IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Nov, 08 1999

Startec Deploys Clarent’s Technology to Launch Service

Startec Global Communications said that it is using Clarent’s IP telephony equipment to offer an Internet
telephony interconnectivity service. The provider has already deployed 20 VoIP gateways throughout Hong
Kong, Paraguay, Poland, Russia and the U.S., with plans to launch the service, on a commercial basis, early
next year.

Clarent’s 8 to 120 port gateways support H.323 protocols including G.711, G.723.1, and G.729a, Q.931
signaling and G.165 echo cancellation. The gateway provides SS7/C7, PRI-ISDN, T1, E1, Analog, and
PBX interfaces that can handle voice, real-time fax or data traffic on each port. It can also reroute traffic to
the PSTN should the IP network become unavailable/congested. The units can be stacked to increase port
density at any POP. The product can be managed using telnet, SNMP, or Clarent’s own technology. In
addition, the gateway interoperates with the billing, call routing and network administration capabilities of
Clarent’s Command Center package.

The Command Center is designed to provide a centralized system for the management and control of a
network. The solution provides a web interface for access to routing and rating tables, subscriber
information, dialing rules and billing records. It is capable of billing and managing a network of over 1,000
gateways, which can support hundreds of thousands of simultaneous calls. The product also allows
gateways and subscribers to be added, rating tables to be modified, and routing tables to be reconfigured
without affecting existing services.



Westel 900 to Deploy VocalTec’s eCommerce Technology

Westel 900 GSM Mobile Telecommunications announced that it has deployed VocalTec’s VoIP call center
product, Surf&Call, to enable its subscribers to initiate communications with company representatives via
its web site.

The Surf&Call application can be integrated into the existing telephony infrastructure of a call center. It is
based on VocalTec’s Ensemble Architecture line of IP telephony products to enable Internet users to place
calls directly from a web site to any telephone or call center agent. Once the connection is established, the
product allows a CSR to communicate with a caller while simultaneously steering the caller around a web
site via push technologies, jointly viewing web pages, filling out forms and conducting business.

The Ensemble Architecture products consist of H.323 compliant gatekeepers, gateways, network
management resources and communications software capable of supporting thousands of interacting multi-
vendor gateways, gatekeepers and servers.

Westel 900 expects to launch the service this month.

Westel 900


ILDC to Use Salix’s Gear to Build V/FoIP Network

International Long Distance Corporation (ILDC) has announced that it is planning to deploy Salix’s
ETX5000 platform to build a V/FoIP network throughout the U.S. The ETX unit connects to TDM voice
networks via DS3, E3 or STS-1 electrical interfaces, or OC-3/12 SONET optical interfaces, and it connects
to IP based networks via 100 Base-T Ethernet interfaces that connect with backbone routers and OC-3c/12c
SONET interfaces to support both ATM and packet over SONET data communications. The product
supports H.323 compliant codecs including G.711, G.723.1 and G.729A, and T.38 real time fax protocols
including V.21, V.27 and V.29. It can also implement IPDC, SGCP and MGCP technologies for call
control. In addition, the unit offers service management capabilities via SNMP, common management
information protocol/common management information service, Telnet and FTP applications.

ILDC intends to begin installing the product in its U.S. network early next year, with international
deployment plans expected thereafter.


TEK DigiTel & CentreCom Team to Offer Service/Products

CentreCom has announced that it is planning to offer its ISP customers a flat rate VoIP solution, branded
Pronto, that consists of access to its VoIP network bundled with TEK DigiTel’s VoIP SOHO voice
gateway. The bundled solution will enable the ISP partners to offer VoIP services to customers without
installing VoIP capable infrastructure in existing networks. CentreCom plans to charge $99/month for the
solution, which will include one SOHO IP telephony gateway and 500 minutes of calls (fax and voice) to
any location in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the UK, the U.S., and several other markets. Users
can exceed the 500 minute limit for an undisclosed CPM charge. In addition, the service will feature a
follow me capability, that will allow users to configure the gateway to enable callers to reach them at any
location by forwarding the call to any telephone at any location.

TEK DigiTel’s SOHO VoIP product is named the V-Server iGATE. It can consolidate multiple solutions
and/or devices for voice, data and Internet communications. It features a WAN router with an Ethernet port,
a serial port, an ISDN BRI, and two V/FoIP ports. It support H.323 protocols, for interoperability with
other vendor’s VoIP equipment, and the T.38 specification for real time fax transmissions.


TEK DigiTel

Three More Web Firms to Offer ZeroPlus’ VoIP Services

ZeroPlus.com has announced that Wall Street News Cast, Gateway Enterprises and Tidal Wave will offer
its PC to PC VoIP services from their respective web sites for a share of revenues generated. According to
the terms of the agreements, ZeroPlus.com will provide each provider with a co-branded version of its
VoIP software for distribution, and build a service registration/information page for each company’s web

The ZeroPlus.com Internet telephony service provides users with VoIP software that enables anyone with
Internet access to place and receive calls via a permanent phone number. All participants in a call must be
logged onto the Internet before a call can be connected. The provider also offers an online white pages
section that allows a user to list their phone number and search for other users’ phone numbers by name,
city, state or nickname. In addition, the company is developing call waiting, forwarding, transfer and hold
features for the service, which will be offered to users as a no charge 30 day trial, after which plans to bill
for each service.


