IP Telephony News Wrap-up for May, 14 2001

Quintum to Integrate Blue Wave’s VoIP Boards Into Gateway
Blue Wave Systems announced that it has secured an order from Quintum Technologies for its ComStruct CPCI/C541 VoIP communications processing platforms. Quintum intends to integrate the boards into the Tenor MultiPath VoIP Switch that it is developing to increase the product’s port capacity from 32 simultaneous VoIP channels to 64 and add enhanced capabilities. The new gateway is being designed as a media gateway that will ship with VoIP gateway and gatekeeper applications, as well as call routing capabilities and QoS support based on its SelectNet technology. It is being developed with 14-slots in a rack-mount configuration that can support up to 960 channels of voice traffic, and it also features capabilities such as performance monitoring, call detail reports and history, as well as system management audit trails.

Blue Wave expects to begin shipping the product in volume as soon as Quintum rolls out the new gateway, which is scheduled to be available this fall.

Blue Wave Systems

Quintum Technologies

Symbol Introduces Wireless VoIP Capable Phone
Symbol Technologies has announced the introduction of the Spectrum24 NetVision Phone, its VoIP enabled wireless handset. The product is designed to operate over both 802.11b 11 Mbps Direct Sequence based LANs and H.323 telephony systems. The phone has been configured to interoperate with various vendors’ VoIP technologies including Alcatel, Cisco, Ericsson, Innovaphone, Mitel, Motorola, Nortel, Vegastream, as well as others, and the firm initially intends to bundle the handset with Ericsson’s WebSwitch 2000 and WebSwitch 100 G4 gateway products.

The product is expected to be available in July. Pricing was not disclosed.

Symbol Technologies

Quicknet Releases Upgrade of VoIP Client
Quicknet Technologies has reported the introduction of the latest version of Internet SwitchBoard, its H.323 compliant Internet telephone application for users of its VoIP enabling cards/devices including the Internet PhoneJACK, Internet LineJACK, My Internet Phone and Internet PhoneCARD. The new version includes compatibility with the latest Windows OSs including Windows 2000, NT and ME, and it has been configured to operate behind firewalls, as well as to enable users to place PC to PC calls via its online VoIP account portal, MicroTelco. The product also offers a variety of other features including: a customizable graphical user interface; auto call connect, an application that can automatically connects a call using the next available carrier when the preferred carrier is unavailable; automatic fax detection, enabling a fax machine to be plugged into a compatible card using the Internet SwitchBoard to route faxes over the Internet to an email account or another fax machine; LCR among select VoIP carriers; enhanced PC to PC calling, featuring star key dialing; and automatic gain control and volume control, as well as automatic echo cancellation.

Quicknet Technologies


Time Warner Telecom to Deploy Integral Access’ Packet Based Gear
Time Warner Telecom (TWT) announced that it is planning to deploy Integral Access’ packet based PurePacket systems to develop next gen last mile networks throughout the U.S. that it intends to use to offer an array of converged services including IP based voice, data and multimedia. The PurePacket solutions, which include the OUTburst CPE, PurePacketNode carrier network aggregation devices and the OMS Operations Management Systems featuring an MPLS based architecture, will enable TWT to converge and deliver traditional voice and broadband data services over a single network link, and develop support for various levels of QoS as well as SLAs.

Time Warner Telecom

Integral Access

Talk Visual To Resell InnoMedia’s IP VideoPhone
Talk Visual has reported that it is planning to resell InnoMedia’s IP VideoPhone client. The product, which is based on H.323 technologies, enables users to place video calls over a broadband network or DSL based Internet connection with a static IP address. It features a 4-inch TFT color LCD display, a CCD camera, a 15fps frame rate, CIF (352×288) and QCIF (176×144) image resolution, a phone book, caller ID display, a privacy button, and an array of other additional capabilities.

The unit is currently available. It is priced at $1600.

The IP VideoPhone


Talk Visual

Telstar Expands Network
Telstar International said that just expanded the reach of its network into four continents. The provider deployed various carrier-class switches as well as VoIP technology from Cisco, Clarent and Nuera at operations in Nepal, Malaysia, Russia, Liberia and Italy to expand the network. It also intends to deploy additional equipment to develop networks in twelve other countries by the end of this year.

Telstar offers a variety of wholesale and retail telecommunications services throughout the world including VoIP, enhanced voice and data, prepaid calling card, international long distance, collocation and ASP. The company had previously deployed both Siemens’ DCO gear to provide backbone support, and Cisco’s Summa 4K solutions for enhanced service support.


Acterna Adds VoIP Capabilities to Data Network Tester
Acterna has reported the introduction of the Acterna CycloneVoIP, its IP-Based monitoring and testing software option for its CycloneFrame IP Optimizer platform. The module can simultaneously monitor VoIP and IP based data traffic, automatically analyzing network trends and generating graphical reports illustrating both data and VoIP usage levels and traffic patterns, which enable users to isolate traffic related problems and causes.

The technology is expected to be available this spring. Pricing begins at US$15,990.


Oki and Lucent Team to Develop Interoperability
Oki Network Technologies reported that it teamed with Lucent Technologies to successfully develop interoperability between its BV1250 VoIP gateways and Lucent’s MultiVoice for the MAX TNT and APX 8000 VoIP solutions. The firms achieved interoperability at Lucent’s 3rd party Interoperability Test Lab in Dallas.

Oki Network Technologies


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