IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Nov, 07 2003

1. VoicePulse to Use Sipura’s Phone
VoicePulse, a consumer VoIP service provider, will use Sipura’s SPA-2000 phone adapters with its service. The device will connect a user’s regular phone to an Internet connection. The adapter includes over 400 configurable features such as 3-party conferencing, distinctive call waiting tones, phone message waiting indication, and light illumination.

The SPA-2000 will be provided to VoicePulse customers at no charge. The adapaters retail for $120.

VoicePulse multiple residential voice service plans such as unlimited local, regional and 200 U.S. long distance minutes for $14.99 per month and unlimited local, regional and U.S. long distance calling for $34.99 per month.

Sipura Technology


3. Mera Enhances Softswitch with H.323/SIP Module
Mera Networks has added a H.323/SIP signaling and media interworking module to its softswitch solution that will provide two way H.323/SIP translation to bridge SIP and H.323 networks and equipment, a SIP stateful proxy to ensure interworking of incompatible implementations, CODEC conversion for fault free circulation of media flows (G.729, G.729A, G.723.1, G711A-Law, and G.711mU-Law), NAT traversal, and T.38 fax pass through to enable fax exchange through the translator.

In other news, Mera has said that Equant will deploy its session controller for routing of VoIP traffic in Russia. Equant has 300 PoPs in Russia.

Mera’s session controller has delivered more than 250 million minutes of VoIP traffic via deployments among several major providers such as Zebra Telecom (Russia), Edge Telecom (Germany), and InterDnestrCom (Moldavia).

Mera Networks


5. NTT to Deploy Acme Packet’s Session Border Controllers
NTT will deploy Acme Packet’s Net Net session border controllers over its network. NTT will use the controllers for SIP to H.323 and H.323 to H.323 interworking as well as for security features such as hosted NAT traversal, access control, topology hiding, and denial of service protection.


Acme Packet

7. i2 Unveils 4-Channel Microgateway for VoIP Service
i2 Telecom has introduced E-VoIP 4000, a 4-channel microgateway that connects PBXs to an Internet connection, allowing business users to access i2’s domestic long distance and international VoIP service. The device also provides IP trunking to remote offices.

The E-VoIP 4000 features full pass through service to the PSTN for local and emergency calls.

The product goes for $1,495.

i2 Telecom

9. Interstar Adds SIP Support to IP Fax Server
Interstar has released version 4.0 of its XMediusFax enterprise fax server. The new release supports SIP, Group 4 (G4) fax, HTML email notification, automatic routing of received faxes, and simultaneous support for fax boards and T.38 FoIP gateways.

HTML email notification allows users to preview the first page of a received fax directly in a web savvy email client, eliminating the need to launch an external TIFF viewer.

The IP fax server provides automatic routing of received faxes to a designated printer or folder, creating more flexible document workflows and aiding integration with enterprise document management systems.

XMediusFax also includes the latest Brooktrout SDK 3.0.3 drivers for TR1000 series fax boards, and now supports Brooktrout TR1034 boards for both PRI and fractional T1 connections.


11. CommPartners to Use Syndeo’s Technology for VoCable
CommPartners, a broadband ASP, will use Syndeo’s call management server and media gateway controller as part of its turnkey PacketCable based VoIP offering to cable operators. CommPartners will also use the company’s Syndeo Plus package, which includes a media gateway, SS7 gateway, announcement server, recordkeeping server, and CALEA server. Plus includes systems integration and various professional services for deploying a VoIP service.

The CommPartners solution will include primary and secondary line telephony service as well as domestic long distance and international services.



13. Essent Kabelcom Deploys Nuera’s Gateway for VoCable Service
Essent Kabelcom has deployed Nuera’s ORCA RDT-8v VoIP gateway to connect its VoIP broadband equipment to its Class 5 switch and the PSTN.

Essent is the second largest cable operator in the Netherlands, providing voice, video, and data services to more than 1.7 million subscribers.

Essent Kabelcom


15. Teleglobe to Acquire ITXC
Montreal based Teleglobe, a top 5 provider of international wholesale voice, data, IP and mobile roaming services, will acquire New Jersey based ITXC, operator of the world’s largest VoIP network. After the all stock acquisition, Teleglobe will be one of the top three international voice carriers.

Upon completion of the merger, expected in March of next year, holders of ITXC’s common stock will receive common shares of a newly formed parent company. All outstanding warrants and options of ITXC will be converted to the new Teleglobe parent company. Neither company would disclose the value of the agreement.

ITXC and Teleglobe had combined revenues of $286.8 million for the third quarter of this year. ITXC posted a net loss of $9.9 million for the quarter. The combined company expects to have positive net cash flows by the end of 2004. Teleglobe, a company that emerged from bankruptcy, has maintained a positive net cash flow since reorganizing.

Teleglobe’s network reaches more than 240 countries and territories and is physically interconnected to approximately 275 fixed line telecom providers and 360 mobile operators. The company carries approximately 7.4 billion minutes of voice traffic per year, has ownership in 100 worldwide cable networks, and satellite networks and has Internet peering relationships with many of the other major international Internet providers.

ITXC carries over four billion voice minutes of international traffic annually. The company has direct relationships with carriers in more than 175 countries.



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