IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Mar, 31 2002

1. AT&T Latin America Links with Canbras
AT&T Latin America will lease capacity on the TVA/Cabras Group’s network in the Sao Paulo area to provide enterprise voice services. AT&T will have access to more than 700,000 businesses including businesses in the industrial districts of ABCD Paulista and Baixada Santista.

AT&T operates a national, pan-regional and international IP/ATM single architecture broadband network.

AT&T Latin America

Canbras Group

3. Radvision Unveils Gateway for Mobile VC
Radvision has introduced a viaIP 3G-324M gateway that will support video enabled 3G wireless phones to participate in videoconferences with IP based videoconferencing systems. The technology will also allow mobile videphones to utilize other resources on the IP network such as H.323 multipoint conferencing bridges, gatekeepers, terminals and other gateways. The gateway, a compact PCI card, has two PRI ISDN ports. In a viaIP chassis, up to four cards can be configured to 8 PRI ports carrying up to 240 simultaneous voice calls or 80 video calls, based on an E1 ISDN connection.

The 3G-324M gateway will be available in Q’2. Connectivity for SIP endpoints is planned for a future version.


5. Sumitomo to Resell Oki’s Gateways in Brazil
Sumitomo will resell Oki NT’s VoIP products in Brazil, including the company’s 4-port gateways, single port terminal adapters, and E1 30 channel gateways. Sumitomo will provide sales, training, financing, technical services and marketing.

Oki’s gateways feature an enhanced core DSP, integrated advanced jitter buffer technologies, automatic delay recovery controls, adjustable voice payload length and voice level controls, and an automatic integrated echo cancellation.

Oki Network Technologies

7. MSF Releases Two Specifications
The Multiservice Switching Forum has released two specifications including IP Trunking Gateway to Controller Profile and Bearer Independent Call Control . The ITGCP is a MEGACO/H.248 specification for a media gateway controller/trunking gateway using IP trunks. The BICC specifies a signaling path between MSF-compliant MGCs. The organization defines IAs that specify the interfaces between multiservice switching systems.

Multiservice Switching Forum

9. PingTone Marketing VoIP to SMEs in NYC
PingTone Communications is marketing its Cisco-driven flat-rate, managed VoIP service to small to mid-size businesses in the five boroughs of New York City and to Northern New Jersey. Last month, the company introduced its services in the Washington D.C. and Baltimore metro areas.

PingTone Communications

11. CCC GlobalCom to Terminate Calls from Indonesia
CCC GlobalCom, an integrated communications provider, will market Telkom’s VoIP services and terminate its calls, which will be originating in Indonesia. CCC will terminate calls via its PoP in Los Angeles.

CCC GlobalCom


13. ElephantTalk Interconnects with EADS Multicoms
ElephantTalk has signed a network interconnection agreement with EADS Mulicoms in a deal in which ElephantTalk will terminate calls for EADS in China and other areas in Asia, while EADS will terminate calls for ElephantTalk in Europe. Estimates for the EADS termination traffic are for 5-6 million minutes initially, with revenues suprpassing $1 million annually.

EADS is an international interconnect carrier that operates a managed circuit switched and packet network with PoPs in more than 60 locations. Last month, the company opened its main PoP in New York.

ElephantTalk operates switching facilities in China, Hong Kong, U.S., Taiwan, and Singapore and offers international long distance service to more than 270 destinations.


EADS Multicoms

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