IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Nov, 09 2000

ePhone Teams With MA&C to Launch Prepaid Services in Belgium
ePhone Telecom has announced that it has received an Internet telephony transmission license in Belgium, and teamed with MA&C, a Belgian based distribution firm, to launch an initial prepaid calling card based trial branded Call Global. The companies intend to further develop and expand the prepaid offering, and then begin offering international long distance services directly to both residential and corporate customers. For the direct offering, ePhone plans to develop and offer a device that will enable users to retain the existing PSTN connection but have the option of routing calls over its VoIP network.

The provider recently completed the initial deployment of its Global VoIP network, which has POPs in Brussels, Frankfurt, Herndon, London, Rotterdam and Zurich, each capable of supporting a services such as prepaid calling card, and both business and residential voice and fax services. In addition, the POPs are interconnected with the company’s affiliated carriers, to provide termination capabilities outside of its existing infrastructure via least cost routing technologies.

ePhone Telecom

POPstar to Deploy Brooktrout’s Technology to Further Develop Service
POPstar Communications, which has operations in Asia, Europe and North America, said that it is planning to use Brooktrout Technology’s TRxStream Series TR1000 cards to develop a platform that will support unified messaging (FoIP, email, and plans for voice). The TR1000 series provides a carrier grade hardware interface to the PSTN for outbound fax messaging services such as email to fax, web to fax, fax to fax and fax broadcasting. It also supports integrated inbound messaging services via DID technologies to route both fax and the developing voice traffic to unified messaging mailboxes. In addition, the vendor has recently configured the board to support Euro-ISDN technologies and Sun’s Solaris SPARC platform.

POPstar has been using Brooktrout’s TR114 Series fax cards to support its Internet fax clearinghouse service, which provides webmail, POP3/IMAP email services, web to fax, email to fax, fax to email, and fax to fax connectivity. The clearinghouse service is offered on a revenue share basis that enables participating providers to offer on-premise or outsourced messaging services such as FoIP, email and unified mail. POPstar licenses the service platform to affiliated providers on a no charge basis and shares revenue generated from traffic routed through each gateway. POPstar provides all authentication, routing, settlements and revenue sharing to all member participants via its OSP based clearinghouse platform.

POPstar Communications

Brooktrout Technologies

UniLink Tele.Com to Deploy Nuera’s VoIP Equipment
UniLink Tele.Com announces that it is planning to deploy Nuera Communications’ ORCA line (GX-21 and GX-8) of VoIP solutions to develop a global telecommunications network.

The ORCA gateways can support from 120 to 2000 simultaneous voice or real time fax ports per chassis, on a Frame Relay or IP based network, with the capability to implement call transfer rates between 4.8 kbps to 64 kbps on a call by call basis. The system provides CAS, R2, FAS, SS7, CC7, ISDN, SIP and H.323 (G.711, G.729, G.729A and G.165) signaling. The vendor’s embedded softswitch technology handles MGCP based call setup and tear down.

The provider intends to deploy the equipment in at least 13 North American POPs over the next year. It is in the process of establishing and expanding its international network to offer both wholesale and prepaid international long distance services, and it currently operates 6 POPs in select North American and Asia Pacific markets.

UniLink Tele.Com


Davnet Teams With InnoMedia to Develop IP Based VideoPhone
Davnet Limited has announced that it is teaming with InnoMedia to develop a plug n play IP based hardware/software videoconferencing product branded DAVNET IP VideoPhone. InnoMedia designed and developed the solution, which incorporates both its video and voice processing technologies. The product can be plugged directly into any broadband IP based network. It incorporates a TFT display, CCD camera, and it supports H.323 technologies for interoperability with other client applications. It features capabilities for speakerphone, voice mute, phone book and last number redial, and it can also be connected to a LAN port and linked to directory server, to provider connectivity with other LAN users. In addition, it can be used to display a variety of data information on screen.

The phone is expected to be available later this year. It is priced at US$1,500, per unit.

Davnet Limited


AudioCodes Introduces VoATM/VoIP Developers Board
AudioCodes has announced the introduction of the Trunk Pack (TP) 610, its cPCI based board solution for OEMs designing VoATM and VoIP systems. The product can support up to eight T1s or six E1s (192 or 180 ports), and it offers 100Base-T and OC-3 connectivity. It features support for a variety of technologies for both voice and fax including G.723.1, G.729A, G.711, T.38, MGCP, CAS, PRI and echo cancellation, and users can specify how the unit will process each type of traffic. In addition, the vendor has configured the product to support evolving 3G wireless technologies.

The board is expected to be available on a beta basis sometime this quarter, with commercial availability slated for early next year.


ECI Telecom to Integrate MIND CTI’s VoIP CC&B Technology
ECI Telecom reported that it is planning to integrate MIND CTI’s customer care and billing technology, MIND-iPhonEX, into its ITX line of IP telephony equipment to develop VoIP solutions with integrated billing capabilities.

The iPhonEX technology is designed to provide billing and call traffic analysis for IP services such as VoIP. It features web interfaces for providers and subscribers that can be used to register, verify credit cards and perform a variety of other customer care functions. The product also provides support for call management, traffic analysis, fraud detection and convergent IP services billing capabilities.

The H.323 compliant ITX line consists of two PSTN to IP gateways, models 180 and 1000, which provide support for up to 240 simultaneous calls or 480/384 E1/T1 lines respectively, the proprietary Hi-Manage 1000 network management solution, and the I-CSS (ITX Carrier Support System) back office system.


ECI Telecom

Polycom and Avaya Team For Corporate VoDSL Solution
Avaya reported that it is teaming with Polycom to develop a VoDSL solution for the small to medium size business market. According to the terms of the deal, the firms intend to integrate Polycom’s 16 port IAD, which is being co-developed, into Avaya’s Partner Advanced Communications System (ACS) to design a VoDSL system that can be implemented in existing corporate telecommunications systems.

The integrated solution is expected to be available early next year.



eDial to Offer IP Services Using Level 3’s Networks and Technologies
eDial reported that it is planning to deploy Level 3 Communications’ softswitch based (3) Voice platform to connect with the carrier’s networks and develop a service that will enable other providers to use the interconnection to offer a variety of services including on-the-fly conference calls, direct dial from a PC or Internet connected Palm Pilot, dial by name or email address, and instant messaging. The provider also intends to offer the services to end users.


Level 3

Verizon to Distribute Way2Call’s Telephony Device
Verizon Communications, a telco formed by the merger of Bell Atlantic and GTE, reported that it is planning to license Way2Call Communications’ Hi-Phone Desktop device for distribution. The G.711 compliant desktop unit interfaces with a traditional telephone to support either VoIP and traditional telephony communications. It supports CLASS services such as caller ID, call waiting and caller ID while waiting, and it can be combined with the vendor’s SDK and other technologies to provide a platform that can be used to develop a variety of calling applications/services.

Verizon Communications

Way2Call Communications

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