IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Nov, 09 2001

1. CableLabs’ PacketCable Qualification Ready to Begin
CableLabs has announced that its PacketCable test program is ready to begin qualifying vendor products for certification. The organization has frozen the specifications to all non-critical changes, is in the process of updating test plans and procedures, and plans to hold four certification waves next year. Vendors wishing to submit product(s) for certification must complete a checklist of their product’s implemented functionality for assessment by PacketCable, and then travel to the CableLabs facility to demonstrate that functionality as part of a system-wide integrated network.

A final test plan is expected to be issued later this year.

PacketCable is a CableLabs led initiative aimed at developing interoperable interface specifications for delivering real-time multimedia services over two-way cable plant. The initiative is focused on using cable modem infrastructure to develop IP based technologies that will support an array of multimedia services including IP telephony, multimedia conferencing, telecommuter services, as well as other integrated multimedia applications.

PacketCable Specifications



3. Telephone Organisation of Thailand Deploys Digiquant’s Gear
Digiquant announced that Telephone Organisation of Thailand (TOT) has implemented its Internet Management System (IMS) to manage data and VoIP services. The companies implemented the IMS solution, which utilizes Cisco’s voice and data gateways, to enable TOT to control and manage all of its IP services, customers, and network from a single platform. The firms also configured the modular functionalities of the system to provide TOT with one integrated solution that can deliver, manage, and bill for data services such as pre-paid Internet access cards, Internet dial, wholesale dial access, leased line, and email, as well as a variety of VoIP offerings including prefix routing, pre-paid calling cards, post-paid, and toll free 800 services. Hatari Internet Technology, a Digiquant partner, handled delivery of the integrated solution.

TOT, which holds a state monopoly for domestic communications services in Thailand, provides telephony services to more than 3 million subscribers Thailand. It has plans to privatize over the next few years in expectation of the deregulation of Thailand’s telecommunications market.

Telephone Organisation of Thailand


5. TeleGeography Releases International Telephony Report
TeleGeography has announced that it has just released TeleGeography 2002, a report that indicates VoIP will account for 10 billion minutes, or 6 percent of the world’s international traffic, in 2001. The study offers route-by-route international voice traffic statistics for over 100 countries and 2,000 routes, carriers and destinations, research on international traffic to and from mobile phones, and both retail and wholesale pricing data, including analysis of international carrier costs. In the VoIP sector, the research provides traffic volumes and route rankings, International VoIP carrier market shares and revenues, analysis of regional VoIP destinations, and review of retail and wholesale business drivers. It also estimates that there will be over 160 billion minutes of international phone-to-phone calls placed through carriers worldwide in 2001 (excluding calls placed from PC-to- phone, PC-to-PC, and calls routed over private corporate networks).

The report is currently available. It is priced at $1,995.


TeleGeography 2002

7. NMS Receives DTMF Signal Over IP Patent
NMS Communications reported that it has been awarded U.S. Patent number 6,226,303 for a technique for the transmission of DTMF signals in VoIP applications (DTMF tone detection and suppression with application to computer telephony over packet switched networks). The technique, which complies with both the ITU’s and the IETF’s touchtone signal over IP specifications, describes a method to overcome a limitation of IP networks that results in incorrect processing of touchtone signals, due to packet loss or signal distortion, and provide a method of preserving the quality of the touchtone signals while traveling across IP networks.

NMS Communications

9. Marconi Teams With Telica To Develop VoATM/VoIP Solution
Marconi reported that it has partnered with Telica to develop and offer VoATM and VoIP solutions based on the interoperability of its multi-service packet switch, ASX-4000, and Telica’s Plexus 9000 voice packet switch. The firms have already developed product interoperability and successfully tested the transportation of AAL1 and AAL2 voice packets using permanent virtual circuits and switched virtual circuits, as well as ILMI interoperability and VoIP messaging over ATM. The Plexus unit has achieved both NEBS Level 3 and OSMINE certification, with the ASX-4000 product NEBS-certified and undergoing OSMINE testing.

The companies initially intend to market the combined solution to tier-one service providers.



11. Glenayre and ComEase Team to Develop VoIP Solution
Glenayre Technologies said that it is teaming with ComEase.com to integrate ComEase.com’s ClickNTalk real-time VoIP solution with its unified communications platform to develop a web interface based two-way voice communications system with direct dial and callback features. The Unified Communications platform also enables users to manage voice, fax and e-mail messages from multiple devices via a single, unified mailbox.


Glenayre Technologies

13. Graybar to Offer Ericsson’s Enterprise Solutions
Ericsson Enterprise said that it has signed a distribution agreement with Graybar Electric, in which Graybar will offer its line of enterprise communications products including the MD110 Business Communications Systems, MD110 Compact Enterprise for small- and medium-size offices, the WebSwitch IP telephony family and wireless LAN (802.11b) products to authorized resellers in Canada and the U.S.

Graybar expects to begin distributing the systems sometime this month.

Graybar Electric

Ericsson Enterprise

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