IP Telephony News Wrap-up for May, 06 2004

1. Ixia Enhances Application Performance Test Software
Ixia has released IxChariot Runtime, an application performance testing solution designed for field validation of newly installed IP services by a service provider’s field service team.

The software emulates data flows from thousands of computers involving hundreds of protocols, and through the use of its analysis tools, provides performance characteristics of any application running over wired or wireless networks. The technology executes test scripts generated by IxChariot on multiple protocols and provides detailed reports on the results. The solution implements a customized test editing capability that guarantees the compilation of consistent results.

IxChariot Runtime can test VoIP, QoS, multicast, IPv6, and other services. The software runs on a Windows- based laptop and scales to either two or ten pairs. The test gear is available for licensing in bundles of 5, 10 and 20 licenses.


3. CentricVoice to Use Level 3 to Offer Nationwide SMB Services
CentricVoice, a Dallas-based provider of hosted PBX and web conferencing services, will resell Level 3’s IP based voice and data services to small to mid-sized businesses throughout the U.S. The service will include flat rate local, long distance, and data services, as well as an optional colocation service.

CentricVoice will be responsible for sales, marketing, order placement, customer installation, CPE sales, and first tier customer care and billing.

CentricVoice deploys Cisco’s CPE.


Level 3

5. Internet Gold to Test VoIP in Israel
Israel’s Ministry of Communications has granted permission to Internet Gold, an ISP, to begin testing VoIP services within the country. The ISP will be able to test the service among 100 subscribers. Traditional telco connectivity must also be provided in correlation with the VoIP service, as Internet Gold will not be able to limit the service to only broadband connected subs.

As reported last month, Netvision has also been granted permission to begin VoIP testing, under the same restrictions.

Cable companies have already been testing VoIP to residential consumers and businesses. The cable companies, offering the service under the brand name HOT Telecom, are limited to 200 residential subs and 200 business subs.

Internet Gold

Israel Ministry of Communications

7. Zultys Unveils SIP Gateway for Small Branch Offices
Zultys has introduced the MX25, a modular SIP gateway designed to extend the IP PBX functionality of the company’s MX250 to branch offices with 25 or fewer users. The gateway provides a bypass to the PSTN, either via the MX25 or MX250.

The gateway is $1300 for the base chassis with an Ethernet port. Interfaces are $800 for 8 analog circuits, $1200 for 4 ISDN S/T circuits, and $1200 for a T1 or E1 interface.

Zultys Technologies

9. MCI to Use Aventail’s Tech to Enable Remote Access to VPNs
MCI has integrated Aventail’s SSL VPN technology into its managed VPN solution to enable users to remotely connect to a VPN from any computing device, anywhere, without the need of a separate software client. Access is provided by a Java applet.

With the technology, administrators can designate and control access at the application layer and gain support to a set of individual access requirements and authentication methods.



11. Qwest Will Not Charge Access Fees for Terminating VoIP
Qwest, a RBOC, has announced that it will not charge access fees for terminating VoIP calls over its network. The waived fee does not apply to calls initiated on the PSTN, regardless of whether it travels on an IP network or not.

Qwest has also said it will offer VoIP service providers local services such as ISDN PRI circuits, allowing providers to serve multiple channels within a single broadband connection.


13. Time Warner to Use Fiducianet for CALEA
Time Warner Cable will use Fiducianet’s technology for a CALEA solution for its VoCable services. Fiducianet will also process subpoenas and court orders for record production, in connection with its VoIP service.

In addition to providing CALEA support, Fiducianet also offers fraud management, intrusion detection, network security, and intellectual property management.

Time Warner Cable


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