IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Nov, 01 1999

Telstra, China Telecom and Capcom to Deploy Clarent's Gear

Telstra, China Telecom and Capcom to Deploy Clarent's Gear
Clarent has announced that Telstra, China Telecom and Capcom International are planning to use its IP telephony equipment to launch services. Telstra expects to deploy Clarent's Command Center and VoIP gateways to launch an IP telephony interconnectivity service. The service is scheduled for availability this winter. China Telecom plans to use the gear to develop a variety of international long distance calling services. It is currently developing prepaid calling cards that will enable users to place calls to any telephone in the world. Capcom plans to deploy the technologies throughout its Spain based network to offer prepaid V/FoIP services, and international wholesale calling services. The services are slated for commercial availability this fall.

Clarent's 8 to 120 port gateways support H.323 protocols including G.711, G.723.1, and G.729a codecs, Q.931 signaling and G.165 echo cancellation. The gateway provides SS7/C7, PRI-ISDN, T1, E1, Analog, and PBX interfaces that can handle voice, real-time fax or data traffic on each port. The product can also reroute traffic to the PSTN should the IP network become unavailable/congested. The units can be stacked to increase port density at any POP. The product can be managed using telnet, SNMP, or Clarent's own technology. In addition, the gateway interoperates with the billing, call routing and network administration capabilities of Clarent's Command Center package.

The Command Center is designed to provide a centralized system for the management and control of a network. The solution provides a web interface for access to routing tables, rating tables, subscriber information, dialing rules and billing records. It is capable of billing and managing a network of over 1,000 gateways, which can support hundreds of thousands of simultaneous calls. The product also allows gateways and subscribers to be added, rating tables to be modified, and routing tables to be reconfigured without affecting existing services.

In other news, LiteWave, a telecom network solutions provider, announced that it is planning to install Clarent's VoIP gear for Rostelecom, the incumbent Russian long distance telco. The companies initially intend to develop service offerings for Moscow, St. Petersberg, Yazoslavl and Volgogzad by the end of this year.



China Telecom

Capcom International


Go2Net, eCal & OneMain to Offer Net2Phone's Technologies
Net2Phone has announced that Go2Net, eCal Corporation and OneMain.com are planning to offer its IP telephony products and services. Go2Net, a network operator and web community host, is planning to integrate Net2Phone's PC to phone technologies throughout its networks. The companies also plan to develop a co-branded web portal that will enable visitors to access unified messaging capabilities (voice mail, faxes, e-mail and phone calls) based on Net2Phone's products and services. eCal, which provides Internet calendar products, will initially integrate Net2Phone's PC to phone VoIP technologies into its products, enabling users to place calls directly from them. In addition, the companies plan to further develop the offering to allow users to send and receive voice mail, faxes, e-mail and phone calls from any of eCal's products. OneMain.com, an Internet community provider, will offer Net2Phone's line of VoIP services and products to its 600,000 users from a co-branded web page. Visitors will be able to download the Net2Phone client, receive detailed instruction of how to install and use the software, sign up for a calling account and place PC to phone VoIP calls directly from the co-branded web page. Net2Phone will provide all customer and technical support for the offering.

In other news, Net2Phone said that it is offering to install a VoIP gateway at a provider's premises at no charge in return for a commitment to route at least 250,000 minutes of traffic per month over its network.



eCal Corporation


IDS to Use NetVoice's Network
IDS Telcom, a CLEC, has announced that it is planning to use NetVoice's network to terminate and originate U.S. domestic calling traffic. NetVoice utilizes Cisco's gear at 26 U.S. POPs to provide services throughout Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon and Texas. The provider also interconnects its network with Inter-Tel's U.S. domestic VoIP network. In addition, the company recently began implementing plans to collocate servers throughout Level 3's network to expand the offerings into at least an additional 12 U.S. markets by the end of the year.


GlarNet & Cescom to Use Portal's CC&B Technology
GlarNet Communications announced that it has launched an IP telephony billing service based on Portal Software's customer management and billing solution, Intfranet IPT. GlarNet will use the product to provide call rating, authentication, call tracking patterns, on-line registration, customer care, account maintenance, technical support and invoicing for both rechargeable and disposable prepaid calling card services. In addition to VoIP billing services, GlarNet is offering outsourced billing and customer care/technical support services for a variety of IP applications including FoIP, DSL, dedicated and dial up access, web hosting and application hosting.

Infranet is an end to end customer management and billing solution that enables providers to develop Internet telephony services that can support millions of users on a 24 x 7 basis. Its features include customer registration, caller authentication, credit limit verification, tracking of prepaid usage and account termination, LCR, and inter domain reconciliation and settlement capabilities.

