IP Telephony News Wrap-up for May, 17 2004

1. Prominence Extends Management Solution to Support DiffServ
Prominence Networks has released version 3.0 of MediaIP, its service control and management solution for VoIP and videoconferencing. The new release improves the DiffServ QoS model functionality by extending packet marking, classification, and policing mechanisms by employing end to end network intelligence to ensure bandwidth availability, by using network wide call admissions control to admit calls only if bandwidth is available, and by simplifying configuration and management through automation and dynamic bandwidth mangament.

MediaIP provides greater network availability for enterprises via a new active/standby cluster configuration with 1+1 physical redundancy. The new release also supports multiple gateways, gatekeeper zones and IP PBX clustering to improve enterprise network redundancy, scaleablility, and resiliency.

MediaIP is available in appliance and 1U server models and is licensed based on the number of simultaneous calls supported.

Prominence Networks

3. Verizon to Offer Residential VoIP This Summer
Verizon will launch primary line residential VoIP services this summer in conjunction with its rollout of DSL services that support increased data rates. Verizon has been successful in gaining subscribers of bundled telephony and DSL in the markets it serves.

Initial VoIP services are scheduled to be launched this summer.


5. PointOne Launches Hosted VoCable Solution
PointOne has launched a hosted VoCable solution that enables cable operators to offer residential and SOHO VoIP services. The solution supports local and long distance voice, e911, directory assistance and operator services, call waiting, caller ID, call return, call forward, caller ID block, voicemail, 3-way conferencing, and self provisioning. For small offices, the service will support abbreviated dialing, call hunt, reservationless conferencing, auto attendant, and a free fax line.

PointOne’s IP network passes approximately 75% of the U.S. population.


7. Florida Rejects Bill Proposing VoIP Deregulation Until 2006
The Florida House of Representatives has rejected a bill that would postpone the enforcement of taxation on VoIP services until 2006. Currently, the state has a tax on substitute communications, established to cover any alternative communications services other than POTS, but the tax has not been enforced. To-date, only 10 companies have voluntarily paid the tax, resulting in $600,000 a year in revenues. If the state were to enforce the tax, which is 14%, the revenues would easily exceed $1 billion per year.

The Department of Revenue is in the process of establishing procedures for enforcing the tax. However, the rules must be approved by the governor and his cabinet.

9. LitFiber Launches PC to PC VoIP Service
LitFiber has launched iTalk2u, a H.323 based PC to PC VoIP service that features instant messaging, call hold, a user search tool, and full voice duplexing.

Future releases of the software will support call waiting, voicemail, file transfer, email to phone, full motion video, and PC to phone capabilities.

iTalk2u is free.


11. Atreus Introduces IP Centrex System
Atreus Systems has introduced xAuthority Service Fulfillment, an IP Centrex solution that allows service providers to offer IP Centrex services to businesses and residential VoIP services. The system supports VoIP ordering, fulfillment, and group management.

Xspedius, an integrated communications provider serving 55 markets in 20 U.S. states, has deployed Atreus’ technology to deliver VoIP, VPNs, PC backup and anti-virus services to small to mid-sized businesses.

Atreus Systems

13. Pulver.Com to Host VON Conference in Canada Next Week
Pulver.Com will host VON Canada in Toronto at the Markham Conference Centre on May 18-20. The event will include sessions and an exhibition hall.

Sessions will address regulations, enterprise VoIP, call centers, VoIP venture capital, the rollout of residential VoIP services, the implications on social policy, SIP standards, and the future of VoIP in Canada. Speakers will include representatives from the FCC, Skype, Nortel, Bell Canada, Convedia, Telus, and Natural Convergence.

VON Canada

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