IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Mar, 26 2002

1. ComMatch Lists New Partners Achieving Interoperability
ComMatch has released a list of partners that have developed interoperability with the company’s core VoIP gateways. ComMatch has achieved interoperability with residential gateway solutions supplied by Tainet, enterprise gateways offered by innovaphone, an eMTA developed by Terayon, and a headend server that supports interactive television with telephony support supplied by Integra5.

Tainet’s Venus 2804 and 2832 residential VoIP gateways support MGCP and interoperate with MGCP Call Manager. The technology supports up to 4 V/FoIP calls simultaneously. The Venus 2832 modularized analog FXS card design provides 8/16/24 or 32 port FXS options.

innovaphone’s IP 3000 and IP 400 line of VoIP gateways provide H.323 connectivity and ISDN functionality based on H.450.

Terayon’s TA 102 eMTA is a residential voice and data over cable solution based on the company’s TJ 615 DOCSIS 1.0 cable modem. The technology provides support for 2 telephony lines via dual RJ-11 phone ports. It features USB and Ethernet data ports for computer connectivity.

Integra5’s UniTV is a headend based server that connects a cable operator’s video and telephony networks, converting signals from each network. The technology is also a platform for developing applications that merge the two networks such as visual caller ID, visual voicemail, and visual call management.

ComMatch’s Duet 6001, 6002, and 6012 core gateways interconnect H.323 networks with a Class 5 switches. The technology enables provisioning of 3-way calls, call forwarding, call waiting, caller ID, legal call interception, and other Class, IN and ISDN services.

ComMatch has recently enhanced its 6001 gateway with a module to support enterprise customers via PRI links. The gateway natively supports ISDN BRI connectivity designed to support SOHO and SMBs.






3. PrimaCom to Deploy Tellabs’ VoCable in Europe
PrimaCom AG has commissioned Tellabs to deploy and integrate a data and voice network over its cable networks. The deal includes deployment of a CMTS, TollBridge’s TB 200 voice gateway, and Tellabs’ DOCSIS 1.1 based 2410 cable voice modems. The three year project will begin with deployments in the Netherlands, expanding shortly after to Germany.


PrimaCom AG

5. Tekelec Introduces Softswitch Based MSC Gateway App
Tekelec has introduced the mobile switching center gateway application for its VXi media gateway controller. The softswitch based application performs the home location register lookups, consolidates PSTN connectivity, and delivers major call routing functions typically handled by the MSC switch in mobile networks. Tekelec’s application supports both GSM and IS-41 for ANSI and ITU networks.

The MSC gateway applications works with the company’s wireless tandem application in which a centralized VXi MGC controls an overlay of distributed media gateways. The media gateway performs the IP or ATM conversion under the control of the softswitch. The VXi MGC is the foundation for other packet apps including international gateway, number portability offload, service bridging, and future 3G features such as MSC server and call session control function server.


7. netGuru to Terminate in India for Technosoft Solutions
netGuru will provide wholesale telecommunications services to Technosoft Solutions for international long distance calls terminating in India. The initial call volume will commence terminating traffic at 2 million minutes per month. Traffic is scheduled to begin this month.

netGuru currently licenses its software products to more than 20,000 businesses, with 50,000 installations, and 150,000 users in more than 65 countries.


9. NetCentrex Introduces Softswitch
NetCentrex has introduced CCS Softswitch version 3.0, a multimedia call control server. The technology can be used as an application softswitch on top of any VoIP network, including networks with third party infrastructure softswitches. Available services include voice VPN, IP PBX hosting and IP Centrex communication services, 800 services and multimedia contact centers, and residential broadband telephony services.

NetCentrex features The Subscriber Access Unit, support for regulatory services, support for local number portability, integrated web-based management, and extended interoperability with other VoIP gear.

The Subscriber Access Unit manages connections to both MGCP/L IP phones and VoIP residential gateways, offers IP Centrex voice services, integration with other advanced VoIP devices such as multi-service VPN and full computer telephony integration features. The technology enables delivery of Centrex services over existing VoIP VPN networks in conjunction with other VoIP network components such as hosted IP PBX.

Regulatory services supported include malicious call identification, legal interception, emergency calls, call party identification presentation and restriction (CLIP/CLIR).

The CCS softswitch is now interoperable with Cisco (IPBX Call Manager, PGW 2200, ATA 186, 827-4V), Radvision (viaIP/400), Sonus (GSX), Nuera (ORCA), ECI (ITX), residential gateways from Telsey, and IP phones from Ascom and IP Tel.


11. Mediatrix Interoperable with CommWorks
Mediatrix has achieved interoperability among its APA III-I FXS and APA II-4 FXS IP access devices and CommWorks’ VoIP infrastructure equipment. Mediatrix’s technology connects a conventional phone or G3 fax to a LAN.

Testing was done using both SIP and H.323. Scenarios included completion of calls between H.323 and H.323 phones; H.323 and PSTN phones; PSTN phones and H.323 phones; SIP phones to SIP phones; SIP phones to PSTN phones; and PSTN phones to SIP phones.



13. IR’s Prognosis Interoperable with Cisco CallManager 3.1
Integrated Research has said that its Prognosis IP Telephony Manager 7.05.02 is interoperable with Cisco CallManager 3.1x. The technology, which supports CallManager versions back to 3.05, is designed to optimize the performance and availability of IP telephony within Cisco’s AVVID infrastructures. It can be used to manage an entire enterprise infrastructure from a single point, providing a visual representation of Cisco’s CallManager application, the underlying infrastructure, as well as associated applications. Prognosis highlights potential problems in the system and displays detailed information about core components such as the Windows OS, the Internet Information Server (IIS), the SQL Server, the DNS and Media Convergence Servers, and IP telephones. A report application provides pre-configured HTML based reporting on service levels and produces summaries by enterprise, local or individual components.

Integrated Research

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