Wall Street News Cast

Tidal Wave

Paramax Introduces VoIP Client

Paramax has announced the introduction of its IP telephony client, MaxPhone Lite. The Windows 95
compliant product supports both PC to phone and PC to PC connectivity. It features stereo audio, voice
mail, speed dial, caller ID, call screening, muting and directory assistance capabilities. Its ships as a
software CD with a stereo headset and boom microphone. Users of the phone will need to own a Pentium
133 MHz PC or higher running Windows 95, or higher, 32 MB RAM, 15 MB free, at least a 256-color
monitor, a 16-bit sound card, Winsock 1.1 or higher and access to the Internet (direct LAN connection or
via modem).

The company plans to use the client to offer a U.S. domestic PC to phone and PC to PC VoIP service. The
provider will charge 9.9 CPM for call made from PC to phone within the continental U.S., and PC to PC
connectivity will be offered at no charge. International calling is not currently available.

The client, which is currently in beta release, is expected to be commercialy available by the end of the
year. It is priced at $29.95.


Cisco to OEM RADVision’s Products

Cisco reported that it has entered an OEM agreement with RADVision, in which it plans to private label
RADVision’s MCU-323 multipoint control unit (MCU), L2W-323 BRI and PRI multimedia gateways and
VIU-323 video interface unit.

RADVision’s suite of H.323 v.1 and v.2 compliant developer products include gatekeepers, gateways,
protocol stacks, adapters and software available for operating systems including Unix, Windows and
several real time OSs. The MCU-323 unit can support up to 9 simultaneous conferences, and the units may
be interconnected to increase the number of users. It offers four 10Base-T Ethernet ports, or four Token
Ring ports for LAN interface. The H.323 compliant product (H.225, H.245, H.261, H.263, G.711 & G.723)
provides for SNMP based administration and management. It can ship with optional Gatekeeper
functionality, and it is field upgradeable via software download.

The H.323 compliant L2W-323 gateway provides PRI T1/E1 interfaces to ISDN networks to support up to
eight ISDN 2B calls, four 384kbps bonded, concurrent video calls, or 16 voice only calls. The product also
supports both central office switch and PBX configurations to connect H.323 endpoints to PSTN/ISDN
telephones and H.320 clients. Its PRI network interface can connect multiple endpoints via a single

The VIU-323 is a video interface unit that enables users to migrate or connect legacy system ISDN or
H.320 videoconferencing systems to IP multimedia networks (LAN/intranets/Internet). The stand alone two
port unit connects H.320 videoconferencing systems to IP multimedia networks without affecting exisisting
H.320 ISDN capabilities/connections. It supports videoconferencing systems such as PictureTel, VTEL,
Tandberg and Sony. The solution utilizes videoconferencing protocols such as H.320, H.323, G.711,
G.723.1, G.728 and H.261, to support connection speeds of up to 384 kbps. In addition, remote user
configuration is available via the product’s RS232 serial interface/modem port.



Killen & Associates Releases VoIP Market Report

Killen & Associates reported that it has just released an IP telephony market report entitled, The Internet
Protocol Telephony Equipment and Services Marketplace: Small and Medium Enterprises. The report
explores the VoIP equipment market, indicating that the market is shifting from selling VoIP gear to
Fortune 500 companies to developing solutions specifically for small to medium size corporations. It
projects that by 2003, the 30 million small and medium global enterprises will spend $8.1 billion for IP
voice services, and an additional $5.5 billion to purchase equipment to implement VoIP services. In
addition, the research offers a breakdown of the market by select product offerings (corporate, carrier class,

The 160 page report is priced at $4,500 on paper, or $6,500 for the electronic version, which also includes a
one hour question/answer session with a Killen representative, and PDF files.

The Internet Protocol Telephony Equipment and
Services Marketplace: Small and Medium Enterprises

Killen & Associates

CosmoCom Receives $15.3 Million in Financing

CosmoCom reported that it has received $15.3 million in mezzanine equity funding from Science
Applications International Corporation as well as several of CosmoCom’s initial investors. The vendor
plans to use the funds to finance a growth in its sales and marketing programs, and to further develop its
flagship IP call center software, CosmoCall Universe.

CosmoCall Universe converts all incoming communications into IP packets. It is capable of integrating IP
based telephone communications into a web site or network-based application using an IP based ACD to
enable customers to reach the proper customer service agent. The multi-server system can handle up to
8,000 agents, supporting up to 50,000 simultaneous calls/messages and 200 call arrivals per second. It
features H.323 interoperability for VoIP calls, E1 and Euro ISDN interfaces as well as support for IVR
systems. It also implements MSMQ technologies for communications transport and security, and HTTPS
and SSL for secure caller data communications.

The product is currently available. It is priced at about $4,000 per seat.



Critical Path to Acquire FaxNet

Critical Path announced it has signed a definitive acquisition agreement to acquire the assets and operations
of FaxNet. Financial details were not disclosed. Critical Path plans to integrate FaxNet’s array of FoIP
technologies into its line of corporate Internet messaging solutions.

In a separate announcement, CCBN.com said that it is planning to use FaxNet’s FaxMission product to
launch an Internet fax service named SmartBlast. FaxMission enable users to receive facsimiles as emails
attachments. For per page charges, users can send faxes or have documents automatically redirected to a
traditional fax machine. It features an address book, broadcast capabilities, and real-time, online status and
billing detail review.

Critical Path



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