication with sound cards, real-time performance, RTP protocol handling, and other voice related tasks. The new release includes features for improved QoS, including support for adding data encryption; improved network data monitoring features; and improved port handling.

XP-Phone, a VoB provider, is using VoiceEngine 1.1.

Global IP Sound


11. Packet8 IP Launches Flat Rate Unlimited Calling
Packet8 IP has introduced a flat rate, unlimited domestic calling plan for $39.95 a month for month to month users and for $34.95 per month for users under a 12-month plan. Customers are required to have a broadband Internet connection and deploy 8×8’s model DTA 310 telephone adapter.

Packet8 telephone accounts include voicemail, caller ID, call forwarding, web account administration, and real- time online billing.


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