IP Telephony News Wrap-up for May, 06 1999

iNow! – Continuing to Gain Vendor Support

Over the last few months, iNow! has been gaining significant vendor
support. Netrue, Motorola and 3Com have joined the movement, and will
integrate support for the profile into their respective VoIP platforms. The
profile, developed by Lucent, VocalTec and ITXC, is based on H.323v2
protocols and the H.225.0 Annex G to enable gateways and gatekeepers from
different vendors to interoperate. It was published and submitted to both
the ITU and IETF for discussion last February.

iNow! participants includes 3Com, Alcatel, Analogic, Ascend, AudioCodes,
Cisco, Clarent, Dialogic, ECI Telecom, Ericsson, ITXC, Linkon, Lucent,
OzEmail Interline, Mier Communications, Motorola, Natural MicroSystems,
Netrix, Netrue, NetSpeak, QuesCom, Siemens, Tundo and VocalTec.

Motorola has also joined Pulver’s VON (Voice on the Net) Coalition. The
group, which has recently merged with the Spread the Net Coalition, is
focused on educating regulators, legislators, the media and consumers about
Internet telephony technologies. The organization features an active
membership and a board of directors to recommend action on the regulation
and legislation that effect Internet telephony public policy.

The VON Coalition is comprised of 3COM, Brooktrout, Cisco, Clarent,
Dialogic, Delta Three, Dynamicsoft, e-spire, GTE Internetworking, Intel,
IDT, ITXC, Level 3, Lucent, Microsoft, Motorola, Natural Microsystems,
Net2Phone, NeTrue, Netspeak, Polycom, PakNetX, Poptel, Portal Software,
pulver.com, SALIX Technologies, Solect Technology Group, TeleDanmark R&D,
USA Global Link, VocalTec, Vienna Systems and VIP Calling.


VON Coalition


Stardust’s iBand Event to Focus on QoS Technologies

Stardust has announced that it is hosting the iBand2 Conference at the San
Francisco Airport Marriott on May 23-25, 1999. The event will focus on the
latest findings of the QoS Forum, which include solutions for traffic
prioritization, VoIP, service level agreements, VPNs, call centers and
streaming media. The show will feature a virtual network that will utilize
QoS and interoperability technologies such as DIFFSERV, RSVP, 802.1p, COPS,
SNMP, and LDAP to support applications including IP Telephony/conferencing,
mission critical ERP, and streaming video. The network will be able to
evaluate the service levels that a QoS-enabled network can guarantee in a
saturated network environment.

The QoS Forum is an international forum attempting to facilitate the
adoption of standards-based QoS technologies. Participating members include
3Com, Cisco, Extreme Networks, IBM, Intel, IPHighway, IPivot, Lucent,
Microsoft, Netcom, Nortel Networks, Novell, Orchestream, Qosnetics, and Xedia.

iBand attendees will give up $1,195.

Quality of Service Forum

The iBand2 Conference


Glocalnet to Discontinue Greek VoIP Service

Glocalnet has announced that it has suspended IP telephony services in
Greece because its provider failed to meet its affiliate requirements.
Netnet Greece, which recently changed its name to Glocalnet Greece, was
reportedly offering Glocalnet services to 200 corporate customers in the

Glocalnet has Internet telephony POPs in Belgium, France, Germany, Great
Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland. The provider
interconnected its IP telephony network with VIP Calling’s IP telephony
network, and recently announced that ISPs in Turkey, Spain and Greece would
begin offering its services. Over the last year, the company has negotiated
service-provisioning deals with Avesta Energi, Stockholm Energi, Stockholm
Telecom and T‰by Energi to offer its services in Sweden. Early last year,
the company joined a network interconnectivity alliance with Inter-Tel
(U.S. coverage), NTT International (coverage in Japan and other parts of
Asia) and Telba TelecomunicaÁıes (coverage in Brazil and Argentina, with
expansion plans for all of South America).


GTC to Route VoIP Traffic over Williams’ U.S. Network

GTC Telecom has announced that it will route its Internet telephony traffic
over Williams Communications’ U.S. domestic fiber network. According to the
terms of the five-year deal, Williams will design, install, maintain,
manage and monitor (on a 24×7 basis) the IP telephony network. The deal has
an estimated value of over $100 million.

Williams’ fiber network is based on OC-192 transport systems and DWDM to
provide up to 160 Gbps in 16 waves. The company currently has over 17,000
route miles operational, with plans to deploy at least an additional 15,000
route miles to fully interconnect 125 U.S. markets. Williams has indicated
that it will use Ascend’s data communications and internetworking equipment
for the GTC VoIP network.

GTC is currently offering its phone to phone Internet telephony service in
26 states (Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho,
Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri,
Montana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon,
Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, Washington DC, Wisconsin
and Wyoming). The provider offers three monthly flat rate, domestic U.S.
calling plans for the service: 500 minutes for $29.95 (6 CPM), 1100 minutes
for $59.95 (5.5 CPM), and 2000 minutes for $99.95 (5 CPM). By the minute
calling plans are also offered, including 5.9 CPM for subscribers that
utilize credit cards to pay, and 6.9 CPM for users that want a hard copy of
the bill.

