IP Telephony News Wrap-up for May, 01 2003

1. Artisoft Inks Co-Development Deals with Uniden & AudioCodes
Artisoft has teamed with Uniden Business Network Systems to develop an enhanced IP PBX solution based on a combination of Artisoftís TeleVantage 5.0 software and Unidenís UIP300 series H.323 compliant phones. The solution, which is designed to enable users to seamlessly interact with other IP based corporate TeleVantage phone systems, provides businesses with an IP PBX solution that can support both traditional circuit-based and VoIP switching on the same system. The technology enable users to incrementally add Uniden IP telephones, and route long distance calls between disparate corporate sites to reduce communications costs.

Artisoft is also working with AudioCodes to develop a joint VoIP solution that would include AudioCodes’ MediaPack Media Gateway system, which will enable users to provide and manage voice communications across multiple sites. The gateway system will allow branch/remote offices to connect with a corporationís TeleVantage phone system to access telephony features such as simple extension dialing, caller ID, intelligent call management, call center, ACD, IP telephony, messaging, and graphical desktop call control.

The 2, 4, 8 or 24 port MediaPack Analog Media Gateway product line connects analog terminals, PBXs or key systems to the IP network via FXO or FXS connectivity. The products provide support for SIP, H.323, MGCP and MEGACO, and T.38 fax.


Uniden Business Network Systems


3. i2 Telecom Deploys dynamicsoftís VoIP Platform
i2 Telecom International, a VoIP provider, is deploying dynamicsoftís SIP based route engine platform to support for long distance VoIP services. The routing functionality of the technology includes telephone gateway routing and traffic load balancing, as well as performing registration services, location services and the execution of enhanced multimedia services.

i2 expects to launch the voice services this month.


i2 Telecom International

5. Legerityís Voice IC Integrated Into Arrisí VoIP Cable Modem
Arris is using Legerity’s VoiceChip 790 Series to create a telephone interface for its Touchstone model 202 VoIP cable modem.



7. Kagoor Networks Introduces Network Aggregation System
Kagoor Networks has introduced VoiceFlow Network Aggregation, a VoIP border control application for carrier VPN deployments. The technology, which is designed to reside in a provider’s network to eliminate the need for CPE, enables providers to use network-based VPNs and VLANs to aggregate and deliver VoIP network services. It offers security, NAT, admission control and QoS features in conjunction with VPN network deployments. The system supports VPNs in MPLS, VLANs, and IPSec.

The solution is currently available with Kagoor’s VoiceFlow 3000 series, a product line supporting a variety of VoIP border control applications.

Kagoor Networks

9. VocalTec & AudioCodes Develop Integrated Next Gen Solution
VocalTec Communications has teamed with AudioCodes to develop an integrated end-to-end VoIP network solution. The system is based on VocalTecís Essentra SIP-based softswitch architecture combined with AudioCodesí Mediant line of media gateways.

The Essentra platform supports PSTN traffic as well as SIP and based services. Other protocols supported include MGCP, Megaco/H.248, SIP-T, SS7, PRI, IUA and SIGTRAN.

AudioCodes’ media gateways support port densities from 1 to 240 E1/T1 spans. PSTN signaling and VoIP technologies supported include V5.2, CAS, PRI and R2, SS7, Sigtran, MGCP, Megaco, SIP, H.323 and TGCP.

VocalTec Communications


11. Kane to Offer Spiritís ICELP Vocoder For Licensing
Kane Computing is licensing Spiritís Improved Code- Excited Linear Prediction (ICELP) vocoder for speech compression at 8000 bps. The vocoder is a proprietary algorithm based on the CELP model. It is optimized to improve speech quality at low computational complexity, and designed for a variety of storage capacity and/or bandwidth sensitive applications such as multimedia devices for video, wireless and/or secure telephony, and videoconferencing products. The technology features high speech quality (a MOS of about 4.0), automatic built-in frame synchronization and comfort noise generation (CNG). It directly interfaces with PCM 8 KHz sampled data. The code is re-entrant, providing support for multithreading and dynamic memory allocation. It has an application interface, which can be used to port to any DSP or RISC platform.

The product is currently available in the form of object codes for TI’s TMS320C54x, C55x or as a DLL for MS Windows.


Kane Computing

13. Loral Skynet Launches IP Networking Services
Loral Skynet has launched SkyReach, a bundle of one and two way IP-based telecom services running over the company’s satellite system, consisting of a VSAT network, teleport, fiber, and NOCs. The services include private networks, Frame-relay/MPLS backup and remote connectivity, managed data services, thin client/ASP edge caching (at the terminal), Internet/intranet access, bandwidth on demand, and broadband connectivity.

Services that are not offered, but could be supported include video POS, SCADA, large-file transfer, videoconferencing and two-way interactive services, broadcast and multicast services, audio and video distribution, and VoIP.

Loral Skynet

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