IP Telephony News Wrap-up for May, 24 2001

Uni-Tel Deploys Nuera Communications’ VoIP Technologies
Uni-Tel, a Dallas based global telecommunications provider, said that it planning to deploy Nuera Communications’ VoIP solutions to develop a Global IP telephony network. The provider intends to deploy Nuera’s ORCA (Open, Reliable, Communications Architecture) GX-21 and GX-8 VoIP Gateways and the SSC Softswitch to develop the network, with plans underway to initially deploy the network in a configuration that will be able to handle 200 million minutes of voice traffic a month.

The network is expected to be operational by the end of the summer.


Nuera Communications

Ericsson Integrates Netergy’s VoIP Technology
Ericsson has integrated Netergy Microelectronics’ Audacity-T2 VoIP processor into its DRG Residential gateway system. The DRG unit is a customer premise gateway that can be used for IP telephony services as well as various other broadband services offered to the residential and small to medium size business markets. It has been designed to provide connectivity via a variety of broadband access technologies including cable, xDSL, fiber and wireless. The Audacity solution will handle audio compression and network services for the DRG unit, as well as providing support for H.323 call signaling technologies. In addition, the dual Ethernet port architecture of the Audacity-T2 has enabled Ericsson to develop a data bridge for the product that provides network security and priority routing for voice packets.

Netergy Microelectronics


Soffront and One-to-One Deploy CosmoCom’s Call Center Technology
CosmoCom said that both Soffront Software, a CRM service provider, One-to-One Service.com, an eCommerce/eCRM and management knowledge provider, are deploying its IP based contact center platform, CosmoCall Universe. Soffront is planning to integrate the platform into its web based customer relationship management application/service, dubbed TRACKWeb CRM, to enable users to manage all forms of communications including e-mail, voice, video, chat as well as wireless. One-to-One has deployed the solution to develop a web enabled, multimedia customer contact service. The H.323 compliant CosmoCall platform converts all incoming communications traffic (voice and video, text chat, IVR, email, voice mail and fax) into IP packets. The system features capabilities such as least-cost routing, multi-language support, single-click agent installation, browser-based real-time reports and blended, outbound dialing campaign support, and it is capable of integrating IP based telephone communications into a web site or network-based application using an IP based ACD that can route a call to the proper agent location. The multi-server solution can handle up to 8,000 agents, supporting up to 50,000 simultaneous calls/messages and/or 200 call arrivals per second. In addition, the vendor has developed an enhanced software application, CosmoPhone 2000, for the system, which provides support for H.323 technologies and integrates into the system’s call agent GUI to enhance voice quality.

Soffront Software

One-to-One Service.com


Virtual Universe Enhances Audio Conferencing Product
Virtual Universe has reported that it has enhanced the sound quality and added additional features/functionality to its flagship audio conferencing product, Virtual Talker. The product provides full duplex communications between individual or between multiple participants, and it can be configured to transfer both voice and data simultaneously. In addition, it features a moderator application that enables a designated call moderator to manage and control a group conference. Users will need a 100 MHz Pentium based Windows 95, 98, 20000 or NT based PC running IE 4.0 or higher, with a microphone, speakers, 16 bit full duplex sound card and at least a 28.8 Internet connection.

Virtual Universe Corporation

TEC-Networks Introduces Streaming Audio/Video eMail Product
TEC-Networks has announced the introduction of the beta version of the Nova NetMedia, its web-based streaming text, audio and video email messaging platform. The system is designed to stream video or audio directly into a users email box, without the installation of a media player or other software, as soon as the email recipient clicks a hyperlink contained in the email.

The vendor is currently offering two versions of the product: the Professional, which is priced at $19.95 per month; and the Corporate, which is priced at $50 per month. Both editions require either a camera or microphone to record messages.


WIND Deploys Digiquant’s CC&B Technology
WIND, an Italian convergent telecommunications provider, announced that it has deployed Digiquant’s billing and management technology, Internet Management System (IMS), to bill for the variety of services including Internet dial-up, VoIP, VPDN, and GPRS that are offered to its more than 1 million subs. The IMS application is based on the Oracle8 platform and UNIX hardware systems. It consists of a master database, an application server and RADIUS server(s), which enables users to manage all aspects of IP services including authentication, service activation, mediation, rating, billing, and customer care. The solution can rate thousands of CDRs per second, and offers support for a variety of accounting methods such as time, block, manual and volume pricing plans, with built in adjustable cut off thresholds and status alerts. In addition, the solution also includes a VoIP interconnect billing application that facilitates settlement payments between providers, and provides faster data processing, improved scalability, provisioning, mediation, rating and billing capabilities.



Internet VIP and Polykvart Telecom Form JV In Russia
Internet VIP (IVIP) has announced that it is teaming with Polykvart Telecom to form a JV, dubbed PT-Intertel XX1, that will focus on offering various telecommunications services in and between Russia and the CIS. The firms intend to route the traffic over IVIP’s recently deployed infrastructure in the region. IVIP has recently activated VoIP gateway centers in Montreal, Moscow and Saint-Petersburg (Russia) capable of terminating traffic in over 210 countries and territories via various Tier 1 carriers, and Polykvart operates a fibre optic network in Moscow.

Internet VIP

Anatel to Host VoIP Web Cast on May 31
Anatel Communications reported that it is hosting an online seminar named Creating Value at the Edge-Hybrid Applications for VoIP Gateways at its web site on Thursday, May 31, 2001 at 130 PM EST. The webcast will present information about the architecture, configuration, and applications essential to VoIP gateways, and it will also explore the advantages of such applications for both carriers and corporation, as well as examine business opportunities.

For additional information or to sign up for the seminar, visit the vendor’s web sight.

Creating Value at the Edge-Hybrid Applications for VoIP Gateways

Anatel Communications

General Dynamics to Resell Clarent’s VoIP Solutions
General Dynamics’ Electronic Systems division reported that it has entered into an agreement with Clarent, in which it will resell Clarent’s VoIP solutions for both intranet and Internet based voice, data and facsimile communications, to federal, state and local government agencies.

General Dynamics


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