IP Telephony News Wrap-up for May, 17 2001

Phone 1 Teams with Globaltron For Pay Phone Service
Phone 1 reported that it is teaming with Globaltron Corporation to develop a pay phone based service. The company is in the process of deploying public payphones in various U.S. metropolitan markets that will enable users to place 3 to 5 minute (depending on market called) domestic and international long distance calls for 1 dollar. The firms plan to use Globaltron’s existing U.S./international ATM/VoIP network as well as third party infrastructures to transport the traffic (Globaltron has also recently entered into traffic transportation deals with both Qwest and Global Crossing).

A trial version of the service is currently being offered in a Southern Florida market.

In related news, Globaltron said that it has signed an agreement to acquire Phone 1 for 12 million restricted shares of its common stock.

Globaltron Corporation

Fusion Deploying Sonus’ Packet Voice Equipment
Fusion Communications reported that it has reached an agreement with Sonus Networks, in which it is deploying Sonus’ voice infrastructure solutions in Japan. According to the terms of the multi-million, multi-year deal, Sonus is supplying Fusion with an array of packet voice solutions including its GSX9000 Open Services Switch, PSX6000 SoftSwitch and SGX2000 SS7 Signaling Gateway. The firms have already deployed the technologies in 17 various Japanese markets, and plan to eventually deploy additional gear in a network configuration that will provide coverage over all major cities and population centers. Fusion initially intends to develop and offer packet voice services such as IP phone connectivity and unified communications, with plans to develop support for additional services such as rich multi-media broadband.

Fusion is in the process of developing a packet-based infrastructure throughout Japan. It activated its network/services last month, and already has more than 360,000 subs.

Fusion Communications

Sonus Networks

Mockingbird Introduces Multiprotocol Servers
Mockingbird Networks has announced the introduction of the Impresaria, its H.323/SIP compliant multiprotocol servers (MPS). The solution is designed to provide a gateway interface between the firm’s own Nuvo and NuvoStream media service gateways and any H.323 or SIP based VoIP network. The H.323 version of the product supports both gateway to gateway and gateway to gatekeeper connections, and provides an interface from the media gateways to any SIP based network. It has already been configured to provide connectivity with Cisco and/or Clarent products. The SIP version emulates a SIP user agent interface, supporting a direct connection to a SIP user agent or SIP proxy. In addition, the product features a real-time call agent that offers an interface to the vendor’s OSS billing platform to control rating and routing information.

The solution is currently available. Pricing was not disclosed.

Mockingbird Networks

Dialpad, TWAcomm to Market MHL’s VoIP Enabling Device
MHL Communications has announced that it has reached marketing agreements with both TWAcomm.com, an online business, and Dialpad Communications. According to the terms of the TWAcomm deal, TWA will market and distribute MHL’s VoIP enabling device, PhoneBridge, from its web site along with its array of other telecommunications products. In the agreement with Dialpad, the PhoneBridge unit will be marketed to Dialpad’s site visitors/users via banners as well as other marketing channels.

The PhoneBridge unit, which connects between a PC’s or MAC’s speakers/microphone and full duplex soundcard, enables a user to plug in a traditional telephone, including cordless models, to place calls over the Internet. It is also interoperable with several other provider’s PC to PC, PC to phone, phone to phone and web based VoIP offerings.


Dialpad Communications

MHL Communications

ANDA and RAD Team to Develop TDM/VoIP Migration Platform
ANDA Networks said that it is teaming with RAD Data Communications to develop a converged solution for TDM and IP services. The system will be based on the combination of ANDA’s Universal Access Platform (UAP) with RAD’s TDMoIP gateway, and designed to enable users to migrate from traditional TDM services to VoIP services. The UAP interfaces with existing copper wiring and PSTN Class 5 switches, and the TDMoIP unit will convert traffic generated from the UAP into IP packets. In addition, the combined solution is also expected to support SS7, 911E and GR303 traffic over an IP network.

The solution is currently involved in trials with an undisclosed provider in Canada.

ANDA Networks

RAD Data Communications

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