IP Telephony News Wrap-up for May, 09 2000

Symbol Installs VoIP Wireless Network for BJ’s Wholesale
Symbol Technologies reported that it has completed the initial phase of installing its wireless VoIP technology at BJ’s Wholesale Club locations. The installation included upgrading BJ’s existing wireless LAN to Symbol’s 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.11 compliant wireless LAN backbone solution, Spectrum24, and VoIP enabled NetVision Phone systems.

The H.323 compliant NetVision Phones are capable of simultaneously supporting both voice and data over a single wireless backbone or LAN. It can be integrated with an existing phone system such as a PBX, via a gateway, to enable incoming calls to be routed directly to a NetVision Phone or to route outgoing calls outside of the LAN. The Spectrum24 wireless local area network is a 2Mbps frequency hopping solution that can support both data and VoIP communications. It can integrate with an existing wired telecommunications system to provide interconnectivity between a wired LAN and any number of wireless access devices that utilize Symbol’s LAN PC, radio or ISA cards. The solution features roaming and load-balancing algorithms to ensure each client device maintains a consistent performance. It also supports Ethernet and Token Ring infrastructures, and it is backward compatible with the earlier 1Mbps version of the system.

Symbol Technologies

BJ’s Wholesale Club

Videotron to Deploy Samsung’s Cable Modems For VoIP Trial
Videotron TVN reported that it has placed an order for over 50,000 of Samsung’s Integrated Telephony Cable Modems. The Canadian MSO plans to deploy the ITCMs in its IP telephony over cable trials. The DOCSIS compliant modems will provide simultaneous support for telephony, high-speed Internet access, video and fax.

The operator was recently granted CLEC status by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), and it is currently offering a trial IP based local telephony service over its Quebec based cable systems while it gears up to launch the service on a commercial basis. The trial service is interconnected with Bell Canada’s traditional telephony networks, and in compliance with the CRTC’s CLEC requirements (links to emergency services (911), directory assistance (411), operator (0), assistance for the hearing impaired (711) and number portability). It also features CLASS capabilities such as caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, international connectivity, toll-free support and operator assisted calling.

Videotron expects that once testing has been successfully completed, it will offer the services to the nearly one million homes passed via its Quebec systems. The service is slated for commercially availability next summer.


EIM to Bundle InnoMedia’s VoIP Card With PCs
EIM International Electronics, an Israel based PC manufacturer, announced that is planning to bundle InnoMedia’s VoIP enabling PC card, InfoAccel, into its line of Newron PCs. EIM’s provider subsidiary, EIM Telecom, will also market the product as well as InnoMedia’s additional lines of VoIP technologies.

The single port PCI based InfoAccel prouduct utilizes H.323 v2 compliant protocols including G.723.1 for compression and G.168 for echo cancellation. It ships with a full duplex audio system that handles speech processing to free up the host CPU and memory. It plugs into a Windows based PC and provides a interface for directly connecting a traditional phone (including cordless models) to enable users to place phone to phone calls to other users. It requires that user’s have an available PCI slot in a Windows 95 or 98 PC, 16 MB RAM, a CD ROM and at least a 28.8 connection to the Internet. Users can also place calls to non-users by opening a calling account with the vendor’s Internet telephony service/network, InnoSphere, which has operations in over 200 countries.

The bundled product is expected to be available next month.


EIM International Electronics

ITS to Distribute Science Dynamics VoIP Products in the UK
Information Technology Services (ITS) has announced that is planning to distribute Science Dynamics’ Integrator series of IP telephony gateways in the UK. The initial product in the line is an entry level gateway, the IntegratorC-2308. It provides interfaces for up to 8 T1s/6 E1s to support phone to phone, phone to PC, fax to fax, email to fax, fax to email and voice to email services (on a pre/post paid basis). The H.323 compliant product (G723.1, G7.11 and Q.931) also supports real time FoIP capabilities. It ships with an optional SS7 interface module to support V.24, V.35, RS422, T1 and E1 signaling. It also features the company’s proprietary BubbleLink technology to enable users to develop and manage a network of gateways, which are each designed to share traffic loads to increase reliability, redundancy and flexibility.

