IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Nov, 11 1998

CableLabs Announces Team of Vendors to Develop PacketCable Specification

CableLabs has announced that a team of 18 vendors will contribute
intellectual technology, on a royalty free basis, towards the development
of the PacketCable specification, a standard for the transmission of
Internet telephony, video-conferencing and other packet services over
two-way cable networks. The vendors include 3Com, 8X8, Arris Interactive,
Bellcore, Broadband Access Systems, Broadcom, Cisco, Com21, Motorola,
Hybrid Networks, Netspeak, Nortel, Phasecom, Transnexus, Tellabs,
VideoServer, and VocalTec. CableLabs has indicated that 12 of the vendors
will help to write the PacketCable specification.





Cisco and BellCore to Build IP Network over Videotron’s Cable Systems

Le Groupe VidÈotron Ltee, Canada’s second largest MSO, has announced that
both Cisco and Bellcore will design and implement IP infrastructure
technologies in its cable systems to enable it to offer end to end data,
voice and video solutions to its 2.3 million homes passed throughout
Quebec. The telephone service is expected to include local service, with
access to long distance and value-added telephony services such as call
waiting, call forwarding and caller ID.

Cisco will be providing the systems management, IP backbone, IP telephony
gateways, network design and a DOCSIS data solution enabling VidÈotron’s IP
based service subs to have simultaneous access to telephone, high-speed
Internet access, and cable TV service via a single drop.

Bellcore will be supplying call agent software, operations support systems
(OSS), and consulting services covering systems engineering and
integration. The call agent solution will provide the functionality
of a local office switch, and support call control features and end-to-end
signaling for VoIP gateways. The call agent software is based on SGCP
(single-gateway-control protocol), developed by Cisco and BellCore. The OSS
component will provide billing, provisioning and activation for the IP
services. The Bellcore solution will also provide telephony features such
as E-911, 411, LPN, toll-free service and operator assistance capabilities.

VidÈotron, which is currently upgrading is cable systems to support 750
megahertz and two-way capabilities, plans to introduce service trials in
mid-’99, with commercial availability scheduled by the end of next year.

Le Groupe Videotron Ltee






Intelect Visual Integrates RADVision’s H.323 Technology Into
VideoConferencing System

Intelect Visual Communications has announced that it is integrating
RADVision’s H.323 Protocol Stack into its video communications product,
LANscape, to support H.323 protocols and interoperate with other H.323
LAN-based videoconferencing systems.

The LANscape videoconferencing product has been designed to include a suite
of IP-based video communications applications including point-to-point
videoconferencing, multi-point conferencing, video-broadcasting, record,
playback, integrated data collaboration, video-on-demand and video e-mail.
The system interoperates with other H.323 systems that have evolved from
the telephony-based – low bandwidth video compression algorithms of H.261
and H.263 but it is designed as a computer-based LAN product. LANscape can
connect to other LANscape systems over the LAN or broadband Internet using
a Wavelet video compression algorithm. Utilizing IP as the transmission
protocol, LANscape can be transported across existing LAN/WAN networks
using Ethernet, Internet, Frame Relay, ATM, SONET or SDH.

In a separate announcement, LANscape 2.4 will be available pre-installed as
a plug-and-play option on Dell and Gateway multimedia PCs for a total
package cost under $5,000.

Intelect Visual Communications




Spiritec Introduces Minutes Brokering for ITSPs

Spiritec has announced the introduction of Route-2, its IP Telephony
minutes brokerage division. Registered users of the service will pay a flat
fee to view a database of other ITSP call termination charges on the
Route-2 website. The Route-2 service will automatically notify member
ITSPs of better rates to termination destinations.





RadioLAN Introduces H.323 Compliant Wireless VideoConferencing Solution

RadioLAN has announced the introduction of its wireless
videoconferencing/video telephony solution. The Ethernet-based technology
supports up to 30 fps of compressed video. It provides support for the
H.323 video/audio protocols including H.261 and H.263 video standards,
H.324 LAN/video standard, and the G.711, G.722, G.723 and G.728 audio



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