IP Telephony News Wrap-up for May, 29 2001

SCTE, ETSI and CableLabs Unveil Cable IP Voice Architecture
The SCTE (Society for Cable Telecommunications Engineers) and ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) have announced the release of a suite of specifications, dubbed IPCablecom, that define an IP architecture for an end to end system that can support an array of communication services, including telephony. The specs, which are founded on CableLabs’ PacketCable initiative, are based on IP and advanced packet transmission technologies to aid in solving the inherent problems of Internet based telephone connectivity. The information is laid out in a set of 12 documents that illustrate the fundamental requirements for signaling, QoS, codecs, client provisioning, billing event message collection, PSTN interconnection, and security interfaces necessary to implement a single-zone (from the tens of thousands to a few hundred thousand subscribers) IPCablecom solution for residential IP based voice services. In addition, the SCTE has approved the full set of IPCablecom documents as a standard, with the ITU-T accepting a majority of the documents for worldwide use, and ETSI recognizing the suite as a set of technical specs but continuing to develop them as well as using the ITU-T’s J.160 recommendation as the framework to add European specific requirements.

The organizations also intend to further develop the technologies to enable operators to interconnect networks to form larger (national or international) network footprints.




Dialpad Introduces Turnkey VoIP Solution
Dialpad Communications has announced that it has officially launched its turnkey VoIP solution, Dialpad Access. The solution is a VoIP phone platform that can be integrated into a hardware device to enable users to connect a traditional telephone to a broadband connection to place calls over the Internet. It ships with support for several value-added features including voicemail, caller ID, call return, call forward, outbound calling, and it also includes a self-provision application that enables use to set-up a dedicated ten-digit phone number for inbound calls. In addition, the platform is also bundled with domestic and international connectivity capabilities, as well as a variety of calling plans and billing solutions, with hosting and support options.

Dialpad Communications

STMicroelectronics OEM VoIP Development Solution
STMicroelectronics (ST) has announced the introduction of the STV0397, its multi-channel VoIP processor for cable based telephony products. The product, which includes Netergy Microelectronics’ VP7 DSP core and VoIP firmware, can be used in conjunction with the vendor’s STV0396 DOCSIS single chip cable modem system to develop PacketCable compliant voice solutions such as VoIP IADs and gateways. It functions as an audio compression coprocessor supporting up to 16 channels, and it ships with support for H.323 technologies including G.711, G.722, G.723.1, G.726, G.728, G.729A/B, and G.729E algorithms, as well as acoustic echo cancellation, DTMF detection and generation, and audio mixing.

The product is expected to be available in a 292 ball plastic BGA package configuration later this fall. Pricing was not disclosed.


Samsung to Integrate RADVision’s H.323 Technology
Samsung Electronics reported that it is planning to integrate RADVision’s H.323 protocol toolkit technologies into its various corporate level products. The H.323 technology facilitates the creation of real time H.323 compliant voice and video calls over IP networks. It consists of H.225 RAS, RTP/RTCP and Q.931 call signaling, with optional modules for Annex G for gatekeeper to gatekeeper communications, H.235 security features and H.450 supplemental services. It is designed to run on operating systems including various UNIX flavors, real time OSs for embedded systems, and Windows NT and CE.

Samsung Electronics


Frost & Sullivan Releases VoIP Market Study
Frost & Sullivan has announced that it has just released an IP telephony market study entitled, World VoIP Services Market. The analysis indicates that wholesale and retail VoIP traffic volume exceeded 6 billion and 15 billion minutes respectively last year, and is projected to increase, with growth rates varying by world region, to account for approximately 75 percent of the world’s voice traffic by 2007.

Frost & Sullivan

Integral’s PurePacket Solutions Receives NEBS Certification
Integral Access said that its PurePacketNode has received NEBS level 3 certification for performance, safety and reliability. The solution consists of PurePacket OUTburst customer premise IADs, PurePacketNode carrier network aggregation devices for central offices, collocations, POPs, MDUs/MTUs, and the PurePacket OMS (Operations Management System) for network/element control and services management. The MPLS based system can be used to offer services including as voice, video and data (with QoS and latency applications) over various transport media such as copper pairs, xDSL, leased lines, and Fiber links.

Integral Access

MyOHQ.com to Integrate Net Talk’s VoIP Technology
MyOHQ.com, an ASP, has reported that it is planning to integrate Net Talk’s VoIP communication and collaboration applications into the communications solutions that it offers in to small and medium enterprises throughout the Asia Pacific region. MyOHQ’s product suite includes personal information management tools such as email, calendaring, and task management, and office management tools such as online employee handbooks, staff directory listings, newsletter creation and document sharing apps.


Net Talk

Aspect Enhance Contact Center Solution With VoIP Capabilities
Aspect Communications reported that it has enhanced its IP based contact center products, the Aspect IP Contact Suite, to support VoIP capabilities. The solution now enables users to receive, track and respond to all customer communications over one merged voice and data network. It routes incoming telephone calls, email, faxes and web chat session requests to the appropriate CSR via the single connection.

Aspect Communications

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