IP Telephony News Wrap-up for May, 03 2005

1. Cisco Introduces Wave of New Products; Acquires Sipura
Cisco Systems has introduced a wave of new products including routers, shared port adapters , SPA interface processors, and a call session control platform.

The vendor has unveiled the XR 12000 series of routers, designed around the company’s new IOS XR operating system. The routers will be available in June, starting at $45,500. Upgrade options for the routers will start at $12,500. BellSouth is currently evaluating the technology.

Cisco has also introduced the 7604, a router that offers up to nX 10 Gigabit Ethernet performance in a 5 RU high chassis. The software has been updated to include IOS enhancements such as hierarchical QoS and advanced traffic engineering. The router is currently available in the base configuration for $34,000.

In addition to the new routers, Cisco has introduced the Interface Flexibility design, a collection of SPAs and SPA interface processors. The two operate on multiple platforms including the 7304, 7600, 10000, 12000, and XR12000 routers, as well as the CRS-1. The SPA solutions start at $2,500.

Cisco also announced the upcoming availability of a SIP based call session control platform for delivering multimedia applications and services over IP networks. Huge new customer wins for the company include Sprint and Comcast.

In other news, Cisco has said that it has agreed to buy privately held Sipura for $68 million in cash and options. The company is a key technology provider for Linksys’ ATAs and routers with phone ports. The acquisition is expected to be complete in July.

Cisco Systems

3. Omron Establishes Global IP VPN Using AT&T and NEC
Omron has implemented AT&T’s IP VPN solution within a global network that is connecting nearly 200 locations including 81 locations in Japan, 53 locations in 19 European countries, 15 locations in Asia other than Japan, and at least one location in the U.S.

For the project, AT&T was responsible for project management, network design, equipment/line selection, and test and operational support. NEC served as the systems integrator, installing Univerge SV7000 servers and VoIP gateways at all locations.

The deployment began in November of last year. In Japan alone, Omron switched to 10,000 IP phones over a 2-day period.




5. Blue Ridge to Offer VoCable in Eastern Pennsylvania
Blue Ridge Communications has deployed General Bandwidth’s G6 Universal media gateway platform to deliver PacketCable based VoIP services over its cable network in eastern Pennsylvania. Services are scheduled to be launched by mid-summer.

The media gateway platform provides support for all access, reverse, and trunking media gateway applications. The device can scale to support more than 64,000 subscribers on a single chassis.

Blue Ridge Communications

General Bandwidth

7. Saudi Telecom Deploys Narus’ VoIP Detection Application
In an effort to stop unregulated VoIP communications within Saudi Arabia, Saudi Telecom has deployed Narus’ VoIP detection application, which will capture and analyze traffic in real-time on the service provider’s network, and block traffic destined for unregistered international VoIP gateways.


Saudi Telecom

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