Information Technology Services

Science Dynamics

VoIP Telecom Acquires Access Network
VoIP Telecom said that it has completed a purchase agreement to acquire Access Network. According to the terms of the deal, VoIP Telecom will trade an undisclosed portion of its restricted stock for Access’ assets and operations, which include IP telephony services deployed throughout China, South Asia and Singapore via POPs in Beijing and Singapore. Access is also in the process of installing VoIP gateways in Guangzhou, and extending its infrastructure into several markets in India and the Asia Pacific. In addition, the provider will team with a firm that VoIP Telecom recently acquired an equity interest in, NEX Telecom, to further develop services/applications. NEX Telecom provides VoIP, fax and data services over its own network, and enhanced Internet multimedia services via a variety of transmission media including leased fiber optic cable, satellite and wireless networks. It has operations in Korea, and it controls Pacific Asia Telecom Group’s network (its subsidiary), which has been interconnected with its partner’s networks in Australia (Nexcell), China (China Unicom), Hong Kong (oriental Telecom Services), Japan (Telematrix), Malaysia (Next Telecom), New Zealand (Cosmobridge New Zealand), the Philippines (Mainstream) and the U.S. (Bitro Communications, Cosmobridge, and iBasis).

VoIP Telecom is in the process of building a consortium of companies by acquisition. It intends to utilize the consortium to operate a global digital VoIP network that can provide voice and data services on a global basis via IP, fiber, Internet circuit, satellite and/or the PSTN.

XTel to Distribute CosmoCom’s Call Center Technology
XTel Pty Limited said that it is planning to distribute CosmoCom’s IP based call center software, CosmoCall Universe, in Australia. The product converts all incoming communications traffic into IP packets. It supports Internet based communications technologies including voice and video, text chat, IVR, email, voice mail and fax. It is capable of integrating IP based telephone communications into a web site or network-based application using an IP based ACD that routes calls to the proper customer service agent. The multi-server system can handle up to 8,000 agents, supporting up to 50,000 simultaneous calls/messages and 200 call arrivals per second. It features H.323 interoperability for VoIP calls and E1 and Euro ISDN interfaces.

XTel Pty Limited


ATC Teleports to Acquire General Telecom
ATC Teleports, an American Tower Corporation subsidiary, reported that it planning to acquire General Telecom for approximately $30 million. ATC intends to leverage General Telecom’s traditional switching facilities in Los Angeles, Miami and New York City to enhance and expand its telecommunications services (which includes VoIP), and to enable other providers to connect with its IP based satellite network to route traffic. The deal will also expand General Telecom’s capabilities to include additional routing capabilities for both domestic and international bound IP based voice and data traffic.

ATC Teleports offers domestic and international satellite and IP network services with terrestrial connections and collocation services. With the finalization of its pending acquisitions, the company will operate more than 160 antennas that can provide satellite services in select markets throughout Arizona, California, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Texas, Washington DC and Washington State.

General Telecom provides tier one partition switching and network management services. The company utilizes its gateway switch facilities in New York, Los Angeles and Miami to offer international carrier services to other providers and calling card firms.

ATC Teleports

American Tower Corporation

VTEL to Distribute RADVision’s Conferencing Technologies
RADVision said that it has expended an existing distribution agreement with VTEL to include the marketing of its family of V2oIP enterprise products. VTEL will now offer the V2oIP technology combined with RADVision’s Multipoint Conferencing Unit to offer a conferencing solution that can provide collaboration capabilities via both first generation and H.323 compliant systems.

VTEL expects to begin marketing the solutions next quarter.



General Bandwith & Efficient Team to Develop Products
General Bandwidth reported that it is teaming with Efficient Networks to develop interoperability between Efficient’s SpeedStream family of DSL IADs and its recently introduced G6 broadband voice gateway to provide an end to end solution for broadband voice services. The firms also plan to promote the standardization of broadband access voice technologies.

The G6 voice gateway is based on an open architecture, and designed to support VoATM, VoIP, VoFR and TDM via broadband access technologies such as DSL, cable or wireless. The product offers MGCP and network based call signaling to support voice communications. It offers over 200 voice lines per unit, with support for integrated data. In addition, it utilizes an analog POTS module to reroute traffic in the event of service interruption.

General Bandwidth

Efficient Networks

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