IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Mar, 24 2000

Joint Venture Formed to Offer IP Based Services in China
Galaxy OnLine reported that it has signed a memorandum of agreement with I-Tec Communications, Guangdong Advanced Technology Development, and Pinnacle Technology, to form a joint venture that will offer Internet based services in the People’s Republic of China. The primary focus of the joint venture will be to provide high speed and traditional Internet access services throughout China. It will also provide satellite connectivity for government operations and private voice, data and video communications. In addition, it will develop VoIP infrastructure within China, and exploring eCommerce opportunities.

Galaxy Online dba Galaxy Internet

ISN Teams With PGE to Launch South American Services
ISN Communications said that it is teaming with Pacific Gateway Exchange (PGE) to provide VoIP services to its South American subscribers. The companies will develop a Virtual Carrier Connection between ISN’s South American infrastructure and Pacific Gateway’s wholesale V/FoIP termination service, VoIPNet. The VoIPNet service, which is based on equipment from Cisco, Clarent and Nuera, enables customers to route traffic on a global basis via PGE’s networks, the Internet backbone of its subsidiary, Onyx, and/or the infrastructure of its member providers. PGE uses its proprietary Call Agent technology to bill for and validate all traffic routed over the network.

ISN and its affiliates own and operate switches in Miami and select South American markets. PGE and Onyx operate networks with over 50 POPs in 38 cities and 27 countries. The carrier has international gateways facilities in Auckland, Dallas, Frankfurt, London, Los Angeles, Moscow, New York, Sydney and Tokyo.

In addition, PGE has recently teamed with GRIC Communications and ITXC to expand its network’s footprint. PGE will use GRIC’s managed QoS GRICphone network and inter-domain clearinghouse service to exchange wholesale VoIP and traditional calling services. ITXC and PGE have recently expanded a previously undisclosed relationship, in which PGE has been routing traffic over ITXC’s VoIP network, to include ITXC purchasing Internet access in the U.S., London and in other select global locations from Onyx, and PGE developing retail Internet calling services that will leverage both companies POPs to terminate traffic.

Pacific Gateway Exchange

ISN Communications



Onyx Networks

Africana & FreeScholarships Deploy Lipstream’s Technology
Lipstream Networks reported that both Africana.com, a web community designed exclusively for African Americans, and FreeScholarships.com, an online community providing educational information to students and families, are planning to integrate Lipstream’s PC to PC VoIP technologies, Live Voice, into their respective web sites.

Lipstream’s technology is based on Qualcomm’s PureVoice and SmartRate technologies. The PureVoice codec compresses voice signals into a digital signal, and the SmartRate technology provides compression rates. The company implements the technology on back end servers collocated at nodes throughout Qwest’s OC-48 network infrastructure to provide a real time VoIP web based chat service. Qwest also provides 24×7 network monitoring and support for the offering. The service utilizes a chat room format to enable users with at least a 28.8 Internet connection, a Windows system, and microphone and speakers to download a browser based popup VoIP client to join a conference in progress or create a private chat room. In addition, it features technologies that enable users to send private voice messages to only one conference participant in a group, or mute select participants.

Africana.com provides original and third party content related to the history, culture and contemporary condition of Black America, Africa and its Diaspora. It also hosts the Radio Africana Network, a web listing featuring more than 80 black-oriented and African- influenced radio stations as well as news, articles and Encarta information. FreeScholarships.com awards scholarships on a daily, monthly and quarterly basis to visitors that interact with the web site. The scholarships are funded by web site sponsorships.

Lipstream Networks



Junroo Deploys Belle Systems’ Management Platform
Junroo NetCommunications reported that it is planning to deploy Belle Systems’ Internet Management System (IMS) to manage and provide customer care and billing capabilities for the IP based services offered over its network. The provider’s private IP network enables partner providers to offer next gen IP services such as voice, fax, video and data.

The IMS application is based on the Oracle8 platform and UNIX hardware systems. It consists of a master database, an application server and RADIUS server(s) which enable providers to manage all aspects of IP services including provisioning, deployment, verification and authentication, mediation, rating and billing. The solution can support thousands of simultaneous users for service offerings such as VPNs and IP telephony. It supports a variety of accounting methods including time, block, manual and volume pricing plans, with built in adjustable cut off thresholds and status alerts. Service administrators and users can also utilize a browser to view online account information such as invoices, account details, traffic usage, service patterns and account status.

Junroo’s network has operations throughout Asia, Europe, Latin America and the U.S., with a NOC in Los Angeles. The company is also developing infrastructure in addition European markets as well as in Australia, Mexico and South America.

Junroo NetCommunications

Belle Systems

AudioCodes Introduces PCM Based OEM Product
AudioCodes has announced the introduction of OEM developer modules that will enable users to design packet based VoIP, VoDSL and softswitch products. The high density/integrated media gateway technology connects as a PMC (PCI Mezzanine Card) card onto proprietary OEM designed carrier boards to convert PCM into low bit rate VoIP or voice trunking over ATM. The card also performs gateway functions such as packetization, streaming, protocol processing, control functions and echo cancellation.

The vendor is currently offering a development kit for the technology. It will enable users to both evaluate and begin software development.


Equant Deploys Cisco’s Gear to Upgrade Network
Equant reported that it is using Cisco’s gear to integrate IP based voice and data capabilities into its privately managed global networks. The companies have just completed a 21 city/11 country trial of the service, and are now developing plans to launch the service, on a commercial basis, in at least 50 countries. The service enable users to communicate via VoIP, FoIP, file transfer, recorded or streaming video/audio and real time data collaboration.



Alcatel & CopperCom Team For VoDSL Solutions
Alcatel reported that it has entered into and OEM agreement with CopperCom, in which Alcatel will resell CopperCom’s line of VoDSL technologies. In addition, Alcatel is planning to integrate the VoDSL technologies into its own DSL platform to develop enhanced product offerings.

CopperCom’s VoDSL solution, CopperComplete, consists of CPE technology, and gateways which reside between a DSLAM and a Class 5 switch. The solution can support from 4 to 44 T1 lines (1,056 simultaneous ports) per shelf. It offers voice transmission via PCM or 32K ADPCM, with support for echo cancellation. The gateway supports cards for system control, ATM and T1 connections. The CPE device combines voice and data onto a single DSL line. It can support from 4 to 16 simultaneous (scaleable in 4 port increments) voice and data ports. In addition, the device can be remotely managed and provisioned.



Biztro to Integrate Net2Phone’s VoIP Technologies
Biztro, a provider of web-enabled back-office services, reported that it is planning to integrate access to Net2Phone’s IP telephony services and products into its Business Operations platform. According to the terms of the deal, Net2Phone will provide product users with phone to phone, PC to PC, PC to phone and web to phone connectivity. The provider will charge for phone to phone, PC to phone and web to phone services, with the PC to PC communications offered at no charge. Net2Phone will also offer a line of IP telephony hardware to Biztro’s customers.

The Business Operations platform is designed to streamline and automate small business operations. It provides access to insurance, benefits, payroll and communications services integrated with management applications, productivity tools and information sources.



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