In related news, Portal has licensed the Infranet customer care and billing technology to Cescom. Earlier this year, Cescom reported that it is deploying Ericsson's IPT VoIP system over its international network to provide services. The company is planning to build an a Tier-1 IP network that will have POPs in more than 50 interconnected global markets, with plans for worldwide coverage by year's end.


Portal Software



iCall to Use Cisco's Equipment to Offer Service
iCall announced that it is deploying Cisco's AS5300 and AS5800 model gateways throughout its network to offer VoIP based operator calling services such as called-party billed calls, third-party billed calls and collect calls. iCall plans to initially offer the services in Central America and East Asia.

In other news, Cisco is teaming with Polycom to develop and market IP telephony solutions. According to the terms of the five year agreement, Cisco will integrate Polycom's patented Acoustic Clarity Technology into its IP telephony handsets, and then integrate Cisco's VoIP technology into the next generation of Polycom's conference phone, SoundStation.


iCall Telecom


Redstone to Use Nokia's Technology to Offer Service
Redstone Telecom reported that it is planning to use Nokia's VoIP equipment to launch a commercial VoIP/data centrex service. Redstone expects to provide the service to Pinnacle Insurance plc this year, with plans to further develop the capabilities of the service, and offer it on a broader scale next year.

Nokia's line of V/FoIP technologies include gatekeepers, gateways, call processing servers, and both software and hardware clients.


Redstone Telecom

Delta Three & Net Talk Team to Offer Services
Deltathree.com reported that it is partnering with Net Talk to offer an Internet conferencing service based on Net Talks client, Net Talk Lite (NTL), and Deltathree's VoIP network. Initially, the providers intend to build a co-branded web site that will enable users to download Net Talk's PC to PC client, and/or Deltathree's dialer plug in for PC to phone connectivity. The site will also allow visitors to sign up for Deltathree's PC to phone, phone to phone or unified messaging services. The companies expect to begin fully integrating their respective products and services by the end of the year.

NTL is a freeware program that allows people to participate in real time voice and text chat, using animated characters in a 3-D environment.

In a separate announcement, Deltathree.com is planning to integrate Cydoor Technologies' ecommerce technology, OnSoftware, into is PC to phone client to enable web merchants to push special offers to visitors that are shopping/interacting with a web site.

The companies plan to offer the integrated product/service in time for the Christmas shopping season.


Cydoor Technologies

AUCS & Tele Danmark to Deploy Open Port's FoIP Gear
Open Port Technology reported that AUCS Communications Services and Tele Danmark are planning to use its Internet services creation platform, IP LaunchPad, to offer Internet fax services. AUCS has deployed the technology in several of its European POPs to offer email to fax, fax to email and fax to fax capabilities. Tele Danmark is planning to deploy the technology throughout its European infrastructure to offer a range of FoIP services to its customers.

Open Port

Tele Danmark

AUCS Communications Services

ipVerse Receives $16.5 Million in Financing
ipVerse announced that it has received $16.5 million in a second round of financing from Battery Ventures ($10.3 million) and Norwest Venture Partners ($5.7 million). ipVerse plans to use the funds to accelerate its engineering, sales, marketing operations as it prepares to release the ControlSwitch, a traditional and VoIP capable software switch product. The switch provides interoperability via SS7, Q.931, H.323, MGCP and SIP signaling technologies. It can scale to support more than one million busy hour call attempts, and it employs web based tools and an XML language to enable new enhanced services to be developed without interrupting existing services.

The product is scheduled for trials this winter, with commercial availability slated for early next year. Pricing is expected to begin at $100,000.


XACCT Receives $21.3 Million in Third Round Financing
XACCT Technologies announced that it has raised $21.3 million in a third round of financing from Ampal, Deutsche Bank, Eucalyptus Ventures, Israel Seed Partners, Nissho Iwai Corporation, Technology Crossover Ventures and Trident Capital. The vendor plans to use the funds to expand its research and development capabilities and to expand its sales organization and channel infrastructure.

XACCT manufactures an IP based customer care and billing platform, XACCTusage, which enables providers to define the exact IP session information that they would like to be captured. The application collects usage transaction details, in real-time, from a range of network elements and application servers and performs policy-based filtering, aggregation and merging to produce records similar to CDRs. The integrated product enables providers to create usage-based bills using a wide range of parameters.


Cyberfast to Acquire Global Telcom & Internet
Cyberfast Systems reported that it is planning to acquire Global Telcom and Internet Ventures. Financial details were not disclosed. The acquisition will provide Cyberfast with additional termination capabilities in Asia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and the U.S. Earlier this year, Cyberfast reported that it is in the process of building an Internet telephony network in select Asian markets. The provider expects the network to be fully operational this quarter.

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