In a related announcement, GTC Telecom has entered into a financing
arrangement with undisclosed investors for $26 million in equipment


Williams Communications

IPVoice Offer Unlimited, Flat-Rate VoIP Service

IPVoice.com has announced that it will offer a flat rate Internet telephony
service that will enable users to place an unlimited amount of calls in and
between 26 POPs in the U.S. and 4 in Canada for $25 a month.
The service will be introduced by the end of the year.

IPVoice offers global IP telephony services via a network of its
TrueConnect gateways deployed in Los Angeles, New York, Panama, Nicaragua,
the Honduras, Hong Kong and Spain. The company has acquired Independent
Network Services (INS), a company that will provide it with both long
distance telephony certifications in 45 U.S. states and the carrier
identification number 10-10-460. The certifications combined with 10-10-460
will allow IPVoice.com to expand its offerings to include long distance
dial around and traditional long distance services, both of which can be
re-routed across its existing Internet telephony network.

In addition, the company offers a partnership program that enables other
carriers to deploy its gateway, the TrueConnect, to route traffic over the
existing network of POPs. It will use its own proprietary technology to
provide billing and settlement services for all carriers.

The TrueConnect VoIP gateway utilizes Natural MicroSystems’ Fusion
technology to provide up to 96-ports per gateway with T1, E1, ISDN, PBX,
and analog connectivity. The product, which supports H.323 protocols
including G.723, features order entry, billing, reporting, and customer
service applications. Its data-management capabilities include debit card
support, invoicing functions, credit card authorization (single or
batches), customer A/R module, a suite of management reporting, PIN
generation, DNIS/DID/IP configuration modules, and multi-lingual support.

In a related announcement, the provider has partnered with netgenie.com, a
U.S. domestic ISP, to market the unlimited, flat rate Internet telephony



Independent Network Services

Clariti to Acquire ITSP, MegaHertz-NKO

Clariti Telecommunications has announced it is planning to acquire
MegaHertz-NKO, an ITSP. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. MegaHertz-NKO
recently inked a deal with ECI Telecom, in which it would deploy ECI’s
ITX-180 IP telephony gateways to offer a global Internet telephony service.
The company plans to initially deploy gateways in select U.S. markets.
Full U.S. coverage and international services are scheduled for the future.

The ITX-180 gateway provides support for up to 180 simultaneous voice, fax
and voice-band data calls. It ships with integrated gatekeeper
capabilities, a GUI-based management system, and back office and customer
care applications.

Clariti Telecommunications

MegaHertz-NKO Communications

ECI Telecom

VegaStream Introduces Set of VoIP Gateways in U.S. and Asia

VegaStream said that its IP telephony gateways, the Vega 50 and the Vega
100, are available in both the U.S. and Asia. The gateways utilize Telogy
Networks’ embeddable Golden Gateway VoIP software to support H.323v2
protocols including G.711, G.729a and G.723.1. The 50 model, which is
designed for users interconnecting multiple LANs, will interface with
traditional PBXs to enable up to eight simultaneous voice calls to be
routed over existing data networks. The 100 model, which also utilizes
existing facilities, provides support for up to 120 simultaneous calls and
interfaces with ISDN BRI, ISDN PRI, E1 or T1 lines.

Pricing begins for both gateways at US$250 per port.


Komodo to Develop VoIP Technology for ESS’s Products

Komodo Technology has announced that it is developing IP telephony
technology based on ESS Technology’s chipsets. ESS plans to integrate the
technology into its line of Internet set-top boxes and VICs (Video Internet

ESS Technology

Belle Systems & Cisco Expand Marketing/Integration Agreement

Belle Systems has announced that it has expanded a commercial and
development agreement with Cisco to include marketing and integration
activities throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa. According to the
terms of the expanded agreement, Belle Systems will work with Cisco’s
global development teams to ensure that its IMS (Internet Management
System) platform is fully integrated into Cisco’s technologies as they are
deployed for customers. In addition, the two companies are planning to
extend the joint sales and marketing program into the Asia Pacific region.

The IMS application is based on the Oracle8 platform and UNIX hardware
systems. It consists of a master database, an application server and RADIUS
server(s) which enable providers to manage all aspects of IP services
including provisioning, deployment, verification and authentication,
mediation, rating and billing. The solution can support thousands of
simultaneous users for service offerings such as VPNs and IP telephony. It
supports a variety of accounting methods including time, block, manual and
volume pricing plans, with built in adjustable cut off thresholds and
status alerts. Administators and users can also utilize a browser to view
online account information such as invoices, account details, traffic
usage, service patterns and account status.

In a separate announcement, Belle Systems A/S announced that it has secured
$8 million in financing from Singapore-based Vertex Management, Index
Ventures of Switzerland and Cisco. The company will use the financing for
additional R&D and to expand its marketing and sales activities throughout
the world.

Belle Systems


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