IP Telephony News Wrap-up for May, 04 1998

Netrue Transmits VoIP Using Two Different Vendor’s Gateway Platforms

On the heels of introducing two voice gateways based on different vendor
platforms, Netrue has announced VoIP connectivity and compatibility between
the two gateways. A H.323 based call has been completed between China and
the US utilizing the NeTrueCom gateway, based on Dialogic’s DM3 platform,
and the NeTruePhone gateway, based on Natural MicroSystems’ Fusion platform.

Both H.323 based gateway platforms have been integrated with NeTrue’s IP
Telephony Network Management (ITNM) and gatekeeper technology to provide
gateways with total network control and gatekeeper capabilities. NeTrue’s
ITNM technology will monitor an entire network including PSTN ports, IP
ports, gateways, and IP links. It will also conduct traffic control
functions while managing the routing of traffic over the network. NeTrue’s
gatekeeper will enable IP address resolution, billing, authentication,
administration, and SS7 support.

All of the NeTrue gateways will have access to NeTrue’s global Internet telephony
network, with 50 nodes in 22 countries.



IDT Introduces E-Commerce Solution

IDT has announced the release of Click2Talk, a plug-in application that
enables web surfers to connect with a corporations sales representative on
a telephone. Consumers will initiate the communications with a sales rep by
clicking an icon on a corporations website. The web surfer can use the
existing Internet connection to simultaneously visit a website and carry on
a voice conversation with a sales/customer service department. IDT will
also allow users to bill products directly to their Net2Phone card.

Click2Talk works in conjunction with IDT’s PC to phone service, Net2Phone.
It does not require the purchase or installation of any hardware or
infrastructure. It only requires consumers to have the Net2Phone software
installed on a multimedia computer and corporations to add the Click2Talk
icon to its website.

IDT will offer the Click2Talk service free of charge to both the calling
party and the recipients.

Those interested in placing Click2Talk icon on their web site can receive
more information by visiting http://www.net2phone.com/click2talk or by
calling 888-872-1230.



C-Phone’s Videophone to Connect Via DSL, Cable Modems, and IP Telephony

C-Phone Corporation has announced that it is planning to develop software
for its C-Phone DS-324 TV set-top videophone that will extend its
compatibility and allow connectivity with the latest technologies and WAN
connection services.

The company will add a suite of software drivers to the set-top application
to support H.320 and H.323 protocols, as well as MPEG-2 playback and
several other Internet voice and videoconferencing telephony protocols. The
software drivers will be able to support a variety of connection services
and hardware terminal equipment using both synchronous and asynchronous
connections. It will provide support for multiple ISDN lines, T-1 and E-1
leased lines, frame relay, satellite phone systems, xDSL, and cable modem

The C-Phone DS-324 currently uses circuit switches and analog or ISDN phone
lines. It is ready to accept new software to enable it to support packet
switched networks such as the Internet and intranets. It will use existing
and new services such as the DSL, wireless and cable modems as they widely
become available. The phone is capable of supporting video conferences on
analog phone lines and BRI services throughout the world at speeds of up to
128,000 bits per second.

The C-Phone DS-324 products are currently shipping. The products will be
upgradeable by software downloads. They are available for use in North
America, Europe, and the Far East.

C-Phone Corporation is a systems designer and manufacturer. It provides
scaleable TV and PC-based video communications products.

C-Phone Corporation


Net Communications to Deploy Motorola Internet Telephony Technology

Net Communications, a private NextGen Telco, has announced that Motorola
Internet Products Operation (IPO) will be the primary turnkey provider of
turn-key Internet telephony equipment for its Global Multi Media Network. Net
Communications will deploy Motorola’s VIPR family of IP telephony gateways
on its current network for interconnectivity with existing telephone
networks. Net Communications will also use Motorola equipment for its
planned network expansion to 15 countries over the next 12 months.
Motorola will also provide the software to support an array of value-added
services such as pre-paid calling cards and fax. In addition, Motorola
will install, support and maintain the equipment as well as manage the
entire network. The contract’s financial terms were not disclosed.

Motorola’s VIPR line is part of its Vanguard and MPRouter family of network
access devices. The devices provide a multi-service platform to support IP
telephony, frame relay, ISDN, LAN routing, legacy, and data protocols. The
VIPR products are DSP-based and offer built-in echo cancellation, silence
suppression, SNMP management. The products are scaleable from a single
analog connection to multiple T-1, E-1 and PRI digital connections.

Net Communications is a NextGen Telco providing integrated voice, fax and
data services over a private IP network. It has POPs in the United States,
Europe, South America, Africa and China.

In a separate announcement, Motorola’s Information Systems Group, Network
Systems Division has included support for H.323 and G.723 packetized voice
applications for IP and frame relay networks in its series of Vanguard
multiservice access router platforms.

Net Communications


Motorola Internet Products Operation


Motorola Information Systems Group


Teltran to Offer Global Internet Telephony

Teltran International has successfully completed its trial as the central
US Refile Hub for OzEmail Interline’s Internet telephony service and is now
planning to explore additional Internet opportunities. It plans to form
alliances to offer VoIP services to more locations.

Teltran began serving as the U.S. hub for Interline’s Internet telephony
traffic in March. It terminates domestic and international calls to
destinations where the Interline network did not have a local gateway.
Telephone calls into the Teltran hub have originated from Interline’s
affiliates around the world including companies in the U.S., Japan, Hong
Kong, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and Germany.

The Teltran network is equipped with Summa Four, Lucent and DMS switches to
connect to international and domestic carriers. The Teltran network
supports all signaling types, including SS7, to reduce call set-up time.
Teltran is licensed by the FCC as a global facilities based carrier. It
offers a full range of telecommunications services, including domestic and
international long distance, fax broadcasting, calling card programs,
international call back and satellite connectivity.

Teltran International


OzEmail Interline


Digitcom Teams with Netro to Offer IP Telephony in Australia

Digitcom has announced that it is expanding its IP telephony services to
Australia. It is planning to locate a POP in Sydney so it can use Netro’s
data and telecommunications hub, in Sydney, to route the IP telephony
calls. From the Sydney hub, Netro gains connectivity with the
international Internet network via the backbones of both UUNet and CWIX.

The Digitcom Internet voice service is using its own IntraVoice gateways
and compression technologies for the service. The company is working with
regional and national telcos, ISPs, and PSTN resellers in Europe and the
Pacific Rim to establish international long distance networks.







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