IP Telephony news wrap-up for Mar 20 – 2007

Acme Packet’s Net Net SBCs now support the Diameter protocol towards policy
servers and CLFs. The vendor is working to establish interopability with
policy servers supplied by CableMatrix, Camiant, Juniper and Operax.

Diameter is an authentication, authorization, and accounting protocol and is
used for several IMS functions including the interface between SBCs and
policy servers for resource reservation for VoIP and other interactive IP
communication sessions.

The Diameter implementation allows the SBC to perform call admission control
by making bandwidth requests to an external, centralized RACF/PDF policy
server. When the Net-Net SBC receives a SIP Invite it requests bandwidth
from a policy server via Diameter or COPS. The policy server determines
whether bandwidth is available and sends a message back to the Net-Net SBC
either accepting or rejecting the bandwidth request. If resources are
granted, the SBC continues with call set-up or rejects the session
gracefully if bandwidth or QoS is not available.

Acme Packet
Fonality has introduced a new server that drives Trixbox-based Asterisk IP PBX and PBX systems. The appliance features an Intel processor, pre-configured Sangoma line cards with Octasic echo cancellation, Trixbox 2.2, and options for a dual hard disk and dual power supply redundancy. The Trixbox version integrates Asterisk with Apache, MySQL, SugarCRM, and PHP. The implementation includes the latest Asterisk GUI, which is included in AsteriskNow.

The appliance goes for $999. Support options are available on an annual subscription basis or an hourly basis.

Mediatrix Telecom has introduced the 3500 model residential gateway, a device that functions as a VoIP IAD and gateway. The gateway features routing rules, ISDN support, SNMPv3 support (permitting access to all configuration parameters), auto-provisioning, and remote provisioning via HTTPS.

Mediatrix Telecom
XConnect has developed a peering federation that it will manage in Brazil that includes five VoIP service providers consisting of Conceito Telecom, Easytone, iVoz.net, GlobalNova Comnicacoes, and Tellfree. The federation will enable its members to exchange VoIP traffic, completely bypassing the PSTN.

Terremark will provide Layer 2 private Ethernet connectivity and co-location services to the new group.

XConnect has one other peering federation, which includes a consortium of cable MSOs in the Netherlands.

D2 Technologies, a supplier of embedded software platforms that works with ICs and SoCs, has enhanced its vPort family of software versions to support VoIM protocols such as XMPP and the signaling protocols that deliver GoogleTalk, Yahoo!, MSN Messenger, and Gizmo. The vPort product line includes software for VoWLAN and dual mode mobile phones; CPE gateways, ATAs, routers, IADs, and triple play devices; IP phones and speakerphones; and cordless IP/VoIM phones.

vPort can execute on both RISC and CISC platforms. D2’s technology is interoperable with ICs and SOCs solutions from Cavium, Infineon, and Texas Instruments.

D2 Technologies
Siemens has released version 3.0 of its Hi-Path 8000 Real-Time IP System, which is the software that drives its softswitch. The new release features ENUM support and support for Siemens-based applications that deliver unified communications, presence, mobility, and call center functionality. In addition, the software includes new system-based features including multi-lingual support, dynamic licensing, and SDKs for WSDL. Security has been improved through the incorporation of payload encryption and TLS.

The Hi-Path 8000 softswitch operates in a centrally based architecture, supporting between 300 and 100,000 users per system.

Adtran has introduced NetVanta 1355, a new SIP gateway designed for use in hosted VoIP applications for SMBs. The gateway features advanced routing capabilities, a 24-port POE switch, VPN and WAN interface options, Layer 3 QoS, security, survivability, a web-based GUI, remote configuration and management, e911 dialing, and interoperability with other vendors’ SIP equipment.

The 1355 is available for $3,295.

Radcom has integrated a full XML scripting engine into SIPsim, its SIP service simulation solution designed to test products before network deployment. SIPSim can emulate hundreds of thousands of users simultaneously. It can create various network scenarios and implement different call flows.

Tektronix has added new test probes to its enterprise monitoring solution, Active Assurance, that enable visibility further into the customer premises. The probes complement probes in that system that already exist at the core and the edge of the network. As part of the enhancement, Active Assurance now supports the wideband VoIP codec.


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