IP Telephony News Wrap-up for May, 10 2001

Yahoo! Unveils Messaging Product With International PC to Phone
Yahoo! has reported the introduction of the latest version of its real time online messaging application, Yahoo! Messenger. The new version includes an enhanced address book and text message archiving applications, and the company has configured its operations and the messaging product to support international PC to phone calling capabilities in addition to the existing PC to PC and U.S. domestic PC to phone connectivity. The firm is also offering a virtual calling card application, Yahoo! Phone Card, that will enable users to pre pay online for PC to phone calling minutes.

Late last year, Yahoo! integrated Net2Phone’s VoIP technologies into several of sections of its web site to enable its users to place free PC to phone and PC to PC calls.


Yahoo! Messenger


Linksys Integrates Net2Phone’s VoIP Technology
Linksys announced that it is embedding Net2Phone’s Broadband Voice VoIP technology into its external hardware add-on device, the EtherFast Cable/DSL Voice Enabler, for Cable/DSL routers and residential gateways to enable users to place phone calls from the broadband connection over Net2Phone’s networks. The Enabler is a stand-alone device that plugs into a broadband router or residential gateway via a LAN uplink port. To begin placing calls, users will need to plug a traditional touch-tone telephone (including cordless model) into the device’s RJ-11 interface, configure the unit, then open and activate a Net2Phone calling account. The technology is the same technology that Linksys integrated into its EtherFast Cable/DSL and Voice Router earlier this year. In addition, the companies also plan to further develop the combined solution to include enhanced voice services such as voice-activated dialing, caller ID, and inbound calling, as well as to develop an array of calling plans for router-to-router calls.

The product is currently available. It is priced at $119 ESP. The firms are also marketing the product, as well as Linksys’ EtherFast Cable/DSL and Voice Router, bundled with up to 160 minutes of free calling time. The router is currently available in Canada and the U.S. It is priced at $199.



BriteSmile Deploys ITXC’s VoIP eCommerce Technology
BriteSmile, the developer of a teeth-whitening process, said that it has integrated ITXC’s VoIP eCommerce technology, Push to Talk (PTT), into its web to enable visitors to initiate real time communications with a CSR to request additional information, a consultation, schedule an appointment at any of the 18 U.S. BriteSmile Centers, or find a local dentist that offers BriteSmile’s treatment. The PTT system can be integrated into web sites and/or email communications to enable visitors/recipients to initiate real time PC to phone voice communications by clicking a call icon/link, without disrupting the existing Internet connection. All traffic from the pay per call based service is routed over ITXC’s global Internet telephony network, which has 466 POPs in 263 cities and 96 countries, enabling affiliated providers to route traffic to any telephone in the world via the infrastructure, ITXC’s affiliate provider’s networks, the public Internet or the PSTN. ITXC also implements its own patent pending BestValue Routing technology to control the quality of calls.



ePhone Secures Calling Card Distribution Agreement
ePhone Telecom announced that it has reached an agreement with an undisclosed US based company that has interests in the Latin American market, in which the firm will market and resell calling cards that specifically target the Mexican market, enabling Spanish-speaking users to place calls over ePhone’s infrastructure. The initial 3-month contract has an approximate value of $500,000.

The companies also intend to develop a variety of additional revenue generating services throughout the remainder of this year, and launch additional calling card programs next year.

ePhone Telecom

Net to Net Introduces G.sHDSL Inverse Multiplexer
Net to Net Technologies said that it has just released the Sirius SDSL Inverse Multiplexer 2000 (SIM2000), its plug’n play voice and data solution. The product, which is available in 12 and 24 port configurations, provides high-density G.sHDSL compliant aggregation with enhanced features such as IP QoS, loop bonding, and integrated VoDSL capabilities. It utilizes the vendor’s patent-pending voice technology to support voice functionality, facilitating the transport of voice traffic from the CO to the PSTN via T1/E1 (CAS) circuits. The product is also interoperable with the company’s IPD12000 and IPD4000 DSLAMS, and it can be used to provider data only connectivity.

Both the 12 and 24 port solutions are expected to be available sometime this fall.

Net to Net Technologies

VocalData and Vpacket Team to Develop Interoperable VoIP Solutions
VocalData said that its has teamed with Vpacket Communications to successfully develop interoperability between its VOISS VoIP softswitch platform and Vpacket’s 6100 Series voice/data routers. The combined solution will enable users to integrate various solutions such as existing PBX, key systems, and analog devices into an all IP network infrastructure.

The 6100 series is designed to operate with the Vpacket’s Voice Network Management System and third party softswitches and media gateways to support converged voice/data services with IP Centrex features for the small and mid-size business markets. It can support up to 24 VoIP ports, and offers an array of WAN and LAN interfaces for SDSL, T1, FXS, T1/CAS, and 10/100 BaseT Ethernet. In addition, the product ships with the vendor’s network management system to support QoS measurement and reporting functionality (packet loss, latency, jitter, etc.) on a customer and network basis, and to implement QoS capabilities for packet shaping and policy control, which will identify and prioritize voice packets. The VOISS solution is a service delivery softswitch that offers support for carrier-grade voice services and enhanced applications on an open architecture. It features support for various technologies including MGCP, SIP, and SCCP to support multi-vendor equipment based networks.

Vpacket Communications


AP Engines Introduces VoIP Billing Mediation Platform
AP Engines has announced the introduction of its AP Billing Mediation Platform for VoIP. The software based product collects raw usage data from an IP switch (Class 4/5 switches, softswitches and other next gen equipment), converts it to AMA or other various formats, and delivers the formatted data to the applicable OSS, providing detailed records of bandwidth usage throughout the network, and supporting the management of bandwidth resources. It also monitors the mediation process and provides alarm thresholds, which inform users of network errors.

AP Engines

Empirix Unveils Multimedia Performance and Analysis Application
Empirix has reported the introduction of its Hammer PacketSphere Real Streamer application for testing voice and video quality on next gen IP-based networks and equipment. The platform can send and receive RTP audio and video clips over fast interfaces (such as 100Mbs and Gbps), and analyze the resulting performance statistics by port, by stream or by signaling session. In addition, it is fully integrated with the vendor’s Hammer SIP, VoIP and SledgeHammer (multiple-DS3) testing systems to provide an enhanced testing solution for testing an array of next-gen network equipment such as media gateways, switches and routers.

The system is currently available. Pricing begins at $49,500.


Natural MicroSystems Changes Name to NMS Communications
Natural MicroSystems announced that it has changed its name to NMS Communications.

NMS Communications

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