IP Telephony News Wrap-up for May, 31 2001

Comgates Introduces QoS/SLA System for VoIP
Comgates has reported the introduction of aXon, its solution for enforcing QoS levels and managing SLAs. The solution is comprised of several subsystems including the vendor’s CNAPS (Comgate Network Analyzer and Packet Switch), which continually monitors network conditions and collects data such as packet loss, latency and jitter, and the QBrain, which performs policy, routing and SLA-management functions. If the CNAPS application detects any signal quality degrades on any portion of the network, it re-routes the traffic to an alternate path specified by the QBrain system, which calculates and distributes all routing tables to the CNAPS unit for traffic handling, enabling the system to dynamically route any type of traffic to a sub-net of the network or to a different network for optimal performance. In addition, the vendor has also integrated the technology into its CSSW4000 Softswitch architecture, to develop an end-to-end QoS softswitch solution that will enable users to offer carrier class VoIP services with various QoS and levels.


StarVox Introduces VoIP Enabled IP Centrex Solution
StarVox has announced the introduction of StarVox IP Centrex, its VoIP application that allows broadband service providers to offer VoIP-based virtual PBX services to the small and mid-sized corporate market. The MGCP/H.323v2 compliant system, which is an add-on module for the vendor’s recently introduced VoIP Business Trunking with VPN application, enables IP based broadband service providers to offer local and long distance calling, private network calling and virtual PBX services over a managed IP network. It offers support for traditional PBX functionality, including station-to-station dialing, caller ID, call transfer, hunt groups, call forwarding and attendant services. In addition, StarVox IP Centrex can be used to connect multi-site offices, telecommuters and mobile workers with broadband access to the service provider’s IP network, allowing multiple sites to operate as one system utilizing the same internal extensions, voice messaging and attendant services. It can also be configured to operate with MGCP based IP phones as well as traditional analog phones connected to MGCP residential gateways.


PC-Telephone to Market MHL’s VoIP Enabling Device
SELECTRA OOD, dba Bulgarian VoIP provider PC-Telephone, has reported that it is planning to market MHL Communications’ VoIP enabling device, PhoneBridge, to the users of its VoIP software to enable the users to place free PC to PC and PC to phone calls from traditional telephones, including cordless models. The PhoneBridge unit, which connects between a PC’s or MAC’s speakers/microphone and full duplex soundcard, enables a user to plug in a traditional telephone, including cordless models, to place calls over the Internet. It is also interoperable with several other provider’s PC to PC, PC to phone, phone to phone and web based VoIP offerings.

PC-Telephone’s software application enables users to utilize a computer as an ISDN telephone, Internet telephone, fax machine, answering machine, voicemail and/or file transfer system. It supports features such as call answer, call scheduling, call forward, call waiting, call transfer, and call accounting/journal application that logs all calls including missed calls.


MHL Communications

LecStar Launches International VoIP Service
LecStar Corporation has reported that its subsidiary, LecStar DataNet, has launched an International VoIP services, dubbed Direct/TelConnect, that it is offering to International ISPs and multi-national corporations. The service, which is based on Cisco’s VoIP equipment including the recently introduced ATA 186 (analog telephone adaptor) VoIP enabling device, will enable users that have a dedicated Internet connection to access two way VoIP calling capabilities. It will allow the users to have a direct dial U.S. telephone number and/or U.S. toll free number, with traffic being routed over LecStar’s VoIP network and international switching facilities, the public Internet, as well as various carriers’ Class 5 infrastructures, providing connectivity between locations outside of North America and the U.S. as well as other various countries.

LecStar Corporation



BOS Teams with Interactive to Develop and Market Solutions
Better On-Line Solutions (BOS) announced a that it has reached an agreement with Interactive Intelligence (II), in which it will gain access to II’s marketing channels and the firms will co-develop a solution. According to the terms of the agreement, BOS intends to integrate its e-TeleLynk communications server and TeleLynk gateway with II’s interaction management software (which provides features such as desktop soft phone, contact management, call recording, conferencing and Internet text chat) to develop a solution that will support various communications applications such as click to talk with web to phone connectivity. BOS will also gain access to the II’s reseller channel, and will be solely responsible for marketing, selling and supporting the co-developed/integrated solution. The agreement also allows II to deploy BOS’ e-TeleLynk server, TeleLynk gateway and BOSaNOVA Connect USB devices in a configuration that will enable its employees to communicate over an IP network.

Interactive Intelligence

Better On-Line Solutions

Indigo and Infozech Team With Sonus to Develop Solutions
Sonus Networks has reported that both Indigo Software and Infozech Software have joined it Open Services Partner Alliance (OSPA) program to develop various solutions. In the deal with Indigo, the firms intend to develop SIP infrastructure solutions based on Indigo’s SIP user agent and SIP proxy server, and other network components, combined with Sonus’ array of products and technologies. In the partnership with Infozech, the firms plan to develop interoperability between Infozech’s customer care and billing solution, eBiLL, and Sonus’ line of technologies.

The OSPA program is focused on developing interoperability between other vendor’s products and Sonus’, and offering the interoperable end-to-end packet based network solutions to providers.


Indigo Software

Infozech Software

Sonus Networks

First Capital and OOO Lank Team to Offer Services in Russia
First Capital International announced that it has reached a preliminary joint venture agreement with OOO Lank, a St. Petersburg, Russia based ISP, in which OOO Lank will offer First Capital’s VoIP services. According to the terms of the initial agreement, the firms intend to expand the ISP services, develop support for offering the VoIP over existing networks and broadband infrastructures, and begin marketing both services via pre-paid phone cards.

First Capital International

2Wire and MetaSwitch Team to Develop Interoperability
2Wire said that it has partnered with MetaSwitch to successfully develop interoperability between its HomePortal line of residential gateways and MetaSwitch’s VP3000 Broadband Voice Platform. The combined solution will enable users to offer voice over broadband services without deploying a Class 5 switch.



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