IP Telephony News Wrap-up for May, 19 1999

Iridium to Use LANSource’s Solution for Satellite FoIP Service

Iridium has said that is planning to integrate LANSource’s Internet fax
solution, FAXport, into its satellite network to provide a global FoIP
service. The company currently provides global telephony and paging
services via the satellite network.

FAXport interoperates with existing LAN messaging systems to enable users
to send facsimiles from PC to PC utilizing applications such as Microsoft
Exchange/Outlook and Lotus Notes/Domino, Thin Client/Server and POP3. The
application also enables faxes to be sent to traditional fax machines. In
addition, it features a LCR technology that allows users to send documents
in a specific time frame for a specified amount.



IPVoice to Launch VoIP Service in Hong Kong

IPVoice.Com said that it is activating an undisclosed partner’s VoIP
facility in Hong Kong this week. The company offers a partnership program
that enables other carriers to deploy its TrueConnect VoIP gateways to
route traffic over the existing network of POPs (Los Angeles, New York,
Panama, Nicaragua, Honduras, Hong Kong and Spain).

The TrueConnect VoIP gateway utilizes Natural MicroSystems’ Fusion
technology to provide up to 96-ports per gateway with T1, E1, ISDN, PBX,
and analog connectivity. The product, which supports H.323 protocols
including G.723, features order entry, billing, reporting, and customer
service applications. Its data-management capabilities include debit card
support, invoicing functions, credit card authorization (single or
batches), customer A/R module, a suite of management reporting, PIN
generation, DNIS/DID/IP configuration modules, and multi-lingual support.

The provider is also negotiating with current and planned telcos in Greece,
Turkey, China, France, Mexico, Great Britain and South America for the
deployment of its products and services.

In a separate announcement, IPVoice.Com has secured at least $2.6 million
in a private debt offering with undisclosed financiers. The funds, which
are expected to be repaid in either cash or stock over the next two years,
will be used to expand its flat rate, unlimited IP telephony services in
the U.S., Europe and Asia.


I-Link Offering 4.9 CPM VoIP Services in Over 100 U.S. Markets

I-Link said that it is ahead of schedule in building its U.S. domestic VoIP
network, and will be able to offer service to at least 100 U.S. markets
this week. The provider charges 4.9 CPM for calls that originate and
terminate within or between these areas, and 6.9 CPM for calls that
originate or terminate outside of the areas.

I-Link’s IP telephony services, dubbed V-Link, include unified voice, fax,
email, conferencing and one-number call routing. The services are routed
over a private IP network.

Listing of the Markets I-Link Offers Service


Priority Telecom to Deploy Cisco’s VoIP Gear for Service

Priority Telecom, the integrated telephony services division of United
Pan-Europe Communications (UPC), has announced that it will use Cisco’s
line of routers and VoIP equipment to provide services. The provider
initially plans to deploy the equipment to interconnect its POPs in Oslo,
Paris, and Vienna. The provider then plans to use the IP backbone of
another UPC subsidiary, Chello, to further interconnect its European and
U.S. POPs. Chello also has Cisco’s IP telephony equipment deployed on its

Priority Telecom expects that the initial phase of the VoIP network to be
operational by June.

Priority Telecom



8×8 to Acquire VoIP Software Developer, Odisei S.A

8×8 has announced that it has is planning to acquire Odisei S.A, a French
IP telephony software developing firm. According to the terms of the
all-stock transaction, 8×8 will trade approximately 2.9 million common
shares for all of Odisei’s outstanding capital stock. The deal is expected
to close in the next month.

The companies are developing a VoIP PBX solution with CTI functionality by
combing 8×8’s Symphony VoIP gateways and multimedia terminal adapters
(MTAs) with Odisei’s IntraSwitch IP-PBX software. The system will provide
PBX features with full CTI support, including call control, routing,
configuration and administration. The system’s port capacity can be scaled
into infinity by adding additional IntraSwitch software and Symphony

The system is expected to operate by installing the IntraSwitch software in
a CLEC’s facilities, which would be connected to the PSTN via a gateway
attached to the CLEC’s IP backbone. A user’s internal network will be
connected to the IntraSwitch server at the CLEC’s end, and to the Symphony
gateways at the user’s end to enable calls to be placed using traditional
touch tone phones.


Odisei S.A

Cisco Purchases $39 Million in Portal Common Stock

Cisco has announced that it has purchased 3 million shares of Portal’s
common stock for approximately $39 million. The companies are planning to
fully integrate Portal’s real-time customer management and billing
software, Infranet, into Cisco’s service management technology products.
Portal will also provide the customer management and billing solutions for
next-generation data IP services using Cisco’s products.



Pearl to Offer Cisco’s IP Based Phone & PBX Systems

Pearl Technologies has announced that it will resell Cisco’s IP phones and
digital PBX systems in the southern California market.

IP phones and PBXs can work side by side with legacy equipment or be
integrated into existing analog systems. The products are designed to be
implemented incrementally so a company can begin with a basic two-phone
system and scale it up as the business develops. The phones can provide the
same class services that traditional phones provide including call
transfer, conference calling, call hold, call waiting, direct inward
dialing and call forward. In addition, they can support additional
communications capabilities such as Internet fax, video conferencing, video
email, etc. Since the technology is PC based, telecommunication managers
can set up, control, manage and add functionality to an entire enterprise
telephone system via a centralized web browser interface.

Pricing for a five phone IP based telephone system begins at $5995.

In a separate announcement, Pearl and Cisco have installed a 100 IP phone
system for the Southern California Offshore Military Training Range.

Pearl Technologies


FastComm Introduces SOHO VoIP/FR Router

FastComm Communications has announced the introduction of MetroLan, its
SOHO remote access router with integrated voice, fax, video and data over
IP and frame relay capabilities. The product ships configured with 3
voice/fax ports and 4 data ports to integrate communications over a single
digital line. It provides interfaces for analog PBXs, FXS/FXO, E & M, and
has a 10BaseT Ethernet port for LAN/router connections. In addition, it
includes up to 2 serial data ports for legacy traffic or routers.

The router is priced at $3,600.

The MetroLan SOHO router complements the company’s larger port capacity
central site router, the GlobalStack-EX, which provides support for up to
120 channels of H.323 (G.729a) voice, video and data communications over IP
or frame relay networks.


CoolCall.com to Host IP Telephony Seminars

CoolCall.com has announced that it will host two How To Make Money in IP
Telephony workshops that will cover topics including the new rules of a
virtual economy, IP telephony economics 101, interoperability and QoS,
mastering market segmentation, identifying target markets and the likely
profitability, and pricing strategies. The first seminar will be held on
June 21 at the Miami Intercontinental Hotel in conjunction with the
International Quality and Productivity Center’s Latin American Congress on
IP Telephony. The second symposium will be held on July 7 at the Regents
Park Hilton in connection with the Vision in Business’ Commercial Value
Added IP Telephony Conference.


Latin American Inernet Telephony/Congreso Mundial de Telefonia Internet

Vision in Business Commercial Value Added IP Telephony Conference

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