IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Mar, 28 1998

ACT Networks to Introduce ServiceXchange Gateway Series

ACT Networks has announced the introduction of a hierarchy of ServiceXchange
(SX) Internet telephony gateways. The SX series gateways are comprised of the
SX-10, SX-120, and SX-600. They are designed for high-density packet
telephony, fax and data applications over IP and frame relay WANs as well
as the PSTN. All of the SX series use the same software and are H.323 compliant
for IP or RFC-1490 for frame relay as gateways or gatekeepers.

The SX-10 is the entry level product of the SX series. It has four V.35/V.11
serial ports, one 10/100 Ethernet port, and four RJ48 line interfaces. It can
support up to 4 T1/E1 configuration, or 96/120 simultaneous calls. The SX-10
is expected to be deployed as a tabletop, or at service provider POPs in
a rack mounted configuration.

The SX-120 houses 14 expansion modules and high density cards that can
be installed in various configurations to support up to 96 T1/E1 channels
or 2,304/2,880 lines. This unit is designed to be NEBS-compliant and
it is equipped with redundant uplink and management cards and
four port 10/100 Ethernet cards. It will support the speeds of DS-3
or OC-3 uplink modules.

The SX-600, the highest density model of the SX series, is designed to
be compatible with the SX-120 expansion modules. It will support up to
480 T1/E1 lines for a total of 11,500/14,400 simultaneous calls. The 600
is designed to be deployed in large telco environments to provide multimedia
applications and voice and fax services.

ACT Networks develops, manufactures, markets and sells fast packet WAN access
solutions that support voice, data, and integrated network applications over
terrestrial and wireless media.

ACT Networks


Cisco to Introduce IP Telephony Products

Cisco has announced that it will be introducing multiservice gateway products
during the third phase of its five phase data/voice/video integration strategy.
The IP telephony products to be introduced in the third phase include the 2600
series of modular access routers and the Voice Manager software.

The 2600 series will provide data and voice integration, dial concentration and
VPN access to remote branch offices. It will support Cisco’s voice/fax modules
and it features a reduced instruction set computing (RISC) architecture that
enables differentiated QoS, security, and the integration of Systems Network
Architecture (SNA). The 2600 series’ Advanced Integration Module (AIM) slot offers
an upgrade path to hardware-assisted data compression, data encryption and other
advanced services. The system can be managed remotely using network management
applications such as CiscoWorks or CiscoView.

Cisco Voice Manager is a Java-based application that can work with the 2600 series to
monitor and manage end-to-end voice-enabled multiservice networks. It will configure
voice and fax interfaces and administer dial plans. The Voice Manager provides call
detail records, call volume reports, active call reports, and measures QoS parameters
such as delay, packet loss and type of service. The Cisco Voice Manager will also
support the voice-enabled Cisco 3600 series.



Delta Three Teams With Telenor to Develop and Market IP Telephony Service

Delta Three has finalized an agreement with Norwegian ISP Telenor Nextel. According
to the deal, the companies will co-market and develop IP telephony solutions and
products that will be aimed at Telenor’s 175,000 dial up customers and 2,000 corporate
accounts. The two companies also have plans to cooperate in the development of other
Internet telephony products and services.

Telenor’s focus is to build a national H.323 network in Norway to deploy multimedia
services. It will use Delta Three’s dedicated IP telephony network, with over 18
nodes worldwide, to broaden its network’s coverage. The companies will combine their
standardization efforts while building commercial, public IP telephony networks.

Delta Three


Telenor Nextel


OzEmail and Teltran to Offer Internet Telephony Service

OzEmail Interline, a subsidiary of OzEmail Limited, has announced its ability to
deliver Internet telephony services to more than 200 countries. The service will
use Teltran’s network as a central hub in the U.S. to route its international
Internet telephony traffic. The call traffic on Interline’s network will originate
from ITSP affiliates around the world, which currently include companies in the U.S.,
Japan, Hong Kong, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and Germany. Teltran will
terminate domestic and international calls to destinations where the Interline
network does not have a local gateway.

OzEmail Interline


Teltran International


Delta Three and ITXC to Share IP Networks

Delta Three has announced an agreement with ITXC to enable traffic from either
network to be routed over both networks. The two companies will also collaborate
on the deployment of applications both for Phone-to-Phone and PC-to-Phone users.

ITXC’s WWeXchange Service links ITSPs worldwide to each other and it also connects
all participating ITSPs to every telephone number in the world using a combination
of IP and PSTN networks. Delta Three provides IP services such as phone to phone,
calling cards, PC to phone and fax-to-fax.

Delta Three




Selsius Systems to Use AudioCodes’ Chipset

AudioCodes has announced Selsius Systems will use its
QuadVoIP chipset in the Selsius-Access gateway. The QuadVoIP will be integrated
into the gateway to support four voice channels and provide voiceband processing
functions with multi-standard voice compression technologies including PCM, ADPCM,
G.723.1 and NetCoder, AudioCodes’ proprietary speech coder. The gateway will also
offer line echo cancellation, fax and call progress detection, and DTMF

AudioCodes specializes in DSP chipsets for voice over packet networks and
speech compression.

Audio Codes


Selsius Systems


Comdial and Tandem Team with Array Telecom to Distribute IP Telephony Technology

Array Telecom has announced agreements with Comdial Corporation and Tandem Computers.
The two companies will distribute Array’s voice and fax over IP gateway product,
VOIPgate.com. Comdial is a provider of multi-location enterprise voice switching
and CTI solutions. Tandem is a provider of telecommunications computer
systems for long distance carriers. These alliances will provide communications
solutions to U.S. organizations, integrators and VARs.

Array Telecom’s VOIPgate.com features services including worldwide long distance, inbound calling, calling
cards, prepaid calling cards and carrier interoperability. The gateway will also
interoperate with other IP software phones using the H.323 standard.

Array Telecom






Inter-Tel and MicroAge Enter Distribution Agreement

Inter-Tel has entered into in an agreement with MicroAge Distribution to distribute
Inter-Tel’s Vocal’Net Internet Telephony Gateway. MicroAge Distribution will also
distribute Inter-Tel’s turnkey systems, boards and software, and the installation
and service contracts that will be administered by Inter-Tel.

MicroAge provides products and services to resellers, VARs, dealers and systems
integrators. MicroAge currently has Inter-Tel’s IP Telephony products in inventory
for distribution to domestic and select international resellers.



MicroAge Distribution


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