IP Telephony News Wrap-up for May, 01 2002

1. NetTest Introduces SIP/MEGACO Testing
NetTest has introduced the VoIP Conformance and Performance Test Suites, a set of tools for testing SIP and MEGACO based devices. The applications include conformance, UA performance, PS performance, and RS performance for SIP, and TG conformance, RG conformance, MGC conformance, MG performance, and MGC performance for MEGACO.

The SIP testing solution includes testing support for SIP proxy servers, redirect servers, registrars and user agents such as SIP phones. Test cases include general messaging and call flow scenarios for multimedia call session setup and control over IP networks. Logging and pass/fail results are also reported.

The MEGACO testing solution allows users to generate phone calls to a media gateway controller to establish performance benchmarks. It emulates multiple media gateways and endpoints on each port. The technology performs functional testing of a media gateway controller by scripting call flow scenarios and customizing messages. The solution comprises over 500 test cases, providing analysis and testing of the device under test or system under test .


3. IMTC to Create H.323 Forum
The International Multimedia Telecommunications Consortium will create a H.323 Forum during the ITMC/Wainhouse Research Spring Forum in Geneva from May 14-16 for the purpose of accelarating applications, developing and supporting newer H.323 versions, developing interoperability with other protocols and promoting H.323-based technologies to the ITU. The forum will work towards three deliverables including network interoperability/certification requirements, a forum website providing protocol, equipment and application information, and conferences.


5. Ringgold Deploys Minerva’s IP Video over DSL
Ringgold Telephone, a local exchange provider in Georgia, will offer IP television over ADSL using Minerva Networks’ hardware and video services management software. Ringgold will deliver 130 chaennels of live television and music, VOD, PPV, web access, and TV-viewable caller-ID. The initial commercial launch of these services is scheduled for August of this year. The provider plans to have the service scaled to serve 1,000 homes by the end of 2002.

Minerva’s IP TV headend consists of MPEG 2 encoders, DVB to IP demultiplexers, and software. The technology will support live and stored asset management, package creation and parental controls.

Ringgold Telephone

Minerva Networks

7. AudioCodes Unveils VoCable Gateways
AudioCodes has introduced a family of V5.2 access gateways and VoCable media gateways along with service options for provisioning, controlling and monitoring MTA devices. The Mediant 2000, for co-location with CMTS equipment and small scale applications, is a standard 1U chassis system that supports up to 480 channels and 16 E1 PCM spans per 1U box. The Mediant 5000, designed for medium sized applications, is a standard chassis system that supports up to 1920 channels and up to 64 E1s per shelf. The Mediant 8000, for enterprise applications, is a standard 12U chassis system that supports up to 21,600 compressed and G.711 VoIP channels per 7-foot rack, 7200 channels per shelf for the media gateway application and 6240 channels per shelf for the V5.2 IPAT gateway application.


9. Cogent to Provide ePhone with U.S. Bandwidth
Cogent Communications will provide ePhone Telecom with dedicated IP transport capacity in the continental U.S. ePhone has obtained 100 Mbps or 1 Gbps of dedicated, private IP bandwidth at each of its PoP locations. A single 100 Mbps connection provides ePhone with enough bandwidth to carry over 5000 simultaneous calls.

Cogent Communications

ePhone Telecom

11. Net to Net Unveils IP Video over DSL
Net to Net Technologies has introduced an IP video over DSL solution that enables providers to deliver broadcast video and VOD. The technology consists of a 24-port ADSL module and Multiplexer Uplink Module with gigabit Ethernet support for the company’s IPD12000 and IPD4000 IP DSLAMs as well as IGMP Snooping capability for control of the distribution multicast streams throughout the DSL network. The solution works in conjunction with IP video headends and set-tops.

Net to Net’s technology does not require ATM.

Net to Net Technologies

13. Yankee Group Releases Cable Telephony Study
The Yankee Group has released Cable Telephony: Still Far from Threatening the ILECs?, a study providing analysis of key demand and supply side drivers and restraints, the market outlook, and cable operators’ strategies and cost structures for deploying telephony. The report includes coverage of many MSOs such as AT&T, Cox, Time Warner, Charter, Cablevision and Comcast.

Yankee Group

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