IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Nov, 04 2005

1. Kentrox Introduces QoS Appliance

Kentrox has introduced Q1300, a QoS appliance and Ethernet
switch that manages bandwidth without the need to replace
existing routers.

The device protects applications and manages WAN bandwidth
via priority queuing and traffic shaping. Monitoring and
traffic prioritization is handled through default policies
using DiffServ. QoS is managed through real-time and
historical reports on WAN access performance accessible
through a GUI.

The Q1300 is available for $735.


3. Vonage to Use Convergence for Some e911 Functionality

Vonage will use Convergence’s Eclipse to provide e911
call routing, e911 call recording, and e911 CDRs. The
company will also be using TCS’ e911 solution.

A company spokeswoman for Vonage declined to elaborate
on the differences in services that would be provided
by TCS and Convergence.



5. CommuniGate Enhances Internet Communications Server

CommuniGate Systems has introduced version 5.0 of
CommuniGate Pro, an Internet Communications server for
messaging, collaboration and VoIP.

New VoIP applications include a teleconference server for
creating and hosting conferences; an auto attendant/IVR;
call queuing/ACD, and voicemail and self-service. The
new version also includes a platform for developing new
voice applications or extending existing ones.

In addition to applications, the server includes new
VoIP infrastructure such as a SIP farm; CDR and API for
billing; session border controller functionality
including both near-end and far-end NAT traversal and
media proxies; and the ability to configure workarounds
at runtime for non-standard SIP softswitches and clients
including support for Microsoft SIP clients.

The server can simultaneously route to multiple gateways
including IP to PSTN, IP to IP, PSTN to IP, and PSTN to
PSTN using SIP.

The CommuniGate Pro is available in a single server 25-
user pack for $699, with Dynamic Clusters ranging from
500 users to millions of subs.


7. ZivVa Launches Hosted IP PBX Service

Atlanta-based ZivVa has launched ZivVa Office, a
hosted IP PBX service for SMBs that features auto
attendant, voicemail, call waiting, call forwarding,
3-way calling, caller ID, and remote call pickup.
Virtual numbers are available for more than 150
area codes in the U.S. and in 13 countries outside
the U.S.


9. ISI Launches SIP Trunking Service for SMBs in the U.S.

Downers Grove, IL-based ISI Communications has launched
SIP, a SIP-based VoIP trunking service for SMBs located
in the continental U.S. The service includes porting
local business numbers and toll free numbers, acquiring
new local numbers and toll free numbers, and flat rate
local and long distance calling plans. Customers can
use a legacy phone switch or an IP PBX. In addition to
providing the hardware and voice services, the company
also provides systems integration.

iSIP does not have an e911 component.

ISI Communications

11. Ascalade Introduces Cordless Phone for PC to X VoIP Services

Ascalade has introduced the Companion, a cordless phone
system designed to operate with PC to phone or PC to PC
services. The phone connects to a PC via USB. The base
can support up to 4 cordless phones, operating up to 300
meters away from the PC.


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