IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Nov, 10 1998

MCI Integrates WebLine’s Collaboration Software Into Its E-Commerce App

MCI WorldCom has announced that it is integrating WebLine Communications’
web collaboration software into the latest version of its e-commerce Click’N
Connect application. The Click’N Connect enables visitors to MCI’s business
customer’s web sites to initiate real-time, VoIP communications with the businesses’
call center agents by clicking a call icon on the web site. With the WebLine
software integrated into the Click’N Connect service, call center agents will
be able to co-browse a web site, share application screens, interactively
complete shared web-based forms and exchange files with web site visitors.

The Click’N Connect system utilizes NetSpeak’s VoIP technology.





TeleKnowledge Group Unveils Plug & Play, Billing by the Bit Solution

TeleKnowledge Group has announced the introduction of B3 (Bill by Bit), its plug
and play software application for billing and customer care. The B3 solution
supports network services including frame relay, ATM and broadband IP-based
services such as audio / video over IP. Its usage-based capabilities enable
providers to charge customers based on parameters such as data volume, destination
and time of service, and duration of connection and service level with regard
to the type of service provided. Discounts can be implemented based on methods
such as step, tier or multi-service discounting. B3 produces a single bill that
includes all of a customer’s charges including one-time charges, recurring
charges and usage-based charges. Each type of charge appears in the bill as
itemized information regarding the actual level of network service (including
credits if necessary) provided.

The system is currently available for NT and UNIX based platforms. Pricing
varies based on installation and platform.

TeleKnowledge Group


Wang Global To Install and Support PSI’s VoIP Services

Wang Global has announced that it will provide support for the international
launch of PSINet’s VoIP service, PSIVoice. According to the terms of the agreement,
Wang will provide PSIVoice customers with strategic planning/analysis, engineering,
installation/delivery, and ongoing support capabilities.

PSIVoice will be modeled after PSI’s IntraNet service and be offered to the small
and medium-sized companies that are current IntraNet customers. Its architecture
incorporates permanent virtual circuits that route voice over the network between
a businesses’ multiple locations. All data is transmitted over PSI’s network.

Wang Global designs, installs, operates and maintains global computing and telecommunications



Wang Global


elemedia Introduces Updated H.323 Protocol Stacks

elemedia has announced that the latest version of its H.323 protocol stack, the
EX3230S H.323 Protocol Stack, has been specifically engineered for use with
embedded processor systems. The product enables support for H.323 protocols
including H.263 and H.263+, H.450, G.723.1, and G.729/G.729A, and others such
as RTP/RTCP, Q.931/2 and RAS signaling.

The technology is available for Solaris, VxWorks, and WindowNT platforms, with
planned extensions to support WindowsCE and pSOS. The stack is currently undergoing
testing, with commercial availability scheduled for next month.

In a related announcement, elemedia unveiled version 2.2 of its PX3230S protocol
stack, designed for general-purpose processors and desktop applications. The
stack utilizes the C++ programming language and higher-level API access functions.
It incorporates support for H.323 v1 and v2 protocols including H.263 and
H.263+, H.450, G.723.1, and G.729/G.729A, plus support for other capabilities
including Q.931/2, RTP/RTCP and RAS signaling.

PX3230S is available for HP Unix, Solaris, UnixWare, VxWorks, and WindowNT



Choicecom to Use ICG Netcom Technology to Become Dominant ITSP in Texas

ChoiceCom has announced that it plans to utilize ICG Netcom’s technology to offer
IP telephony to and from five Texas markets. The provider began offering
traditional telecom service in the Austin, San Antonio and Corpus Christi
markets earlier this year. It is currently installing equipment in Dallas
and expects to offer service in Houston by December of this year. Once the
five market network is complete, the company plans to begin offing ICG’s US
based IP telephony services.

ChoiceCom utilizes Lucent’s 5ESS network switches interconnected with fiber
to provide service to the Texas markets.

ICG Netcom


Concord Technologies Launches Partnership Program for Internet Fax Service

Concord Technologies has announced the launch of a partnership program for
telecommunication carriers and Internet service providers that seek to offer
unified messaging and Internet fax services. To participate in the program,
partners will market the services to customers as value-added services via
direct mail, web links, etc. Concord will handle all account activation,
customer service and billing. The partners will earn commissions based on
each customer’s use of the services. Concord expects that by January, the
program will be developed enough to enable the partners to include private-label
branded resale services, and manage account activation, customer service and

The Internet fax and unified messaging services operate using Symantec’s
WinFax PRO 9.0. The Internet fax service enables the 15 million registered
users of WinFax PRO to send faxes to any fax number in the world over IP.
Users can connect to any ISP and use the software to send and receive fax,
voice and email messages. Facsimiles sent by users are routed to Concord’s
Internet fax platforms (provided by Open Port Technologies), and from there
to the destination number via a LCR method of a combination of data networks
and the PSTN. Fax messages can be retrieved using a browser, telephone or
fax machine.

Concord Technologies




Open Port


Stardust to Host QoS Forum In San Jose

Stardust Forums has announced that it will host a QoS Forum at the DoubleTree Hotel
in San Jose, California on November 16, 1998. The meeting will feature a
discussion of the creation of industry-wide QoS capabilites including an update
on new protocols impacting the QoS of Internet technologies including RSVP and
DIFFSERV. The event will also provide an outline of protocols used for QoS and
their uses in products and services.

The conference is priced at $695.

Stardust Forums


iBand Conference


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