IP Telephony News Wrap-up for May, 10 2004

1. Motorola Introduces New Family of DSPs
Through its Freescale Semiconductor division, Motorola has introduced a new family of DSPs that including five devices that can support VoIP systems from 4 to 128 channels in fractional or multiple T1/E1 increments. The estimated packet voice channel densities range from 8 for the MSC7110 to 16 for the MSC7116.

The five built for VoIP systems, the MSC7110, MSC7112, MSC7113, MSC7115, and MSC7116 vary according to customer driven peripheral sets. The devices are based on a synthesizeable language written in high level description language.

the MSC7115, 7112, and 7110 are designed for enterprise VoIP, IP PBX systems and network edge and access applications. The 7115 has 408 KB of memory and 3 TDM interfaces. The 7112 has 216 KB of memory and 2 TDM interfaces, and the 7110 has 88 KB of memory and 1 TDM interface.

The 7116 and 7113 are DSPs designed for the development of Ethernet equipment. The technology includes a DDR DRAM memory controller.

The DSPs are offered with a royalty free RTOS with source code as part of the tools offering and peripheral drivers for the family of products.

The DSPs consume between 250 to 400mW of power. They are shipped in lead-free 17×17 mm 400-pin MAP-BGA 0.8mm pitch packages.

Freescale’s reference designs are based on the company’s PowerQUICC processors and StarCore DSPs. The designs provide a scaleable solution from fractional T1/E1 to OC12 and beyond, as well as provide network connectivity with Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, Utopia, TDM and Rapid IO.

Customer samples of the DSPs are planned for this quarter. Volume quantities are scheduled for early Q4 of this year. In quantities of 10,000, the DSPs will be priced as follows:

MSC7110: $12.05 per unit
MSC7112: $17.04 per unit
MSC7115: $22.76 per unit
MSC7116: $23.95 per unit

Due to a possible typographical error in the annoucement, the price of the MSC7113 is likely to be $18.59 per unit, but this is an unconfirmed price.


Freescale Semiconductor

3. ISIP Telecom Launches Consumer VoIP Services
ISIP Telecom has launched a consumer, prepaid, phone to phone VoIP service. The service, which is offered on a cost per minute basis, is $13 per month, in addition to calling charges. Subscribers must buy a USB IP phone for $50. New subscribers receive 200 long distance minutes to select cities.

Subscribers get a U.S. based phone number and online access to call records and their account balances.

The service is being offered in conjunction with Oronoco Networks, a wireless service provider that offers data services to SMBs in southern Florida.

ISIP Telecom plans to market the VoIP service through one of its sister companies, which provides news to travel agents.

ISIP Telecom

Oronoco Networks

5. CommPartners to Use TCS’ e911 in its Hosted VoIP Solution
CommPartners, a provider of hosted VoIP solutions for service providers, will integrate TCS’ technology to enable support of e911 service within its VoIP offerings. The e911 solution not only connects callers with public safety answering points (PSAP), but also automatically provides the PSAPs with the caller’s location and call back number.

Telecommunications Systems (TCS)


7. Scientific Atlanta Launches VoCable Consulting & Integration
Scientific Atlanta has launched SciCare, a suite of professional services to assist cable operators in establishing VoIP service offerings. The services include project planning, assessment, design, integration, installation (including CPE), training, and post-installation support.

Scientific Atlanta

9. Net2Phone Using Level 3 to Enhance Its Hosted VoCable Solution
Net2Phone, a provider of hosted VoIP services for cable operators, is using Level 3’s VoIP Enhanced Local Residential Phone Service to enhance its offering to include VoCable support for access to the PSTN, local phone number assignment, operator assistance, directory listings, e911, and local number portability.

Level 3 offers the service in more than 50 U.S. markets.

Net2Phone is also working with Great Lakes Data Systems to develop a VoCable solution that integrates Net2Phone’s hosted service with Great Lakes’ billing, subscriber management, and provisioning solutions. The two companies have already successfully imported Net2Phone’s CDRs and can now post summary level detail on a customer invoice alongside video, data and other services. Bill presentation can either be delivered by paper invoice or online.

In addition to single source billing, Great Lakes has plans for further product integration. The next initiative will provide CSRs with a single point of provisioning for both video and VoIP.

As part of the partnership, Great Lakes will be marketing Net2Phone’s service to its cable operator clients, which include more than 300 cable companies in 34 countries. In the U.S., Great Lakes has cable operator clients in 49 states.

Recently, Northland Cable Television has chosen Net2Phone’s VoIP solution. Northland, the 18th largest cable operator in the U.S., passes more than 315,000 households. VoCable services are scheduled to be launched this summer.

Northland provides telecom services in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, Texas, Washington, California, and Idaho.

In other Net2Phone news, the company said that Navini Networks, a wireless equipment vendor, will begin marketing its services to its broadband customers within the next 3 months.

Net2Phone’s PacketCable and SIP based platform performs call management, provides Class 5 features, billing, provisioning, and integration with with select front and back office systems.


Great Lakes Data Systems

Level 3

Northland Cable Television

11. Ericsson to Resell More Cisco Gear Related to VoIP Service
Ericsson has entered into a non-exclusive strategic partnership with Cisco that calls for Ericsson to resell Cisco’s 10000 broadband aggregation routers with its DSLAMs as well as Cisco’s Catalyst Ethernet switches to link traffic between a carrier’s broadband access network and its IP core network.

Previously, Ericsson was using Juniper’s routers and while Ericsson still plans to resell Juniper’s gear, the extended relationship with Cisco is likely to significantly impact Juniper’s router sales.



13. IPspeak.net to Exclusively Resell IPN in Ireland and the UK
IPspeak.net, a UK startup VoIP service provider, has signed a deal to be the exclusive reseller of IPN Communications’ VoIP equipment in Ireland and the UK. IPspeak.net will provide sales, marketing, and first level product support. As part of the agreement, IPspeak.net has placed an initial order for 2,000 IP phones.

IPN is a supplier of IP phones, videophones, and servers. The company has recently added an ATA to its product family. The ATA will be available later this month.

IPN Communications


15. Vanguard Unveils Router Supporting Converged IP Voice & Data
Vanguard has introduced the 340E, an IP access device that supports V/FoIP and VPNs from a single hardware platform. The technology supports QoS application prioritization and bandwidth allocation, multiple IP VPN types, VPN security, and converged voice with features such as caller ID and call waiting.

The 340E goes for $995.

Vanguard Managed Solutions

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