IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Nov, 06 2000

BroadLink Deploys Cisco’s Gear in Wireless WAN
BroadLink Communications has announced that has deployed Cisco’s 12000 Series Internet router, 7200 Series routers, and 5500 and 6500 series switches combined with its own proprietary wireless WAN product, BrightEdge, to develop a variety of IP based wireless offerings such as multi-party video conferencing, gaming, encryption and VPNs. In addition, the provider expects to further develop the services to include support for additional capabilities such as VoIP, video and interactive content. BroadLink provides IP transport and content delivery services to other providers. It currently has wireless networks deployed in both Santa Rosa and Stockton, California that support Internet speeds of up to 5.5 Mbps, with plans to further develop the technology to support speeds of up to 54 Mbps. The company is also in the process of developing similar wireless WAN operations in other U.S. markets such as Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, Detroit, Ft. Lauderdale, Kansas City, Nashville, Orlando and St. Louis.

BroadLink Communications

Telekom Malaysia, Telemonde and iTOPIA Team For VoIP Trial
Telekom Malaysia Berhad reported that it has teamed with Telemonde and iTOPIA to successfully launch an IP telephony trial based on iTOPIA’s VoIP platform. The companies have deployed operations in Kuala Lumpur and London, and plan to continue testing the services as its capabilities are expanded. In addition, the firms also plan to deploy additional equipment to develop a wholesale VoIP offering that can provide global connectivity.



Telekom Malaysia Berhad

Way2Call Introduces New Versions of VoIP Products
Way2call Communications Ltd, which just changed its corporate name from ShelCad Communications, has announced the introduction of new versions of its Hi-Phone DeskTop device, and the Hi-Phone Traveler PCMCIA card. The G.711 compliant desktop unit interfaces with traditional phone to enable users to implement VoIP communications. It now supports a several traditional calling features such as caller ID and caller ID while waiting. In addition, it can be combined with the vendor’s SDK to enable OEMs to develop a variety of calling application/services. The new traveler product plugs into a PC to enable users to place and receive full duplex VoIP calls while browsing the Internet and/or conducting other activities. The G.711 compliant unit now features support for Windows 2000, and an enhanced Internet telephony application programming interface, which will enable OEMs to develop a variety of calling applications based on the product. In addition, the card supports both PC to PC and PC to phone connectivity, and it has been configured to interoperate with the PC to PC functionality of Delta Three’s service, iConnectHere.com.

Way2Call Communications

MetaSwitch and Woodwind Develop VoATM/DSL Interoperability
MetaSwitch reported that it has teamed with Woodwind Communications to develop interoperability between its MetaSwitch VP3000 integrated Broadband Voice platform and Woodwind’s Clarinet IADs based on the ATM Forum’s Broadband Loop Emulation Service specification.

The VP3000 combines broadband voice capabilities and Class 5 switch functionality in a carrier class system. It can implement SS7 technologies to provide connectivity to the PSTN, and it can also support VoATM, VoDSL and broadband voice services over wireless or cable. The Clarinet IAD is a software based device that routes traffic from the CO to the customer location. It offers support for software-based CLASS and Centrex features, and features a software configurable access interfaces that enable providers to develop and offer new services to subs. The combination of the two products, the 3000 unit deployed in a CO, and the IADs at customer premises, enables providers to offer a variety of voice an data services including VoATM or VoDSL

In other developments, Natural MicroSystems (NMS) and MetaSwitch have expanded an existing agreement, which will now enable MetaSwitch to integrate NMS’ line of broadband access and voice processing hardware into its VP3000 Broadband Voice Platform solutions. The firms intend to integrate NMS’ ArTeMux network adapters to provide ASIC based voice switching and TDM to ATM AAL2 voice traffic conversion, the Hyper-T3 DS-3/STS-1 broadband access adapter and its accompanying product, the BASIS resource module adapters, for SQUEEZ based compression and ECHO based echo cancellation, and NMS’ Alliance Generation 4000 series DSP resource boards and digital PSTN interfaces.

Broadband Loop Emulation Services

Woodwind Communications


Natural MicroSystems

Firetalk Introduces New PC to PC VoIP Service/Client
Firetalk has reported the introduction of Firetalk VQ, its VoIP communications service. The service is based on the company’s VoIP client to enable users to place PC to PC calls to other users. The product, which can also be used for text chat and conference calling (up to 100 participants), features user directories, full duplex communications, incoming call notification, multiple phone line support, voice messaging and call mute and hold capabilities. The service/client requires that users have access to at least a 233MHz Pentium based (or compatible) Windows 95/98/NT4/2000/Me PC, with 32 MB RAM, 12 MB free on hard drive, a full-duplex sound card, microphone and speakers, and at least a 40 kbps Internet connection.

The service/client is currently available on a subscription basis. It is priced at $19.95 per month, per user.


NETXUSA Signs Distribution Agreement With Oki Network
NETXUSA has announced that will market, support and distribute Oki Network Technologies’ model BV1250 VoIP gateway to resellers throughout the U.S. The stackable 4 port BV1250 IP telephony gateway can be configured to operate with existing PBXs, key telephone systems, traditional telephone systems, PSTN lines and fax machines. It supports H.323 v2 protocols including G.729a (8 kbps) and G.723.1 (5.3/6.3 kbps), as well as G3 real time facsimile technologies. It features integrated jitter-buffer technologies, automatic delay recovery controls, adjustable voice payload length and voice level control, and an automatic echo cancellation application.



Oki Network Technologies

MaxBill and Openet Telecom Team For Convergent CC&B Solution
MaxBill reported that it is teaming with Openet Telecom to develop a convergent billing, customer care and mediation solution based on the integration of MaxBill’s next gen customer care and billing system, MaxBill, with Openet’s mediation platform, FusionWorks. The integrated solution is expected to enable providers to offer and bill for an array of convergent services such as UMTS, GPRS, WAP and IP, based on a variety of pricing plans with multiple service discounts.

Openet Telecom


International Talk.com Changes Corporate Name to Vonova
International Talk.com reported that it has changed its corporate name to Vonova. The Texas based firm began deploying Clarent’s equipment late last year to develop a wholesale VoIP service. It currently routes approximately 12 million minutes of traffic per month, with about 75 percent of the traffic being routed over the Internet. In addition, the company can terminate traffic in over 230 countries.


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