IP Telephony News Wrap-up for May, 07 1998

Ericsson Provides Equipment for Delta Three’s Internet Telephony Service

Ericsson has announced that it will provide Delta Three with its IP
Telephony solution for Carriers (IPTC), an end to end Internet telephony
solution. The IPTC solution is comprised of gateways, gatekeepers, and a
billing solution that enables the implementation of commercial Internet
telephony services. The IPTC is currently installed and operational in the
Delta Three’s global network for international calls between Israel, the UK
and the US. The companies plan to install the solution at Delta Three’s
remaining 19 POPs as well as any future POPs.

The IPTC is a solution that supports phone-to-phone, fax-to-fax, and
PC-to-phone services. IPTC consists of five basic components including the
Voice Gateway, the Gatekeeper, the Access Broker, the Accounting Server,
and the PC Client. The solution provides gatekeeper functionality for both
the local or POP area and the total network. Local gatekeepers
(Sitekeepers) will control traffic to and from local gateways, and store
all call handling information. Sitekeepers will also connect with a network
gatekeeper (Netkeeper), which acts as the single point of control for the
operation and maintenance of the network. The Netkeeper is not involved in
the processing of calls but rather in the storing of the platform topology
information, network routing configurations and alarm information. The
Access Broker module of the solution maintains a list of users that are
allowed into the system. It also interfaces with an external billing system
to maintain current information on authenticated users. Billing of
services is facilitated by the Accounting Server module, which also stores
call detail records from the sitekeepers. Last, the PC client software
enables end users to send and receive voice and fax messages from the
TCP/IP network.

The IPTC solution features LCR, dynamic route allocation, multiple IP
network support, and the ability to handle validated and unvalidated
traffic. Its real-time billing capability is provided with fraud
prevention. IPTC software runs on Pentium based, rack mounted PCs from
Dialogic with Windows NT OS.

Delta Three’s parent company, RSL Communications, owns and operates a
traditional circuit switched telephone network with termination services to
over 250 countries. It routes IP telephony traffic to locations where the
Delta Three global Internet telephony network does not yet reach.



Delta Three




Cisco Unveils VoIP Gatekeeper, Voice/Fax Card and Billing Solutions

Cisco Systems has announced carrier class VoIP infrastructure with the
introduction of VoIP management software with gatekeeper functionality, a
voice/fax feature card, and VoIP billing and settlement solutions.

Cisco’s Multimedia Conference Manager software set with H.323 Gatekeeper
software enables the deployment of scaleable VoIP services based upon H.323
protocols. It is implemented with Cisco’s IOS software. The manager
software provides user authentication, address resolution, bandwidth and
zone management services, and generates call detail records for accounting.
The software set also incorporates a proxy subsystem to consolidate H.323
traffic. This enables network administrators to provide QoS services,
limit bandwidth and implement policy on traffic.

The voice/fax feature card extends a platform’s functionality to include
voice/fax services. It provides H.323 protocols including G.711 for
high-bit rate applications and G.729 for WAN applications. Service
providers can use the card with Cisco’s AS5300 universal access server to
offer local loop bypass, managed services, international toll arbitrage and
fax relay. It enables voice port densities starting at 60 ports. Higher
density requirements can be implemented by using the card with Cisco’s
AccessPath integrated access system. It can scale up to 1260 voice ports.

In a separate announcement, Cisco has formed relationships with Belle
Systems and Portal Software, to provide VoIP billing and settlement

Belle Systems will provide comprehensive billing support for Cisco’s VoIP
enabled routers. This functionality is implemented as an additional feature
set in Belle System’s software platform, the Internet Management System. It
will support both dial customers, via TACACS+ or RADIUS, as well as
leased-line customers using Cisco’s NetFlow. Belle Systems’ Internet
Management System enables offerings such as VPNs, class of service and
volume/distance-based billing.

Portal and Cisco are teaming to offer scaleable customer management and
billing software for VoIP systems. Portal’s Intranet software will interact
with Cisco’s VoIP billing interfaces in real time. The combined
Portal/Cisco solution will feature reduced fraud and bad debt through
real-time verification of account and service status, the capability to
bundle VoIP with other IP services and the ability to create pricing plans
tied to QoS metrics.



Portal Software


Belle Systems


e-Net Partners with IDT to Enable Internet Telephony Via Telephone

e-Net has announced that it has entered into an agreement with IDT, in
which e-Net will bundle the IDT Net2Phone Internet telephony software with
its NetConnect Internet telephony board. According to the terms of the
agreement, IDT’s Net2Phone software will be distributed to NetConnect
users, and e-Net will receive royalties on usage charges generated by users
of the bundled product.

NetConnect is a full-duplex audio card designed to transmit and receive
voice over the Internet using an ordinary telephone. The combination of
e-Net and IDT’s Net2Phone will enable users to plug an ordinary analog
telephone directly into a personal computer and use the Internet for
telephone calls. The product will enable users to call any other Internet
telephone user. It will also enable users to call people who do not have
Internet access via IDT’s Net2Phone service.

NetConncet users will need to have a Pentium based PC (133 MHz or higher)
running Windows 95, a standard analog phone, a modem or other Internet
connection (28.8 kb or higher), and a CD-ROM drive. The PC must have an
available ISA slot for the card.







Netcom is Offering ICG’s Internet Telephony

Netcom, a subsidiary of ICG Communications, has announced that it is
offering ICG’s long distance Internet telephony service to its customers.
The service is available to Netcom’s business and dial-up customers at 8.9
cents per minute. Initially it will only be available in certain markets,
but Netcom plans to expand the service to provide nationwide connectivity
by Fall.

Netcom customers can sign-up for the service at
http://www.netcom.com/special/longdistance.html or call 1-888-424-4440.

Netcom On-Line Communication Services is a global ISP. It provides
technology based solutions, flexible access, web hosting and connectivity
services that are targeted at the personal, small and mid-size business

Netcom On-Line Communication Services


ICG Communications


Willow Pond to Distribute .comfax Internet Fax Software/Service

Willow Pond has announced that it will distribute .comfax’s Internet fax
software with WillowMedia, its multi-media software product. According to
the terms of the agreement, Willow Pond will market the integrated software
package to end users and OEM customers.

The .comfax software enables users to compose a document in any application
and send it as a facsimile. The software translates text and graphics into
a format that the recipient’s fax machine can interpret and print. The
service and software feature accessibility from the desktop, transmission
security, usage tracking, and global connectivity. The service also
protects communications by applying advanced RSA encryption technology.

WillowMEDIA is an audio, video, and telephony software suite for Windows
based PCs. It is designed to support audio and video as well as Internet
telephony and other Internet functions.

.comfax provides facsimile services over the Internet to small and mid
sized businesses. The company offers its Internet fax software at no
charge and operates a global network of fax servers 24×7. Willow Pond
Corporation is a provider of multi-media software to the OEM PC.



Willow Pond Corporation


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