IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Mar, 29 2002

1. China Telecom & Connex to Deploy Nortel’s Gear
China Telecom, the country’s largest telecom provider, will deploy Nortel Networks’ IP networking solutions in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. The equipment includes Nortel’s communications servers, softswitches, voice gateways, IADs, and SIP clients. The VoIP gear will deployed over the next few months.

Connex has also said that it will deploy Nortel’s server, switch and gateway. The technology will support VoIP over Connex’s 2G wireless network in Romania.

In other news, Nortel reports striking a deal with Sprint to jointly market and develop enterprise VoIP solutions. Sprint North Supply will distribute select Nortel products to Sprint affiliates and North America customers. The two will co-develop value added offerings such as solution bundles and optical equipment.

China Telecom



Nortel Networks

3. Damovo & Synnex to Distribute Mitel’s Products
Synnex Information Technologies and Damovo will market and distribute Mitel Networks’ products. Synnex is the third largest IT distributor in the U.S. Damovo, a global distributor, will market Mitel’s 3100 and 3300 integrated communications platforms to its customers. Damovo has 18 offices across Europe, Latin America, and Australia.

Mitel Networks

Synnex Information Technologies


5. Network Telephone to Deploy Polycom’s IADs
Network Telephone, a facilities based broadband telecom provider, will use Polycom’s NetEngine IADs to support VoB services to SMEs in the Southeast U.S. The IADs feature a 10/100 BaseT Ethernet interface, routing and bridging, firewall capabilities, NAT and DHCP, and voice for 4 or 8 POTS phone or 4 ISDN BRI interfaces.

In other news, Polycom has introduced two conferencing phones designed to interoperate with Nortel Networks’ Meridian 1 PBX. The SoundStation Premier 500D and 550D have a licensed TCM interface enabling direct wall connectivity to any Meridian 1. The 500D is non-expandable. The 550D features connections for two additional microphones for extended room coverage. Pricing for the conference phones starts at $1,099.

Network Telephone


7. ABI Releases Enterprise VoIP Market Study
Allied Business Intelligence has released VoIP Gateway Market for Enterprise and SOHO Applications, a study that provides an assessment of the enterprise VoIP market and projections based on geographic region, gateway capacity, and application.

The firm finds that over 90% of enterprises use VoIP for toll-bypass and that the application will be used by about 50% of businesses by 2007. The gateway market is projected to grow from 4.3 million ports in 2001 to 47.6 million ports shipped in 2007.

Allied Business Intelligence

9. Synergy Releases VoIP Equipment Market Study
Synergy Research Group has released a VoIP equipment market study as part of its Voice over IP Program information service. The firm projects a CAGR of 48% for the VoIP market from 2002 to 2006, with sales rising to $3 billion by 2003 and $5 billion by 2004.

 Provider Infrastructure VoIP Market (INCLUDES VoB and VoATM) ------------------------------------------------------------ Vendor               Q4 2001       YE 2001   Nortel                35.9%         23.1% Sonus                 33.8%         37.1% Cisco                 10.2%         19.6% 3Com                   5.5%          4.3% Convergent             3.1%          0.7%   Provider Infrastructure VoIP Market (EXCLUDES VoB and VoATM) ------------------------------------------------------------ Vendor               Q4 2001       YE 2001   Sonus                 28.7%         25.6% 3Com                  17.9%         13.1% Cisco                 14.7%         22.5% VocalTec               4.1%          4.0% Lucent                 2.8%          3.7% Clarent                2.7%          8.9%  

Synergy Research Group

11. Convergent Names New Alliance Program Members
Convergent Networks, supplier of a switching solutions over broadband networks, has named new members to its partnership program including Adtran, BayPackets, Carrier Access, Convedia, IP Unity, and Occam Networks.

Convergent Networks

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