IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Mar, 26 2004

1. UK ISPs Create Organization to Address Potential VoIP Regulators
A group of 13 UK based ISPs and telecom providers have created The Internet Telephony Service Providers Association, an organization developed to advocate unregulation of VoIP, directly addressing UK government bodies, the European commission, and any other parties that might attempt to impose regulations on VoIP.

The founding members include Call UK, ET Phones, Gossiptel, Gradwell, Idesk, Imass Telecom, Intervivo, Magrathea, Mistral Internet, Speak2World, Telapplilant, Telco Global, and T-Strategy.

Internet Telephony Service Providers Association

3. Cirpack Unveils Class 4/5 Switching Solution & IP Centrex
Cirpack has introduced SuperNode B, a Class 4/5 voice switching solution that includes the company’s High Velocity softswitch and Public Telephony gateway. The system, which supports VoIP, VoATM, and TDM, is based on IBM’s eServer BladeCenterT architecture. Operators can install additional IBM eServer blades in the shelf to run third party applications such as billing, voicemail, service applications, OSS, and databases.

SuperNode B supports several million BHCA, 264,000 subscribers and 30,000 voice channels (1,000 E1s) in an 8U shelf unit. Additional local or remote shelves can be added to scale the platform to a multi-thousand E1 node.

Novaxess Telecom Carrier B.V., a telecom service provider in the Netherlands, will be using a switch in Cirpack’s SuperNode product family to support VoIP and VoATM services.

In addition to its new voice switching solution, Cirpack has also introduced IPC, a software module that runs over the company’s switching solution to provide IP Centrex services. The technology features a full Key telephone system, line supervision and call interception, multi-line services and conferencing, hunting groups, automatic night services, customized music on hold, call logs, call restriction, and integration of remote offices and teleworkers.

Feature servers can be connected to IPC to deliver unified messaging and ACD.



5. Radvision Enhances H.323 Gatekeeper
Radvision has released version 3.5 of its ECS H.323 based gatekeeper, a communications server that enables point to point and multi-point IP voice and video and provides layering of video and voice services onto an IP network for rollout of personal and group visual communications to desktops and meeting rooms company-wide.

The new gateway release features user configurable dial plans with callsers specified by name, number, URL or email address; call control supporting up to 500 concurrent calls and 3000 registrations; a firewall proxy; and multi-tiered hierarchical support and zone management. The technology supports supplementary services such as call forward and call transfer, and ACD functionality for call routing to the first available terminal within a group of terminals.

Enhancements in this release include:

  • enhanced multi zone bandwidth control and management
  • advanced call completion and bridging for IP and ISDN network with flexible fallback policies
  • support for H.350
  • Open APIs for service creation, integration with existing databases and features such as pre-paid billing, and call control and management
  • group management
  • support for RADIUS AAA
  • multi-level user login access and provisioning

Radvision separately offers a firewall proxy module.

In other news, Radvision announced that Brasil Telecom will use its viaIP platform, in conjunction with another unnamed vendor’s gear, to deliver converged voice, web, and videoconferencing services to businesses and residential households. SupportCom was responsible for winning the contract.

Brasil Telecom is the second largest broadband service provider in Latin America, with 10.7 million lines installed and 280,000 ADSL accesses in service.


Brasil Telecom

7. Circuit City Marketing Vonage’s VoIP Service
Circuit City, a electronics retailer with more than 600 stores throughout the U.S., is marketing Vonage’s primary line residential VoIP service within its stores and on its web site. Consumers that purchase a $100 Vonage starter kit from the retailer get two months of free service and free account activation.


Circuit City

9. Octiv Introduces VoIP Development Toolkit
Octiv has introduced OctiVox, an VoIP toolkit that provides developers with technology for addressing problems associated with echo cancellation, latency, clarity and installation.

OctiVox features amplitude normalization, a technology that equalizes the amplitude between different source configurations such as microphone, user speech habits, distance to microphone, and sound card properties. It also features noise gating, an approach for reducing noise level and improving clarity. The toolkit’s spectral balancing enables speech signals to be dynamically given a more uniform spectral shape. Octiv’s solution also includes consonant and vowel enhancement, which uses advanced time/frequency models of the speech process to improve audio.

In typical systems, Octivox achieves a 50 millisecond latency, reducing the total delay experienced by the user from 550 to 100 ms.

OctiVox is available for licensing.


11. In-Stat Releases Study on Softswitch Market
In-Stat/MDR has released Softswitch Architectures Evolve As VoIP Goes Mainstream, a study that analyzes various softswitch markets, examines the session border controller market, provides market shares and segmentations for 2003, and includes five year forecasts, segmented by market, geography and application.

The firm finds:

  • the total softswitch market grew in 2003 by 42.4%
  • Most softswitch revenues were derived from North America, largely due to large purchases by MCI and Sprint
  • Nortel was the leading supplier of Class 4 and 5 softswitch controlled ports in 2003
  • 75% of softswitch license revenues came from Class 4 applications, with the remaining from Class 5 applications
  • the softswitch market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 64.6% between 2003 and 2008, resulting in revenues of $2.05 billion

The report is available for $2,995.


Report Abstract & Table of Contents

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