IP Telephony News Wrap-up for May, 11 1999

JITONG to Deploy Clarent’s VoIP Technology In China

JITONG Communications has announced that it will use Clarent’s VoIP
technology to trial services over the China Golden Bridge Network (CGBN).
According to the terms of the deal, Clarent will design and deploy
equipment for both the trial network and an evaluation lab that will enable
JITONG to test the addition of value-added services over the CGBN.

The CGBN is a state-owned public IP network that JITONG operates. The
provider is one of two entities in China that has a license to provide
international IP bandwidth connections to foreign countries.

JITONG Communications


CoolCall.com Offers Free VoIP Gear in Effort to Build Global Network

CoolCall.com has announced that it is assembling an international network
of Internet telephony providers by offering participating providers with
the turnkey installation of VoIP equipment, including branded services,
VoIP gateways, network management and billing applications for only a share
of revenues generated. The company is currently deploying the solution for
providers in 25 markets throughout Asia, Europe, Latin America and the U.S.
It plans to ultimately install the turnkey solution in at least 250
international markets.


Wireless One To Offer V/FoIP Services

Wireless One said that it has successfully completed a six-month VoIP trial
using its two-way broadband wireless access technology. The provider can
now deploy V/FoIP communications, including fax to fax, PC to PC, PC to
phone and phone to phone, to anywhere inside of the sixty-mile service
areas that it operates in the Southeastern U.S. The company plans to offer
the services to its corporate customers as part of a bundled
telecommunications service package that will include Internet access,
V/FoIP, data and video services.

Wireless One is a broadband wireless access provider that owns, develops
and operates wireless video, data and VoIP systems in select markets in the
Southeastern U.S. The company also owns exclusive licenses for the
multi-point multi-channel distribution system and the wireless
communications spectrum.

Wireless One

PointOne to Build Private Global IP Based Network

PointOne Telecommunications has announced that it is building an private,
managed IP network to offer both traditional and Internet telephony carrier
services on an international basis. The network is designed with a
self-healing redundant circuit architecture to provide millisecond
restoration and instantaneous traffic reroute in the event of network
failure. It is currently available throughout the U.S. (hubs in Atlanta,
Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami & New York), China (hubs in Beijing &
Shanghai) and Mexico (hubs in Monterey & Mexico City).


SpringStreet & Boker Power to Use NetMoves’ FoIP Service

NetMoves, formerly FaxSav, has announced that both Broker Power and
SpringStreet are planning to integrate its Internet fax technology into
their respective web sites to enable users to send and receive fax
documents over NetMoves’ global Internet fax network. Broker Power delivers
thousands of pages per day regarding export/import regulatory issues.
SpringStreet enables users that are moving to communicate with apartment
locator agents and other moving vendors in over 6,000 cities.



Broker Power

Westell & AudioCodes To Develop VoIP Products for DSL Services

Westell Technologies has announced that it is teaming with AudioCodes to
develop an integrated access device (IAD), dubbed the Communications
Portal, capable of delivering V/FoIP and high-speed data services via DSL
technologies. The product will be based on AudioCodes’ four-channel voice
over packet processor, a DSL multiplexer and a gateway to enable any
combination of voice, fax and or high-speed data services to be offered
over one DSL line. Westell is planning to pursue interoperability
agreements with established DSLAM and gateway vendors as the unit is being

The product is expected to be commercially available by fall.



Catapult Offers VoIP Test Modules for Its Communications Test System

Catapult Communications has announced the introduction of H.323 and MGCP
modules for its Digital Communications Test System (DCT-S) that will enable
providers to test VoIP systems. The DCT-S system supports tests for over
115 protocols and variants. The modules, when added to the DCT-S, enables
users to develop scripts that will perform multi-protocol simulation,
protocol compatibility testing, and feature verification. Each module
utilizes a context sensitive graphical tool, the DCPL Frame Builder, to
verify the structure of frames and protocols used while also serving as an
online debugging guide. In addition, the applications support ISDN and ISUP
testing, which is necessary for validating communications between gateways
and switched circuit networks.

Catapult Communications

elemedia Opens H.323 Interop Lab to Other Vendors

elemedia said that it is planning to open its Interop Lab to vendors that
would like to develop interoperability between their VoIP equipment and
elemedia’s H.323 gatekeeper platform as well as with other vendor’s H.323
compliant gateways, terminals and gatekeepers. The lab is currently focused
on developing interoperability via H.323 protocols. It houses a Lucent
Definity ECS PBX to provide connections between all H.323 compliant
devices, and it can be configured to support a wide variety of telephony
interfaces and protocols including T1-RBS, PRI, BRI, E1, EuroISDN, Analog
LoopStart FXS/FXO, E&M, etc. The lab’s structured dial plan enables calls
to be placed between any two gateways and/or H.323 terminals in the lab.
Elemedia plans to further enhance the lab to simulate impaired or heavily
trafficked IP networks while the tests are being run. The lab is also
expected to include interoperability testing with other V/FoIP protocols as
they evolve.

Interoperability development and testing was just completed between its
H.323 v2 compliant gatekeeper software and the VoIP equipment of Ascend,
Cisco and MiBridge.

For more information on the Interop Lab, send email to elemedia@lucent.com.


Interop Lab

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